Lost Soul

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Chapter 19

‘Her pain was so jagged. You couldn’t touch her without it slicing through you too. I wanted to fold myself around her and absorb the rest of the blows life would deliver.’

~ Tarryn Fisher


Watching the scene in front of her, Astrid knew she could not just walk away without doing anything. As much as she disliked Rebecca, she was not that heartless to leave the poor girl like that. Rebecca clearly did not have it in her to save herself, considering the tears which were streaming down her face and her vain attempts in pulling herself free.

Astrid walked right up to them and the guy, noticing her, stopped pulling Rebecca. Rebecca, using the chance, jerked her wrist out of his grasp. His bloodshot eyes and wavering form clearly showed that he was drunk and he glared at her.

“Who the hell are you?” he snapped at her.

She simply shrugged and replied.

“No one. Literally no one. ”

“Then why the hell are you still standing here. Get out of my face.” He seemed pretty aware of his actions considering he did not slur out his words.

“I can’t do that,” she said, slightly shaking her head and shooting him a wicked smile. She noticed Rebecca widely shaking her at her, her eyes filled with fear as it darted between Astrid and the guy. “Leave her alone.”

“What is it to you? I can do whatever I want,” he hissed at her. Astrid felt her temper flaring. She closed her eyes for a brief second and took in a deep breath before opening them.

“Just leave when I am being nice.”

“Or what?”

“You will regret it.” The challenging glint in her eyes and her smile, for some reason, pissed the guy off.

He mocking laughed at her and took a step towards her, reaching out to grab Astrid’s hand. Her reflexes immediately kicked in as she took hold of his wrist, slightly pulled him towards her and twisted his hand behind his back, forcing him onto his knees.

She heard Rebecca gasp in shock at her actions. But she could care less about what she thought.

The guy started swearing at her and tried his best to free himself but her grip was too strong and his buzzed body was not being much of a help either. Astrid scoffed at his actions and leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

“I told you to leave. You should have just listened to me.” Without waiting for a reply, she released her hold and was in front of him in a second. The guy barely had any time to comprehend what was happening when her fist came in contact with his face, knocking him out cold.

Rebecca let out a shriek, as Astrid turned to her, flexing her fingers. Rebecca stared at her wide-eyed and pointed at the knocked out body on the ground.

“I-Is h-he d-de...?”

Astrid rolled her eyes at her stuttering before cutting her off.

“Dead? Nope. He will live.”

Rebecca immediately rushed to the guy’s side and lightly shook him. Astrid looked confused at her actions but did not say anything for a second. She took in the girl hunched up form and then the guy’s face. Surprise flashed across her face as she noticed how similar they both looked. The blonde hair. The facial structure.

“Is he your brother?” she asked with an incredulous look on her face. Rebecca tightened her lips before replying, “Yes.”

She looked like she was about to bawl her eyes out. With her head hung low, her golden curls which were always in place now a mess, her tired face, she looked like she wanted to dig a hole, crawl into it and just die.

“Wow,” Astrid muttered under her breath, before adding, “Just so you know, I don’t regret doing it. He deserved it.”

Rebecca simply nodded her head and after a few moments, grabbed the guy’s arm and slung it over her shoulder. Astrid watched as she struggled with his weight, swaying on her feet.

“Is your house nearby?” Astrid asked.

“Yeah.” Rebecca pointed at the house in front of her, which rather looked like a mansion. Astrid watched her for a couple of minutes, before letting out a sigh. I can’t believe I am doing this. She walked over to the struggling girl and grabbed his other arm, throwing it over her shoulder. Rebecca glanced at her but did not say a word.

In the next few minutes, they managed to get him inside and dropped him unceremoniously on the couch. Astrid glanced at her surrounding. Huge crystal chandeliers hung from the high ceiling, the sun rays making them glitter like diamonds. The floor was converted with a plush fawn carpet and huge folds of silk curtains pulled back to reveal giant glass windows with plush leather couches rested against the cream walls. The house reminded her of Asher’s in a small way but it lacked the homely feel to it.

She heard Rebecca clearing her throat and turned to her, raising her eyebrow. She simply motioned her head to her left, which Astrid presumed was the kitchen. She did not want to stay here for another second but something in Rebecca’s eyes made her legs move to the kitchen.

The kitchen was as impressive as the living room. A huge marble island stood proudly in the centre of the huge kitchen with dark wooden shelves covering almost the entire wall. But strangely, it looked clean. Too clean to be in a house where people were living. It looked as if they barely used it.

Astrid kept her mouth shut and did not let out any snarky comments like she usually would have done. She thought back to this morning. Never did she once imagine that she would be sitting I with Rebecca in her own house, in the same room without picking a fight. She took a seat on the island chair and watched Rebecca open the fridge and pull out two bottles of water. She threw one at Astrid which she caught with one hand before opening it and taking a swig. She let out a small, barely audible sigh in content, as the cool water flowed down her throat.

Rebecca slowly walked over to the island and took a seat opposite to her. She took a few gulps of her water before placing it on the island and staring at it. Astrid kept her scrutinising eyes on her, watching her every move but did not say a word.

A few minutes passed in silence, both of them in their own thoughts when Rebecca opened her mouth and broke the silence.

“Thank you,” At her words, Astrid simply shrugged her shoulders. She sounded genuine and Astrid couldn’t help but feel less hostile towards her. Clearly something was going on.

“I would have done the same if it was someone else too,” she bluntly stated.

“I know. But still, thank you.”

She nodded her head before asking.

“Does that happen a lot?” she asked, clearly talking about that brother of hers. She realised how prying that sounded, then quickly added.

“Never mind. You don’t have to answer.”

Rebecca looked at her and offered her a small smile.

“It’s okay.” Her voice slightly wavered at the end as she looked down, staring at her hands which were clutching at the water bottle. Astrid stayed quiet, waiting for her to talk, patiently. She had been in a similar situation plenty of times before to know that time was necessary.

She watched as Rebecca took in a deep breath and looked at her. It looked like she was struggling to keep her tears at bay and Astrid prayed that she did not cry. She was not good at comforting people. Not at all. She would only make them cry even harder.

But that day was such a bad day for her that everything went wrong. Her prayers were left unanswered as what she wished would not happen happened.

Her eyes widened in surprise and slight panic, completely clueless as to what to do, as she watched Rebecca break down crying completely in front of her.

Oh crap.


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