Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 10 | Did I Interrupt Something?


“This is too hard,” Ava complains, throwing her pen down onto her notebook that rests in her lap. I chuckle and she glares at me, cutting me off. “Seriously? How is this so easy for you?” Ava throws her hands into the air, getting frustrated.

“I’ve spent my entire life playing football. Ok, ok, let’s take a break.”

She lets out a sigh of relief at my offer, reaching over to place her notebook down on the coffee table in the living area. Before leaning back against the opposite end of the couch, where she sits cross-legged. Once comfortable, her eyes focus on me as I sit at the other end of the couch, slouched down. After a few hours of teaching Ava about football, which is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, she’s managed to understand the game a little more. It’s cute seeing her trying to concentrate and understand it.

“You know, I never actually knew how much work went into football,” Ava hums, resting her head against the back of the couch. Clutching a pillow to her chest.

I raise my eyebrow. “Didn’t you ever go watch your ex’s games?”

“Yeah, I did. But I never understood how the game worked. Plus, he didn’t seem to do much,” Her joking nature makes me laugh. “Your family must be proud of you. I mean you said your brother played in college but didn’t want to go professional and so did your dad, but he got injured.”

“Yeah, they are. My mom would worry more than she does now, if she saw me playing in NFL games. Considering the injuries you can get,” I chuckle, and a soft smile coats her features. “What are you planning to do after you graduate?”

“My biggest dream would be to work at Vogue, as cliché as it sounds, they have offices in L.A and New York. My mom was a writer, she worked as an editor at a magazine. When I was younger, she used to take me with her to work and I loved it. So, growing up, she inspired me a lot, wanted me to dream big and hopefully achieve my dreams. So, writing or editing for a magazine, or a newspaper, or maybe even my own company. Who knows.”

“She’d be proud of you,” I smile, nudging her legs with my outstretched foot and she smiles back at me, before my phone buzzing brings us out of our little moment.

“Is that your family?” She asks, nodding to where my phone sits on the table. I nod my head before picking my phone up and moving so I sit closer to her and hand her my phone. She leans forward as I point out each member.

“Yeah, that’s my parents. My older brother Liam and his fiancée Emery. The devil twins, Max and Alex, and then my favorite sibling Luna.”

“Aw, your sister is adorable. You have a big family, well big compared to just me and my dad.”

“My dad wanted a lot of kids, growing up he was an only child. So, he wanted us to have siblings to grow up with, pretty sure my mom wanted to smack him a couple of times.”

“I’m not surprised. Childbirth sounds so painful. Although, saying that, I’d like a big family. Pets too, growing up with Blue was the best,” Ava hands me the phone and I place it back on the table, before sitting back, not moving from my new spot next to her.

“When did you get him?”

“When I was little. My mom and dad told me the story a lot growing up. I didn’t remember I was like two,” She chuckles, and I nod understandably. “We were on a walk one day. Me being me, I headed in the direction of a dog adoption centre, wanting to see all the cute dogs. We stayed for a while, played with the dogs. My parents let me get one seeing how much I loved them. I was so happy, like running around the place happy.”

“I can just see a mini you doing that,” I laugh, throwing my head back and she shoves my shoulder.

“Anyway, I spent ages looking for the perfect dog. It was a big decision. Blue was in the corner, away from all the other dogs who were crowded around us. The workers said Blue was anti-social and could be vicious if you got too close. I didn’t believe it, I mean I was two. So, I walked over much to my parent’s annoyance because they didn’t want me getting hurt. I didn’t go near him, I sat a couple feet away just watching him. Anyway, he got up, and he was tiny at the time being a puppy, so he rested his little head on my lap. The workers were stunned and came too close, but Blue barked and growled. Almost as if he was protecting me. So, I decided I wanted Blue, and we took him home.”

“Remind me to never piss off your dog. He seems sweet, though. Guess it was nice for your parents to know he was your protector.”

“Yeah, he hated my ex. Despised him. I should have listened to that dog more,” She admits, and I agree with her, before we sit in a comfortable silence. Something we have got accustomed to, after spending time together alone working on her article and her and her friends spending more time around me and the guys. Her phone buzzes and she reaches over to grab it. “It’s Sierra. She’s going to stop by later to have a girls’ night with me and Han.”

“How is Hannah doing, anyway?”

“Not too good. They’ve been arguing a lot, Hannah decided out of the blue to go over to his place tonight so they can talk and work things out I guess,” She admits, replying back to Sierra. “But all this arguing is taking a toll on her, she hates it.”

“Want me to beat him up?” I offer jokingly and she chuckles shaking her head. “Don’t think I can take him?”

“Oh, I know you can. But Sierra and I can handle it.”

“I don’t doubt that. Why don’t we all do something this weekend? My parents have this cabin near a lake, it’s an hour’s drive from here. We can stay there for the weekend. Maybe it will cheer Hannah up, take her mind off it.” I suggest, remembering the cabin we haven’t been up to in a while.

“That’s a great idea, will your parents not mind?”

I shake my head. “It’s great, you’ll love it up there. My parents don’t use it much as we used to because they prefer for us to all go together. But with Liam running a company and me here it’s harder. We all used to go at the holidays, like a tradition.”

“That sounds nice,” Ava hums in agreement, thinking the idea over and before she can reply her stomach rumbles making me laugh. “Shut up, I missed dinner.”

Her pouting makes me smile, before standing up. “Come on, let’s make some food. Preferably before Aiden and Dylan return or else we’ll have to make more.”

She hops up on the kitchen counter once we make it to the kitchen. “Where did they go, anyway?”

“Aiden has plans with Sierra and Dylan is who knows where. He turns back up. We tend not to ask anymore.”

“Aiden and Sierra are getting on well. I know they’re just going on some dates or outings here and there. I think they’re good for each other,” She muses, and I agree with her.

“Want to make lasagne?”

“I’ve never made it before, but I’ll give it a try,” Ava jumps off the counter and walks over to me, ready to help.

“It’s one of the first things my mom taught me to cook. She always said girls love guys who cook and pretty much taught me to cook everything.”

Heading to the fridge, I take stuff out and hand it to her as she places it on the counter. Soon enough, I’m instructing her what to do as she helps.

“Here you go,” She passes me the lasagne sheets before giggling. “You have something right there.”

She points to where it is and I go to wipe it off. “Where is it?”

“Right there,” Ava says, getting some of the tomato puree and smearing it on my cheek as she bursts into a fit of laughter.

“Oh, you’ve done it now,” I slap the lasagne sheets over her head, her jaw drops. “Look at that, you make a cute real life lasagne.”

In retaliation, she pours the rest of the puree over me. “And you make a handsome tomato.”

Her eyes widen as I grab the cheese and she runs. “Get your ass back here Ava!” Running after her, she screams as I chase her around the kitchen, but soon laughter takes over. We hurl food at each other, although it’s harder for her to get stuff over my head since I’m taller. “Ah ah ah, oh no you don’t.”

Grabbing her waist as I catch up to her, she laughs. Both of us now covered in food as is the entire kitchen. “No, no please,” She laughs trying to get out of my arms. “Why the fuck are you so strong?”

“Paybacks a bitch,” I grab the tub of pre-made, white sauce from the counter as he eyes widen.

“NOAH!” She squeals as I tip it over her.

“Ah, shit,” I curse, slipping on the sauce that now covers the floor, pulling her down with me. She lets out a grunt as she falls on top of me, and I wrap my arms around her.

“You deserve that,” She groans, before lifting her head. “You ok?”

“Yeah, the stuff on the floor broke my fall,” I joke, and she chuckles. “You have a little something everywhere,” I gesture to her and she laughs.

“Shut up.”

I lay my head back and look up at her as she looks down at me. Her green eyes stare into mine as I reach up to wipe the food from her face as she smiles. Her soft skin brushes against my callous hands, and my eyes flicker down to her plump lips. Her breath hitches as she realizes where I’m looking and I up up, moving my hand to the back of her neck as she leans down. Her eyes fluttering shut.

“Did you make food without me?” Dylan’s voice breaks our moment, making us stop our movements. I’m going to murder him. Ava bites her lip, and without another word she smiles before getting up and reaches her hand out to pull me up. “Wow, you two look awful,” He states and I give him a murderous glare. “Did I interrupt something?”


“No,” Ava shakes her head, yet the blush on her cheeks shows otherwise.

Dylan looks between us, a smirk playing on his face. “”

He’s a dead man!


Walking through my apartment, freshly showered with clean clothes and the majority of food out of my hair thanks to showering at Noah’s. I see Sierra sat on the couch, flicking through the channels.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have given you a key,” I joke, closing the door and taking my shoes off. “Been here long?”

“No, I already raided your pantry so if you’re hungry well you have nothing good anyway.”

Chuckling, I sit next to her on the couch. “I ate at Noah’s,” She raises her eyebrow at me before picking something out of my hair, food. Guess I didn’t get it all out. “Things got a little messy.”

“Do I want to know?”

I shake my head. “Hannah not back?”

“Not yet, I messaged her to see how it was going, but nothing. So, they’re arguing or he’s lying dead somewhere.”

“I wouldn’t put it past Hannah.”

The opening of the door stops the rest of our conversation, and we look seeing Hannah walking through. Tear-stained cheeks. She closes the door before sliding down it and we rush over to her.

“Seb cheated on me.”

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