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READ TO FIND OUT!๐Ÿ’– Hi my name is Georgia and this is my first ever book in inkitt, please enjoy!โœจ

Romance / Horror
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Chapter 1:


UGH! I had the absolute worst day at work today! I just want to go home and relax. I guess I'm just gonna have to take an uber or something because my car is getting fixed. I called an uber in such a rush to get home to relax. I walk over to the bench on the other side of the street because I could no longer stand up. Why is it so god damn freezing today??? Finally the uber came, I got straight into the uber and slammed the door by accident! As I got into the car, I was about to turn on my phone, but then realised the driver was staring at me with a little cute grin on his face. He said "your so beautiful". It was kind of awkward.. I said "thank you, your handsome!". 'He chuckled' He started driving. He eventually introduced himself. He said "Hi, I'm Darren" "What's yours" I looked up in the rear view mirror and said "Im paris" Daren: "What a gourgeos name". I said "thanks so much! I love your name too"

We finally arrived to my apparetment. As I got out, I said "thank you" and continued walking to my apparetment. I heard " PARIS". I looked back and walked back over to him. I said "yes Darren?" *Silence*..... He hands me over a piece of paper with his number on it. "I looked at him and smiled;)

He said call me whenever you can! I said "ofcorse!"

It has been 3 hours in and I'm bored as hell. I decide to call Darren, I'm kind of scared to be honest, what if he doesn't pick up, what if....what if IDKK! I'm just gonna call him and stop being a wimpy butt! So I ended up calling him, we ended up talking way longer than I expected. We spoke on the phone for 3 hours. We talked about life, love, and some other stuff, I really enjoyed our conversation to be honest! I'm glad I called him. DING! I just got a text message from Darren... "Hey Paris, wanna hangout sometime?". Ummmm what do I sayyy!? Sureeee!! When abouts do you wanna hang out? Darren: I'm free Monday?? Yep alright sounds good.

Monday arrives:

Darren told me to meet him 20 minutes away from my house. I was so nervous but super exited! Omggg there he is...I hugged him...How are you ๐Ÿ’• Darren: "im alright sweetheart how about you?" I'm fineez now let's go hang out. "So where do you wanna go" 'says darren' idk...where do you wanna go? "Well, I was thinking maybe we should go over to my house to hang out for a bit, we can watch movies all day and talk and have fun" Omg what a good idea! Let's go!

We arrived at his house:

We got home back to his house...

He takes my hand and pulls me over to the couch.

He switches on the tv and we start watching this scary movie. Tbh, I was kinda in the mood for a scary movie๐Ÿ˜‚ we finally finished the movie. Wow that was a good movie actually. "Yeah it's one of my favourites" says Darren" He takes my hand and looks me in the eye, " lI want to kiss you" I said "kiss me then" he kisses me deeply, he then takes me to his bedroom....


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