Lost Soul

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Chapter 11

‘Sit with the pain until it passes and you will be calmer for the next one.’

~Naval Ravikant

The alarm blared out loud as Astrid jolted off the bed. It was half-past five in the morning and the sun was barely out. She quickly got up, brushed her teeth, took a bath and slipped on a grey hoodie and a pair of black skinny jeans. She brushed her hair and did not bother with makeup. Afterall who was she trying to impress? No one.

Grabbing her bag, she went downstairs silently. Her relatives were still deep in sleep and she went to the kitchen, grabbed on apple for breakfast. She slowly trotted towards the door, put on her white converse and stealthily left the house, her plans bringing an evil smile on her face.

It had been a few days since her confrontation with Rebecca in the restroom and Astrid was almost unbeatable in holding grudges and getting revenge. If Rebecca thought that she had won, she was dead wrong.

She quickly made her way to her school. She stood on the opposite side of the road, her school gates in front of her as she looked around to see if the security was there. Noticing a guard taking patrols, she let out a small sigh. Seemed like her parkour skills were required at this point.

Calling Westwood High a posh school would be an understatement. It was where rich kids would go. Why her uncle and aunt decided to send her here, she did not know. But she sure as hell would not be a pushover for these people.

Though the people of the school were anything but nice as far as she knew, the school was majestic with tall structures of concrete and glass, complete with swimming pools, synthetic courts, etc, all enclosed with dignified trees and high brick walls. The same walls which she was going to climb.

She quickly crossed the road, her hoodie secured hiding her identity as she looked around to see if anyone was watching. Good thing it was just around six in the morning. She slowly walked around the brick enclosure, making her way to the back of the school where she knew CCTV control room was.

She went back a few steps, securing her bags over her shoulder which contained all the necessary items and slightly jogged at the balls of her feet. She took in a deep breath and counted till three.




She ran towards the wall at full speed and jumped. Her hands secured herself on top of the walls as she quickly pulled herself up, making sure that no one was around. She landed lightly on her feet and she swiftly made her way towards the control room which was a small room with white walls and one tiny window on top and nothing else. It came as no surprise to her when she realised that it was locked. But she came prepared for anything.

She pulled out her hairpin from her pocket and started to pick at the lock. Thankfully, it was the type of locks that did not need the key to lock it again. She let out an inaudible whoop of victory as the click of the lock unlocking reached her ears. She looked around herself quickly and once her coast was clear, she slipped inside, closing the door behind her.

Her fingers moved swiftly over the keyboard as she shut down all the cameras in the school. It felt like she was in some sort of action movie and the adrenaline rush that she got made all this a hundred times better. How she knew all this, that was a story for another time. She started typing out commands such that the cameras restarted in an hour which gave her more than enough time to carry out her plan.

She jogged out of the room after giving it a check, making sure she did not leave anything behind and locked it up. The first part of her mission was a success. Now, it was time for the second part.

She ran to the back door, picking the lock again and made her way towards Rebecca’s locker. She knew the password considering how many times she saw Rebecca opening it which she was always slow in doing as she would always be chatting with her buddies.


It opened with a click. She quickly removed her bag and looked at her watch. She had fifty minutes more to set everything up and get the hell out of that place. She took out all the necessary items from her bag and began her work.

Twenty minutes later, she was done. She closed the locker and stuffed all the remaining things in her bag. She zipped it up, swung it over her shoulder and was about to walk away when she heard footsteps towards her way. She swore under her breath and ran for her life. If she got caught, she knew she was screwed.

She reached the backdoor, and rattled the handle only to realise that she had shut it all the way through. She knew she did not have any time to pick the lock again. She glanced at her watch.

She had twenty minutes to save her life.

Her eyes landed on the window nearby and a smirk took over her face. She just prayed in her mind that no one would notice the only one unlocked window. She quickly opened it, jumped out and closed it. She squatted down and started crawling towards the way she came in. After making sure she was alone, she jumped over the wall and landed safely on her feet.

An exciting look came on her face as she thought of what was going to happen. It made her body shiver in anticipation. She was the type of person who did not adhere by forgiving and forgetting. She knew how to make sure to keep the people around her on their knees. She was no pushover. And it was high time someone showed all the stuck-up brats of that school their place.

She walked until the school building was out of her reaching before dusting the little dirt on her hoodie. She walked over to the garbage bin near the park and dumped all the waste inside it before walking up to the cosy cafe nearby.

The place had a homely look to it. It was completely made with wood with small porcelain pots of herbs hanging from the ceiling and the smell of coffee and pastries wafted up to her nose. Too bad, she was not a fan of coffee.

She still had an hour and a half to spare so she walked over to the corner table near the window and made herself comfortable. She pulled out her novel and started from where she had left off when she noticed someone walking up to her.

The lady seemed to be in her late fifties with salt and pepper hair in a bun and warm brown eyes. Everything about her seemed motherly. Astrid immediately liked her and gave her a small smile which was reciprocated with a much larger one.

“Hello, dear. What would you like to have?”

Astrid asked for a cup of hot chocolate and a croissant. The lady introduced herself as Anna and told her to wait for a few minutes before returning with her order. Astrid warmed up to her and soon both of them were chatting like old friends with her book long forgotten and her cup and plate empty.

Time flew by quickly and Astrid bit the kind lady goodbye after leaving promises for future visits. She had never been so excited to go to school and the simple thought of what was about to happen made her giddy with joy. She almost felt like a five-year-old who was being offered candy. All through this time, she did not feel an ounce of guilt.

After all, payback was a bitch.

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