Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 11 | A Weekend Getaway


Warm, summer breeze flows through the open car window, dancing through my blonde locks as the L.A sun kisses my skin. Trees blur as we pass by, traveling down the barren road ahead of us as we head away from the city and towards the mountain areas that California offers. The clear blue sky is easily seen over the mountains, and a smile graces my lips, something you wouldn’t see in New York. Music softly rings through the radio. A cheesy pop song filling the silence as the four of us in the car enjoy the scenery.

My eyes flicker over to the driver’s seat where Noah sits. Sunglasses coating his eyes to block out the sun as he taps his hands along with the music against the steering wheel and his head bops along to the music. His brown hair being blown by the winds in different directions, making me chuckle. His eyes connect with mine as he hears my chuckle, and I motion to his crazy hair. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head, making it worse than before, and sends a wink my way.

Shaking my head, I turn my attention back to the window, my eyes focusing on the rear-view mirror. Hannah sits texting on her phone while Dylan continues to poke her to get her attention, but she keeps slapping his hand away. I knew we should have split them up and put one of them in the other car. But then again, Dylan can cheer anyone up and so far, Hannah seems to be enjoying herself. No matter how annoying she finds him, and I know he’s actually taking her mind off the breakup.

Ignorance is bliss.

In my case, literally. Noah and I have been ignoring our almost kiss that happened. Thankfully, there has been no awkward tension, in fact we’re acting no different towards each other.

Am I attracted to him? Yes.

Did I want to kiss him? Yes.

Do I want to take the risk of dating an athlete and telling him I like him when I know he doesn’t do relationships? No.

“Noah, change the music channel. This song is shit,” Dylan whines, reaching over between the seats to touch the radio, but Noah swats his hand away.

“Hey! I love this song, sit your ass back down,” Hannah pulls him back down into the seat, as he screams and falls. “I’d rather be riding in the couple car right about now. I swear to god if I hear you say one more time how much longer I will throw you out of this moving car.”

“Ava, switch seats with me,” Dylan insists, eyes wide as he pops his head around my seat and I shake my head. “She’s your friend, well I call dibs on the room I was in last time.”

“Dude, you can’t call dibs when the girls haven’t seen the place,” Noah reminds him and Dylan pouts, making Hannah stick her tongue out. “Why does it feel like we’re married and they’re our kids?”

“Where’s my ring?” I hold my hand out, wiggling my fingers and he shakes his head, chuckling. “How much further to go?”

“Haha, I didn’t ask this time!” Dylan shouts to Hannah, who rolls her eyes.

“Not too far. My parents never wanted it to be too far away, we were all fussy kids, and no one can stand being in the car too long with the terrible twins. Kind of know how it feels again,” Noah mumbles making me giggle, but the other two don’t catch it.

“I had to babysit them one time. Never again, I almost went crazy,” Dylan admits.

“The mistake was letting you babysit in the first place, why would you let him?” Hannah questions.

“He’s a big kid. Thought he’d fit right in,” Noah shrugs and Dylan slaps his arm. “Dude, I’m driving!”

“What’s the cabin and the area like?” Hannah questions, leaning forward.

“It’s great. The cabin has a games room, jacuzzi, a clean lake. The town isn’t too far away, and they have a fair going on,” Noah explains, as we pass the sign where the cabins are located.

“It’s awesome. The three of us come up here all the time, even Nick and Liv have been up here with us. I think Liv is happy she’s not surrounded by four football players this time though,” Dylan laughs, and Noah agrees.

“We’re here. Finally. You two won’t kill each other now,” Noah mutters.

The slanted room slope comes into view as we round the corner and pull into the driveway. The two-story log cabin stands tall, towering over the car. Glass windows break up the wood as the lake behind it that stretches out for ages glistens under the sun. Noah turns off the engine, and we all step out of the car. It seems a lot bigger now we’re out of the car and can see it properly.

“I’m in heaven,” Hannah sighs dreamily, looking up at it, making Noah laugh.

“Race you!” Dylan shouts, taking the keys out of Noah’s hand and running to the cabin. Hannah screams profanities at him before chasing after him. Rolling my eyes, I head to the back of the car as Noah opens up and we grab our stuff.

“Well, the kids seem to enjoy it here, honey. Maybe we can get some alone time,” Noah smirks, wiggling his eyebrows as he throws his arm over my shoulder. I burst out laughing at his acting and Noah joins in. “Come on.”

Closing the trunk, we make our way into the cabin. “This place is awesome,” I comment. The cabin gives off a homey feel despite the size of it. Wooden furniture that buys into the whole cabin feel, but plenty of personal touches that make it cozy. “Thanks for this,” I nudge his shoulder before leaning up to kiss his cheek.

“The better car has arrived,” Aiden jokes, as the others walk through the door and Sierra takes in the view since the others have seen it.

“Noah, tell your idiot of a best friend that he isn’t having the room I want!” Hannah shouts, walking into the living area. “Dylan is a sore loser, I got that room fair and square.”

“That car journey must have been fun,” Nick scoffs, as Dylan comes back into the room and Noah and I nod our heads.

“How many rooms does this place have?” Sierra questions as she walks around, eyes wide.

“Four bedrooms. So, two to a room. I know Liv and Nick will share. What about the rest of us?” Noah asks.

“Aiden and I can share, that means Hannah and Ava can share, and then you and Dylan,” Sierra shrugs, as if it’s not a huge deal. I raise my eyebrow at her, yet she refuses to look at Hannah and me. I see the guys give Aiden a look too.

“Well, that’s settled. Now onto important business. Food,” Dylan rubs his hands together and heads to the kitchen. “Dude, you have no food! How will I live?” He searches the kitchen frantically, opening every cupboard in sight as we all put our bags in the living room for the time being.

“We haven’t used the cabin in a while. We usually get food for the time we’re here, so we don’t waste anything, and we never know when we’ll be up next. I’ll go into town with someone and get food, while you guys choose rooms. So, who’s coming with me?” Noah explains, turning towards us.

I raise my hand. “I’ll go with, to make sure you don’t get all healthy stuff. Who knows what you athletes eat.”

“You eat takeaway with us, you know what we eat,” Noah points out and I wave him off. “Ok, well you guys get settled and we’ll be back soon.”

“Get us a good room!” I shout to Hannah before Noah and I walk out of the cabin. “Finally, I was close to throwing them both out of the car. This will be an interesting weekend.”

“DYLAN! Get your fat ass away from me,” Hannah’s voice echoes through the games room, as she, Dylan, Liv and Nick play twister. Currently twisted into different positions on the mat and Dylan’s ass in Hannah’s face. The rest of us laugh as we stand by the pool table watching them as Dylan wiggles his ass in Hannah’s face. “That’s it, I’m out!” She shouts, detangling herself from everyone else, as she stands up and brushes herself off. “Need bleach to wash my eyes out.”

Turning back to our game of pool, letting them carry on with their twister game, Aiden takes his turn. High fiving Sierra when he pots a ball. Since the guys have played before, it is only fair they’re on opposite sides to even it out.

“You’re so bad at this,” Noah chuckles, as I fail to hit a ball and I glare at him.

“I’m sorry that we don’t play this ever unlike the guy who has a games room.”

He shakes his head. “Ok, come here.”

We wait for Sierra to take her shot. Clearly, she’s a little better at it than I am. Once she’s taken it, Noah moves behind me. He places his hands on my hips as we move closer to the table, before he stands next to me. We lean down and he coaches me on how to hold it properly and where to place my hands before he covers my hands with his own and helps me shoot. As soon as it goes in, I stand and high five Noah before he wraps his arm around my shoulder.

“Ok, whatever, don’t get too cocky he helped you,” Sierra smirks and I roll my eyes.

“Ah shit going down.”

Hearing Dylan curse, we turn and see him fall down, taking Liv and Nick with him. They all shout as they go down and they groan as soon as they all hit the floor in a tangled mess of limbs. Cringing at how painful that looks, we head over to help them all up.

“Did that remind anyone else of dominos?” Aiden questions making us all laugh, as we get them up. “No more twister for you guys.”

Dylan stretches his back before nodding in agreement. “Sounds good.”

“Ok, so I have a question. How come your parents are cool with college students invading their cabin?” Sierra questions as we help pack up the game.

“We’ve been up here before and we always take good care of the place. As long as we don’t break anything, they’re cool with it, which I’m surprised Dylan hasn’t yet,” Noah mentions before the doorbell rings.

“PIZZA!!” Dylan shouts, running out of the games room. We laugh, before following him out of the games room, heading to the main area of the cabin where Dylan stands at the door paying the guy. He closes the door before heading to the kitchen and soon enough we’re all grabbing plates and opening up the boxes dishing out the food.

“Ok, we are not watching a scary movie,” Liv immediately says as we head to the couches with our food. “Who chose?” She asks, seeing the opening credits of the movie the guys picked on the screen.

“It’s not even that scary. If it gets too much, we’ll turn it off,” Nick reassures her, bringing her into his side. As the movie starts, we all get into it, although a few jump scares here and there make Liv jump and Hannah curses out the movie.

“I need to take a piss,” Dylan quickly puts his food down before rushing out of the room.

“He’s so blunt,” Sierra mutters, and we chuckle in agreement.

Hannah curses again as another jump scare takes over the screen. “Seriously? How much longer before we can turn this off?”

Before we can reply, a loud crash sounds from the cabin making Liv and Hannah scream, while the rest of us are wide eyed.

“What the fuck was that?” Sierra screeches, holding onto Aiden.

Noah sighs. “It’s probably Dylan. We’ll make sure he didn’t fall in the toilet or something, weirdly enough it isn’t the first time.”

Him and Aiden walk off and as soon as they do Liv turns the movie off. “That’s it for the scary movies. Let’s do something else, what should we...”

The lights in the cabin flicker on and off and Hannah grabs the remote as if it’s a weapon, her eyes frantic as she looks around. “Oh, hell no.”

“It’s probably just those guys. Nick, know anything?” I look over at Nick, who shakes his head.

“Don’t look at me. I’m here with you, Liv would murder me if I was in on this.”

“Aiden, this isn’t funny!” Sierra rolls her eyes, and the bushes rustle outside the side door, which flies open making us jump. “Ugh, idiots.”

She gets up, walking to the door, and we all get up to follow her. No one is around, the pitch black night sky making it impossible to see anything, and the light that shines from the house doesn’t help much either.


Three people jump out of the bushes running at us as we scream and cling to one another, but their screams soon turn to laughter as the guys come into view and we all calm down.

“You jerks!” Hannah shouts, hitting Dylan repeatedly as he complains.

“That was hilarious,” Noah admits, still laughing as I push him away. “Aww, I’m sorry. We thought it would be funny.” He shrugs, wrapping his arms around me and I roll my eyes.

“It is now, wasn’t two minutes ago when I almost shit myself,” Hannah adds, making us all laugh and head back inside. My gaze connects with the girls and immediately we know.

We are so getting them back!

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