Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 9 | I Wouldn't Change It For Anything



What the fuck was that?

Opening my eyes, thankful for the darkness of the room with the curtains pulled over the window, I see Dylan’s arm hanging over my face. He’s a weird sleeper. Pushing his arm away from my face, I roll my eyes as I sit up on the floor. Dylan sleeps peacefully on the bed still while Aiden is also still asleep on the floor. Running my hand through my messy hair, I get up and walk over Aiden without waking him up. Closing the door behind me, I walk down the hallway confused as I hear music playing and smell food. Turning the corner, I see the girls dancing around the kitchen cooking.

“Well, good morning to me then,” I smirk, leaning against the wall with my arms crossed. They all jump at the sound of my voice, clearly not expecting us to be awake yet, making me chuckle.

“You scared us, and you couldn’t put a shirt one before you came out?” Ava asks, her eyes flickering down to my bare chest, a blush forming on her cheeks.

“And deny you the pleasure of seeing this,” I joke, making her roll her eyes, but I can see her smile. “It’s too early for my brain to process and it’s usually us three guys here. You’re making breakfast?”

Walking to the kitchen, I make some coffee before Sierra answers, “You guys let us stay over last night in your rooms. I doubt all three of you sharing a room was what you wanted to do, so we thought we’d make breakfast as a thank you.”

“You girls didn’t have to do that, how many people are you feeding?” I ask, noticing the amount of food.

“Well, let’s see three football players who each have the appetite of the hulk, equals six normal humans,” Ava works out.

“And then there is Ava, who makes up for two people as well,” Hannah smirks as Ava smiles sheepishly.

Before I can say anything, Dylan slides into the kitchen in his boxers. “I smell food.”

“What is it with guys and no clothes?” Hannah mutters, throwing her hands into the air.

“I love you girls,” Dylan gushes, going to kiss all of their heads before taking a plate of bacon, but Ava hits his hand with a spoon.

“Wait for everyone, can you get Aiden up?” Ava asks and Dylan nods.

“AIDEN!” Dylan shouts, running through the apartment before we hear a crash and shouting.

“Dylan, get your fat ass off me,” We hear Aiden shout, and the girls all look worried while I lean back against the counter, drinking my coffee. An ordinary morning for us. Aiden and Dylan come rounding the corner, with Aiden shooting glares into Dylan’s back. We help the girls plate up the food before we all sit around digging into the food.

“You girls are good cooks,” Aiden compliments. He isn’t wrong, they know how to cook, if Dylan stuffing his face is any sign.

“Don’t get used to it, you guys are cooking for us next,” Sierra jokes.

“Contrary to what you may believe, we’re good cooks.” Dylan puffs out his chest, but Aiden and I look at him. “Ok these two are, I’m now allowed in the kitchen ever.”

“I’m shocked,” Hannah states, making us chuckle. “Do you guys have practice today?”

“Yeah, you watching again, Ava?” Aiden asks and Ava shakes her head.

“Need to get started on working through my first draft, plus I have work later,” She explains. “Hey, who took the last pancake?” She pouts and Dylan smiles sheepishly with the last pancake in his mouth.

“Here, take mine,” I offer, moving it over to her plate since I haven’t started eating it yet. She smiles thanking me and I look up seeing the guys smirking at me, making me roll my eyes.


“You’re finished for the day. Hit the showers.”

Coach shouts, dismissing us. We head off the field and make our way into the locker room. Stepping into the shower, I let the water relax my muscles. Thankfully, practice hasn’t been too grueling today considering our next upcoming game is a week and a half away. Finishing showering, I head to my locker to get changed.

“You heading to your parents’ place?” Nick questions, shutting his locker.

“Yeah, you guys coming? You know my mom loves doting on you three, being away from home and all.”

“Can’t, have plans with Sierra,” Aiden admits, and we raise our eyebrows at him. “What? We’re just hanging out, getting to know each other a little, going out on some dates. It’s nothing serious.”

“Well, do not come to the apartment,” Dylan tells Aiden, which is code for he’s bringing a girl around.

“Thanks for the offer, before I need to ice this,” Nick refers to his shoulder, in which he took a hit and I nod in understanding. Seeing my phone light up, I pick it up, seeing a message from Ava.

Ava: How’s practice? Missing anything reporter worthy?

Me: Just finished, nothing reporter worthy unless you count Dylan thinking he grew because Aiden and I switched out his jersey for a smaller one.

Ava: You’re horrible! What did he ever do to you?

Noah: Pull pranks on me.

Ava: Well, you probably deserved it. Anyway, my break is over and my co-worker Mateo is bitching that the other servers are too slow. Are you still ok for me to come round tomorrow and teach me football?

Noah: Yeah, all good.

“Ok, ignore us because a hot girl texted you, whatever,” Dylan shrugs, leaning back against his locker as I tug on my shirt, making me roll my eyes.

“Talking about the journalism major? Heard you’re getting close with her,” Colton walks up to us.

“Yeah, so?” I ask, stuffing my stuff in my bag.

“What’s she like in bed?” Colton smirks, and I clench my jaw, standing up and turning to him.

“I’m not sleeping with her, she’s a friend,” I roll my eyes at his idea that guys and girls can’t be friends without sleeping together.

“You can’t get a girl into bed? That’s a shame, I bet I could tame that feisty attitude of hers. You know what maybe I’ll try to get her into bed when I see her next, man what’d I’d do to see her...”

Grabbing him by the jersey, I slam him up by the lockers. A loud bang resonating through the locker room as everyone stops what they’re doing to look at us. “Look, I’m not trying to get her into bed. I respect her unlike you. I swear to god if you talk about her like that ever again, I will kick your ass,” I tell him quietly so no one else can hear. “Understood?” I ask, he nods, and I push him into the lockers before letting go of him, grabbing my bag and walking out as everyone stares.

Heading out of the building, I unlock my car, getting in and throwing my bag into the back. Sighing, I lean back into my seat, letting the anger of his words roll off me, before I start the car and head off campus. Driving down the streets of Los Angeles, I make my way to my family’s house. Since growing up here and having my family close by, I visit often. Considering my mom would shout at me for not visiting. Pulling up to the house, I drive up and park next to Liam’s car before getting out and making my way up the steps of the house.

“Mom?” I shout, walking through the front door, closing it behind me. Ok, it’s weird that it’s quiet, it’s never quiet in this house.

“ATTTTTAAACKKKKKKKK!!!!!” Alex and Max shout, appearing out of nowhere holding their nerf guns, firing shots at me.

“Oh no, I’m shot. Going down,” I play along and fall to the ground pretending to be dead. They slowly walk over and as soon as they’re close enough, I wrap my arms around them bringing them down with me. “Payback!” I grab Max’s nerf gun, shooting them as they run away, and I chuckle, shaking my head.

“Who is shooting nerf bullets all over my house?” Mom asks, walking down the stairs eyeing the nerf gun I’m currently holding in my hand.

“Funny story,” I laugh, smiling sheepishly as she crosses her arms. “Never mind, I’ll clean them up,” I say, putting the nerf gun down on the kitchen counter, kissing her cheek before I pick them up.

“How was practice?” Mom asks, as I finish picking them all up and sit at the island counter.

“Pretty standard. Had to put Colton in his place though for saying something about Ava.”

“I hope you and the guys are being nice to that girl, and welcoming. Making sure none of the other players are pigheads to her,” Mom points the wooden spoon at me. Something she had been telling me ever since she found out Ava was spending time around the team this semester.

“Of course, mom, although Ava can handle herself. Trust me, she’s already put a couple of them in their place.”

“Ladies and gentlemen. Or whatever you are,” Emery refers to me and I roll my eyes. “Introducing Princess Luna.”

Emery gestures to the stairs as Luna skips down, dressed in a princess dress and tiara. My mom gushes, it being no secret mom always wanted a daughter for the girly type of stuff she could never do with a house full of boys. “Well, don’t you look pretty.”


Luna rushes over to me and I pick her up, adjusting the tiara on her head so it sits better. “There’s my Luna-Bell. Did you have a good time with Emery? What did you do?”

“Emery took me with her to do stuff for the wedding. We went to look at flowers! Then we got ice cream and Emmy bought me a princess dress,” Luna explains, messing with her brown hair. Emery and Luna have been close ever since they met. I’m sure Luna loved having another girl around since she can now do stuff with Emery that us guys can’t with her. Now, I know it’s wrong to have a favorite sibling, but Luna is that. The twins can be a handful at times, and you can’t ignore Luna’s cuteness.

“Yeah, we had a good day and did some more wedding prep,” Emery walks over to hug me.

“Pretty sure, mom had a heart attack when you and Liam told her you wanted to get married in five months,” I chuckle as mom carries on making dinner, while I keep my arms wrapped around Luna.

“No kidding, do you know how much work goes into a wedding? Richard and I waited a year to get married because there is so much to do,” Mom explains.

“I know it’s stressful. We’ve already been engaged for three months and we just want to get married already. I know Liam would just elope if I’d let him, but I’ve always wanted some sort of wedding ceremony.”

“I think grandma would kick his butt if she didn’t get to witness her first grandchild get married. Hell, I’m sure she’d hold a grudge against any of us if we eloped,” I chuckled.

“Noah, I beg you. If you ever get married, help your fiancée plan. Liam tries, but he has no decor skills,” Emery says, making me laugh.

“There isn’t actually too much left to do. Everything is ordered for the day pretty much. The only things left to do are pick out the bridesmaids’ dresses, get them fitted. Groomsmen need their tuxes fitting, and then it’s just waiting,” Mom explains.

“We’re home!” Dad shouts through the house as he walks into the kitchen with Liam carrying a bag, Liam heads to Emery and kisses her. “Hey son, how was practice?”

“It was good. Mom sent you on a grocery run?” I ask and he nods, handing the bag over to mom. “You know you should take a class on how to decorate, your fiancée says you suck at it.”

Liam rolls his eyes, and Emery tries to hold in her laughter. “Shut the fuck up, man. You’d be awful at it too if she asked you what flower is better.”

“Language, Luna is here,” Emery scolds Liam, who apologizes kissing her cheek.

“No guys tonight?” Liam asks and I shake my head.

“All have plans, you’re just stuck with me,” I joke, and he chuckles, but doesn’t complain. We’ve always had a close relationship growing up.

“Small talk in the living area. I need everyone out of my kitchen. Noah, go get the twins. Luna go change out of your dress so you don’t get food on it, and you two set the table.” Mom orders and we all do what she says. My family can be a little crazy, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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