Lost Soul

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Chapter 21

’She has been through more hell than you will ever know. but that’s what that gives her beauty an edge...... You can’t touch a woman who wears pain like the grandest of diamonds around her neck.”

~ Alfa (c)


Astrid did not turn to look at Rebecca as she kept on driving. Though on the outside, she looked like she did not care, on the inside, she was freaking out slightly. After all, if Rebecca took it the wrong way, she for, sure, would get expelled and at the moment, the last thing she wanted was to get kicked out of school in her senior year.

“It was you?” Rebecca was flabbergasted.

“Yep. And don’t expect me to apologise. ” She quickly turned and gave Rebecca a knowing look. “I know it was a bit childish but you know you deserved it.”

“Wow...” she trailed off. She thought for a few moments as she did not know how to take it. Should she tell the truth to the school officials and get the girl kicked out? Or should she just let it go? The more she thought about, the more clear the answer was and there was nothing else she was going to do.

“Well, I guess I did deserve it. I was not exactly nice to you after all,” she smiled, sheepishly.

To say Astrid was not shocked would be the understatement of the year. She, at the least, expected a slap. Not that she would just take it and not slap her back twice as hard but it was surprising that she just let it go like that.

“I did not expect that from you.” This time, she let her emotions show on her face.

Rebecca simply shrugged and commented.

“Well, you are lucky, in a way. Cause, something went wrong with the cameras around the same time you did this. If not, you would have surely been caught.”

Rebecca laughed in the end and suddenly went quiet. Astrid smirked as realisation dawned on her face. She sure was slow at realising things, that was for sure.

“Did you mess with the cameras?” Rebecca slightly yelled.

“Geez, woman. I’m right next to you. No need to scream,” Astrid winced.

“Answer my question,” she demanded.

Rebecca, by now, realised that they had arrived at her house as Astrid pulled over the car in the driveway, still not answering the question. She turned off the ignition, before facing the curious and slightly amazed girl, who was looking at her expectantly, waiting for an answer.

“That’s for me to know and you to never find out,” she replied, smugly and smirked as Rebecca’s face fell at her answer.

She quickly got out of the car before stretching her limbs. Rebecca walked up to her and stood in front of her. She hesitated for a second before rubbing the back of her neck, a sheepish look on her face.

“Thanks for the day. It has been a while since someone genuinely cared. It felt nice,” she mumbled, a wide smile and a happy spark in her eyes.

“Are you going to be okay?” Astrid asked her, motioning her head towards the house.

“Yeah. He is trying to quit it all.” She did not sound too sure.

“If he tries anything, call me. I am, always, dying for a reason to punch someone.”

“You seriously need help,” she commented jokingly.

Astrid simply waved her hand and turned around to leave but halted In her steps when Rebecca spoke up again.

“Well, about Asher. I do like him but I honestly did not have any rights to tell you off... So sorry about that too,” she said, slightly embarrassed. Astrid did not know if it was because of her behaviour or because she was telling her all this. But she sure was apologising a lot today.

“Yeah, okay.” Astrid sounded awkward but did not know what else to say.

“But I think he genuinely likes you,” Rebecca said smugly, slightly wiggling her eyebrows. Astrid gave her an unimpressed look.

“I think I like the old you better.” She started walking away but turned around and shouted. “This doesn’t change anything, you know. I still hate you.”

Rebecca’s eyes widened slightly before a huge grin took over her features.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she yelled back. Astrid quickly looked away before Rebecca saw the small grin on her face.

Today sure was a weird day.


For the next few days at school, whenever she saw Asher, she couldn’t help but think of Rebecca’s words. I think he genuinely likes you. She immediately grimaced at her thoughts and shook her head, carrying on with her work.

During lunch, she sat at her usual table as the others went to get their food. It now, became a habit for Asher’s friends to sat at their table and though, she initially found it annoying, she got used to it by now. They seemed pretty nice. And to top it all, Madilyn and Ryan seemed to hit it off pretty well.

With her chin resting on her palm, she scrolled through her phone absentmindedly as Madilyn came and sat next to her, placing her tray on the table. She glanced at her before going back to her phone.

“Others are still getting their food,” Madilyn said, though Astrid didn’t ask. She turned off her phone and shoved it onto her pocket before lazily looking around, discretely looking for a certain someone.

“There’s something wrong with you,” Madilyn stated, watching her suspiciously. Astrid caught Rebecca’s eyes who was sitting in her usual table. Astrid was surprised and happy when she came back to school after that weekend to find that Rebecca had not told anyone what she had done. And in return, she kept her mouth shut.

Rebecca gave her a small smile before turning away her eyes, an action which did not go unnoticed by Madilyn.

“Did Ursula just smile at you?” Madilyn gasped in surprise, which gained her a confused look from Ryan, who took a seat beside her. Following him, the others also joined at their table. Madilyn leaned in and whispered quickly in her ear. “This isn’t over.” Astrid sighed at her friend’s words, knowing that it was far from over.

Asher took a seat next to Astrid and sighed when he noticed she was not eating again.

“I knew you would be doing this,” he muttered before taking a plate of pasta off his tray and a packet of apple juice and placed it in front of her. “Good thing I bought extra.”

Astrid was about to shoot a snarky remark but he gave her a look that clearly told her to just shut up and eat. Normally, she would not take crap from anyone, even him but wherever she looked at him these days, Rebecca’s words kept playing in her mind.

She swore under her breath, loud enough for the people in her table to hear, earning her amused looks. She picked up her fork and shoved the pasta down her throat, making Asher chuckle at her actions. She gave him a cool glare which shut him up and continued eating.

After a while, she turned to Asher who gave her a curious look. She quickly swallowed the food in her mouth before asking him.

“So are you all going to make this a habit?” She gestured towards his friends, who were, as usual goofing around. She still had not talked to them much and they, knowing that she was quite reserved, did not push her to open up.

“Yeah,” he replied back, almost immediately.

“Is there any way I could change that?” she asked.

“Nope,” he said, popping the p at the end.

Astrid simply sighed. She just had to put up with this for some time.

“Anyways, I have been meaning to ask you. All of us have planned to go for a movie tomorrow night. Do you want to come with us?” he asked, hoping she would say yes.

“Tomorrow?” she asked. Madilyn and Ryan, by this time, had joined in their conversation.

“I’m going too.” Madilyn piped in.

Astrid was weighing her options. One one side, she wanted to go out and gave fun. But on the other side, she did not want to get too close to people, only for them to find out she had been lying and abandoning her. She had gone through enough of that for a lifetime.

“Come on. It’s just a movie. What are you thinking about so much?” Ryan started but one look from Asher and a smack on the head from Madilyn shut him off.

She knew she would probably regret her decision but still went along with it.


But the look of joy in Asher’s face made her think maybe it would not be so bad after all.


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