Lost Soul

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Chapter 4

‘Time does not heal emotional pain. You just need to learn how to let go.’

~Roy T. Bennett

Astrid slowly strolled through the park enjoying the gentle breeze and her Starbucks coffee. School had ended and her first day had been very eventful, to say in the least. She still had a few hours to spare so she decided to roam around and get to know her place more. Mothers were chatting on the benches while keeping their watchful gazes on their children playing near the slide.

A slight pang went through a heart as she thought of her mother. She quickly brushed it off and focused her attention on her way home.

She slowly sauntered on the platform, her hoodie secured on her head, deep in her thoughts. She suddenly felt a car pulling over near her and pretended as if she did not notice it and continued walking. Whoever it was honked a few times in the hopes of getting her attention and when they realised that it was not happening, they lowered the window and called out.

“Hey! Astrid.” It was Asher and Ryan. It seemed they were very close friends. She simply ignored them and continued walking without sparing them a glance.

“Want a ride?” She looked up and gave him a small smile which fooled them for a second. Her smile slipped off as quickly as it came and she did not stop walking. She simply kissed her middle finger and flashed it at them, ignoring the snickers that evidently came from Ryan.

“I like her.” She heard him mutter to Asher and rolled her eyes at that comment.

They kept following her and honking at her for a couple more minutes as Astrid felt her patience wear off. When she realised that they were not going to stop, she let out a string of curses making sure it was loud enough for them to hear.

“What do you both want?” Again with the emotionless tone. She was ready to pick a fight with them. She was ready to throw her fist at their annoying faces if it meant they would leave her alone. Too bad for her, Asher wanted to do the exact opposite.

Asher was intrigued. Everything about her seemed like a mystery. Hell, he did not even know her last name. He wanted to know more about all that was hidden beneath that hoodie. The way she carried herself, the way she spoke, he wanted to know more.

“Where do you live? I could give you a ride if you want.”

She merely raised her eyebrow at him and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Well, I am not trying to do anything. I just saw you walking alone and thought I could drop you at your house. I have time.” Asher explained, trying to keep on a sincere look. “Don’t get any ideas. It is not like I want to get to know you or anything. I would have done the same if it was someone else too. ”

He knew, deep down, it was a lie. He knew if it was someone else, he would have simply ignored them and would have driven past them without sparing them a second glance. And he waited for her reply. If he was being honest, her poker face was starting to scare him a little.

Astrid knew it was a lie. From how he slightly stuttered and the way he did not meet her eyes when he was talking, Astrid knew he wanted something from her. And she did not know if she was ready to give him what he wanted. So she did what she was good at. Pushing people away.

“I’ll pass.” She just walked off leaving the boys stunned.

“Wow. You just got rejected,” Ryan said, grinning like an idiot.

“Shut up,” Asher muttered, a little annoyed at the fact that she did what she just did. Girls always wanted to be with him. That was something that he always thought. He knew he should be irritated and ignore her and even make her life hell, but strangely it just made him want to get to know her more.

She was like a fire and he was like a moth attracted to her. He knew if he went too close he would get burnt but that did not stop him.

And that thought scared him.

A week had passed since that incident but Asher still did not leave Astrid alone. He tried everything he could. From sending notes in class, waiting near her locker, to trying to sit beside her in the cafeteria, he did everything he possibly could. But nothing seemed to work. It was as if she was made of ice.

Sometimes his sincere looks and kind gestures made her want to bare herself and her past to him. It made her feel that he might actually care. But on the other hand, sometimes it made her want to bash his face in. The rage was so intense that she literally had to hold herself back from physically assaulting him. Her conflicting emotions made her always maintain her distance from him. And what she heard in the bathroom definitely did not help either.

She was about to open the door when she heard the girls talking.

“It seems that Asher has found another plaything. That pathetic loser with that horrible hood on,” one of them laughed. The hatred that she had somehow developed for Astrid even though they had never had a conversation was intense from her tone.

“I know right. It would be long before he gets bored of her.”

“Who would even want to be with someone like her anyways?” That comment struck her hard. She wanted to burst open through the door and push her hard but she refrained herself. The amount of self-control she was showing was shocking even to her. It had been just a few weeks since she came but they were already starting to test her.

“He even tried to sit with her at lunch today. I am pretty sure that the loser thinks he is interested in her.”

“It is going to be so much fun to watch her make a complete fool of herself.”

The clicking of heels and the door closing indicated that they had left. Astrid slowly opened the door and walked to the sink. She opened the tap and splashed cold wanted on her face before wiping with some tissues.

She quickly made up her mind. Interested? In him? Fat chance.

She came up with two options that day.

One. The classy old-school ignoring. Ignore them no matter what they do. They would eventually leave her alone.

Two. Show them who she actually was and put them in their place before they try anything with her.

Her mind told her to go with option one. The safest one. Her heart told her to go with option two. The rebellious past self that got buried inside her was eager to come out. She knew her mind was right but then again she made the mistake of listening to her heart.

Will it end in a good way or a bad way? That, she did not know.

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