Her Way Out

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Nina Wilkinson, a 18 yr old girl, a pretty, kind, and simple naive girl though having a picture of perfect family she struggles with it. she struggles to have her own life, the way she wants and a way out of everything. Ashter Knight King, a 24 yr old billionaire and CEO of King Co.Limited also known for cold hearted ruthless and quite a womanizer. And there is also a SECRET to unravel... Though they are the main characters of our story they live quite far far away from each other. But, they are our main characters right so, how will they meet? Will nina find her way out? And what will be the secret? Find out in my story.

Romance / Drama
Nancy me
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I just want show you a little insight on why nina is struggling for her own life..it will be easy for u all if you guys know wat she has to go thru in her childhood..not much but just to make u guys clear

Of how she felt..

8 yrs back...


I was waiting for my mom to come home..oh I forget to tell that my mom , she is a working woman..you see my family is not that much rich and I wouldn't say we are poor but a middle class family and as we are living in the main part of the city and it costs alot to live near the main part of the city..

And you also might be wondering where is my dad is he's also working but he has some business to do in abroad he's an assistant so he has to travel alot with his boss so, I don't get to see my father alot (also one of the reasons why my mother is always on the verge of lashing out on me). I know it's a little difficult but we manage it.

And I also have a two elder brothers they are twins u see so they both are in high school , they're also quite popular in their school we r not in the same school..they both are In different school and I'm in different school..so, since they are quite popular they don't have time come home..they'll usually come home around 7 in the evening.

We guys were pretty close actually when we were kids, but you know they are also teenagers and they want to have fun I cant complaint about it so, it's not their fault to want to have some fun.

So here I am all alone in my home waiting for my mom to arrive actually why I am so eager for her to come is I've cleaned our home fully to lessen her work I don't want to give her more pressure than she already has so i have cleaned our home just to help her so iam waiting eagerly to show her that I've cleaned it all myself.

I'm just 10 so it's such a big thing that I've cleaned everything we don't live in such big house its jus a small home but still it's a big space for us.

Its almost 6 and tym for her to come and just in time I hear a knock on the door. I jump up from the couch and run to open the door.

I opened the door smiling just to see her tired angry face. It's all a big pressure on her to manage the home to take care of us and home expenses so she's always kinda grumpy.

I still expected her to notice that I cleaned but no she didn't so I kept quiet until she noticed it. I waited and waited but she never did and never spoke a single word, i always have to be careful so that I won't provoke her anger it's like walking on a glass floor one small mistake the glass will be shattering, guess she is more tired today .

But me being my own childish nature I couldn't hold it anymore so spoke with her.

"Mom, did u notice anything" I asked grinning from ear to ear but she just nodded her head but I know she didn't listen so I called her again "mom, iam asking u did u notice anythin or u didn't. Thats okay I'll tell it myself See I've cleaned our home I wiped our glasses dusted and did everything doesn't it look clean..." I spoke continuously but that's all it took.

"Nina.."shouted my mom which caused me to close my mouth abruptly " cant you see I'm tired why cant you just shut your mouth and why do u keep pestering. Go get lost I'm having a headache"

I never opened my mouth after that I just silently went away to our bathroom closed the door open the faucet so the water starts running and started crying loudly. I've always never show my emotions in front of anyone I always cried inside our bathroom or inside our room when no one is there or while going to sleep..I've sometimes cried myself to sleep.

I'm very sensitive so even a small word can hurt me alot especially when someone gets angry..I hate it when someone gets angry the reason is I'm just scared so that's why I hate it.

I dunno how long I've been crying inside "don't cry nina that is okay mom's just tired that's y bby don't cry..don't cry it's okay don't cry" I said to myself. Suddenly the door is being banged by my mother " nina how long will u stay inside come out.. why are being like this come out soon" shouted my mother. I quickly washed my face and came out as if nothing happened.

She again shouted at me for taking too long which broke me even more.

Yep..I've broken the glass...

And the ni8 went like this until my brothers came, they are little careless and always been unaware of their surroundings so they didn't notice me being upset not like they care about it or something like that.. it has always been like this most of the times.

We even have our happy times but its mostly like this..I dunno if it's just my fault I would never say it's my mother's fault it's hard for her that's why she is being like this and I cant blame myself too I'm always alone at our home watching TV but how long will u watch it.right?

I just get bored and when she comes I get excited that she's home and start talking with her and she gets angry.

I guess it's my fault I shouldn't talk much and let her be.

And so that's how I spent my days not talking much and taking care of my own self and my work.


What do u guys think about this chapter?

Can u guys understand her situation?

How do u guys like it so far?

Let me know in the comments..🤗

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