Lost Soul

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Chapter 8

‘The saddest thing is when you are feeling down, you look around and realise that there is no shoulder for you.’

" If you don’t mind me asking, what were you doing out there so late?” Asher asked her, as she kept her eyes fixed on the stars.

“Detention. So I got out of school pretty late. Didn’t feel like going home. So I was roaming around and it got late,” she finished simply.

“Wow. Detention, huh? What did you do? Were you late or something?”

“Nah, I punched a girl.”

“What?” He was surprised and shocked again for what seemed like the thousandth time that day because of the girl next to him. “You punched someone?” He paused for a second. “What do you mean?” He saw her punch grown men to unconsciousness but imagining she did the same with another girl was scary.

" I punched her as in I broke her nose with this fist just like I did with those bastards.” She held her hand up to emphasis on what she said.

“Who? Why? When?”

She paused for a second as she thought about what happened in the restroom that afternoon.

“Here goes nothing,” she murmured before telling him what had happened.

Her hand was on the knob, about to twist the door open when she heard heels clicking in. She would have probably ignored it but she froze as she heard her name being mentioned.

“How dare that loser think she can just get away with hurting my Asher? I will show her what it means to get on my bad side.” From the shrill nasal voice, Astrid knew it was Rebecca, the captain of the cheerleader squad, a spoilt brat born with a silver spoon in her mouth and an attitude as big as Mars. She was pretty with long, shiny blond hair and a killer body though her personality was as bad as a rotten egg.

Astrid rolled her eyes as she realised that they were talking about that incident when they were playing dodgeball. She opened the door and casually strolled out of the bathroom stall as if she did not hear them talk trash about her. She opened the tap to wash her hands and though her head was down she noticed that the trio had gathered around her with Rebecca standing at the centre with her hands on her hips.

She continued to ignore them and Rebecca could feel her temper rise. She grabbed the back of the girl’s hoodie and pulled her back. Astrid turned to look at her and gave her a bored look which aggravated the rich brat even more.

She gave Astrid a shove hoping she would stumble and fall but unfortunately for her, she stood exactly where she was, not moving an inch. She noticed her other two minions, both of them oddly looking like Rebecca with dyed hair and makeup caked upon their faces. Looks like someone was being worshipped.

She watched with a small, barely noticeable smirk on her face as Rebecca’s face flushed even more. Rebecca quickly schooled her emotions and plastered a fake smile on her face before reaching forward and grabbing her hoodie at her neck, pulling her in close, so close that their noses were almost touching. The stench of her strong perfume wafted up to Astrid’s nose making her scrunch her face in disgust.

That did not go unnoticed by Rebecca.

“Listen here, you freak. You stay away from my boyfriend, alright? Don’t act so desperate to get his attention. It is honestly so pathetic, watching your sorry self trying so hard to catch his eye. He would never even spare you a glance,” She basically snarled at her face, hoping to intimidate the girl but a murderous look slipped in her face as Astrid let out a mocking snicker.

“Looks like you are scared that this pathetic freak might actually get his attention before you could,” Astrid laughed, motioning at herself, using the same words with which she was described a few moments ago.

If looks could kill, Astrid would probably be buried six feet deep down. She simply sniggered more, simply to make the already fuming girl fill with rage. She smacked away her hand which was still holding her and gave her a sweet smile before flashing her middle finger at her and walked away.

“Look at you. You have nothing. No friends. No looks. No money. Nothing. I am pretty sure your parents will probably throw you away on the streets soon. I mean who would ever want a kid like you. A disappointment. A waste of space.” Rebecca kept spewing insults without realising that she was digging her own grave.

Astrid stood still, her back towards them, clenching and unclenching her fists hoping to get her temper under control before she did something bad. She took in a deep breath, calming herself down and started walking towards the door, eager to get out. She could almost feel herself losing brain cells after being in Rebecca’s company for a mere few minutes.

But Rebecca still did not stop.

“They will probably prefer to die than look at your pathetic face every day.” That did it. It was as if she did not have any control of her body. She was in front of Rebecca in a flash and slammed her fist on her face, her nose crushing beneath her fingers.

Rebecca’s and the other two idiots’ screams brought a few teachers in the bathroom. Rebecca simply, being herself, played the innocent part, claiming that she was simply minding her own business and then all of a sudden, a hoodie-clad girl with a crazed looks on her face raged towards her and punched her.

Astrid knew there was no way she could actually tell the truth considering the other two wannabes were simply nodding their heads like fools at whatever nonsense which came out of their leader’s mouth. So she just kept quiet and watched as the teachers sent her out to the principals room. Before she left the bathroom though, she noticed a sly smile on Rebecca’s face.

Instead for getting angry as Rebecca hoped she would, Astrid sent her own smirk on her, the hidden promise of revenge which was noticed by Rebecca, her smile slipping off her face, sending shivers down her spine.

Strangely, instead for being irritated or angry that she was getting punished for something she did not do, the punch that she ditched out made her rather pleased and satisfied with herself.

“I need to get myself checked”, she thought as she strolled to the principal’s office as if she had all the time in her life.

The meeting ended rather shortly, with her getting detention for a month and several warnings. Apparently, Rebecca had ‘forgiven’ her actions and did not want to take any severe actions against her as she was just new and all. She rolled her eyes at all the lies that came out of the short, bald man with horn-rimmed glasses in front of her, his eyes scrutinising her. She felt that her eyes would eventually fall out of her sockets considering how many times she had rolled her eyes ever since stepping inside that school.

Asher’s eyes were as round as saucers as he heard the story. Astrid made sure to keep out the insults towards her family unknown. She simply told him his girlfriend got on his nerves.

“Hell no, she is not my girlfriend,” he said, slightly feeling angry at the lies that Rebecca had been telling around. “We did date for some time but she cheated on me so I cut it off.”

“Well, it seems like she still has quite an obsession with you.” He pulled a face in disgust, making her snicker at his face.

“I was right. You still are an ugly kid,” she commented as he scowled at her.

“Shut up.” He paused for a second before asking her, “Why did you not do anything? You could have told them the truth.”

“Who would they believe? The star student or the new kid? Besides, if she thinks I will leave her alone after what she has done, she did dead wrong.” The grin that she sent his way sent chills along the length of his spine.

“Woah. You look like Satan right now. Remind me never to get on your bad side.” He slightly shivered as he thought of what he thought might happen to Rebecca. “What are you going to do?”

“Why would I tell you? You are her boyfriend after all.”

“I already told you. I am not her boyfriend.” His voice hardened at the end. She simply laughed.

“Like I care.”

“Well, if you tell me, I could help you.” She raised her eyebrow at his and gestured him to continue. ” She did cheat on me. And I don’t like her anyway.”

“Why should I believe you?”

“Oh come on. You still doubt me? After all that I did for you? After I saved you?”

“You did not do anything, moron,” she cooly replied.

“Okay. Just as much as I hate to admit it, that is true. But think about it. You don’t know anything about her. I really can help you.”

She laughed all of a sudden.

“Why are you laughing?” he asked, confused.

“It is quite funny how she laid her claim on you like an animal and you are here planning to take revenge on her.

“I told you. I don’t like her.” He simply grumbled like a child.

“Whatever, donkey face.”

“Oh, come on.”

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