Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 12 | Three. Two. One


Chatter and music fill the kitchen as Sierra, Hannah, Liv, Nick and I sit around the table drinking coffee as the morning sun shines on the cabin. My eyes flicker to the time on my phone, waiting for the guys’ wake up call that is about to come.

Three. Two. One.

A smirk dances on our lips as a phone alarm and shouting fills the cabin. The best time for revenge is when they’re asleep. Not our fault they sleep like the dead.

“Something wrong, boys?” Sierra shouts through the cabin, and soon after Aiden, Noah and Dylan come running into the kitchen. Laughter escaping us as we get a good look at them.

“You did this!” Dylan points to the three of them. Covered in honey, flour that is stuck to them as well as their faces covered in makeup that we did on them while they were asleep.

“Smile,” Hannah snaps a picture of them. “This will make for a great Instagram day.”

“Revenge is sweet, don’t you think? Never mess with us,” I tell them as we all high five, and Nick drinks his coffee but we can see the amused smile on his face.

“You’re all dead,” Noah smirks, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Get them!”

Our eyes widen as they charge at us and we’re immediately getting up and running away. I can hear the shouts and screams of the girls who got caught and smothered in the honey and flour. I laugh looking back, seeing Noah chasing me. Turning back I see Dylan in front of me getting ready to cage me in. I duck under his legs, resulting in Noah and Dylan colliding.

“Sneaky woman,” Dylan grunts. I laugh and run up the stairs to my room where there is a lock, I place my hand on the door ready to go inside.

Arms wrap around my waist, pulling me back and into a hard chest as Noah smothers me in the honey and flour. “Got ya.”

“Gross,” I wiggle around, trying to get away but it doesn’t help, and Noah makes sure he gets me covered in everything he’s wearing. He lets me go and I turn around, both of us now covered. “Are you mad at us?”

“Nah, we deserved it. You didn’t really think we wouldn’t let you off so easy though, did you?”

“You guys couldn’t let us have it, could you?” Hannah grumbles, walking past us covered in honey and feathers before heading into our room to shower.

“You heard her. Now I’m going to go shower.”

He smirks. “You can always shower with me.”

“In your horny dreams, Jackson,” I pat his chest before walking into the bedroom. After Hannah and me both shower and change into our bathing suits, before pulling some clothes over them. We head back out to the kitchen with Liv who comes out of her room.

The guys cook breakfast, now showered, as we stand in the doorway and Sierra soon appears at our side. “You know you’d make great trophy husbands one day.”

The guys turn at the sound of us appearing before we head over to sit down, Liv kissing Nick and even Sierra kissing Aiden’s cheek, making us smirk.

“Where’s my kiss?” Dylan pouts, before he turns to me, puckering his lips. I laugh and shove him away.

“Who knows where those have been,” I scrunch up my face before patting his cheek and sitting down. “So, what do we do to deserve this? I mean, we did cover you in honey, flour and do your makeup.”

Noah turns, plating up the food. “We wanted to apologize for scaring you, even though you got us back. You made breakfast last time you were at ours so it’s only fair.”

“Yum,” I stare at all the food, as they place the plates down across the table, allowing us to fill our plates with whatever we want.

“Ava, you look like you’re going to jump the food’s bones,” Liv jokes, making everyone laugh and I roll my eyes before pouting at the guys.

“Would you please be our personal chefs?”

Noah pats my head before I swat his hand away. “Princess, you know how to cook.”

“Yeah, but it tastes better when you guys cook. Plus, I’m lazy,” I shrug, and everyone laughs before we dig into the food.

“On a different note, please tell me we’re jumping in that amazing lake today,” Dylan practically drools over the thought, a dreamy look on his face.

“If I don’t push you in first,” Aiden mutters and Dylan shoots a glare his way.

“I feel so unloved.”


The shouting from the guys in the lake reaches my ears and I lift my head up slightly seeing them all messing around in the lake and Liv trying to dunk Nick under. Chuckling, I shake my head, laying it back down on the grass where I lay in my black bikini soaking up the sun along with Hannah. Closing my eyes and letting out a content sigh. The sun beams on my skin and I hear Hannah humming along to the music in her earphones. Drops of water land on me, and when I open my eyes, a shadow hovers over my body. Placing my hand over my forehead to block out the sun, I see Noah standing above me, dripping wet.

“You coming in?”

I shake my head. “Maybe later.”

“No, you’re coming in,” Noah demands, before placing an arm under my legs and one at my back carrying me bridal style towards the lake.

“No one is putting me in there, you do it and I will cut off your dicks,” Hannah states, as Noah carries me away from her. I wiggle around in his arms, but before I can even escape, he runs towards the dock jumping in and we hit the water. Resurfacing, I push my now wet hair back away from my face.

“You’re going down,” I push his head under the water, but he grabs my waist, pulling me down with him. Soon enough, we both resurface, and I push at his chest laughing before I see him staring at me. “What?”

He shrugs. “You’re just beautiful.”

“Shut up,” I mumble, turning away from him so he can’t see the rising blush on my cheeks. But Noah’s lips land on my cheek and a husky chuckle escapes him.

“You’re cute,” He mumbles, close to my ear and I roll my eyes pushing him away. Sierra comes out of the house, tying her hair up before running and jumping into the lake.

“Hannah, come in,” Sierra shouts once she’s resurfaced. “Hannah, Hannah, Hannah.”

At our chanting, Hannah rolls her eyes before getting up and taking her earphones out. She jokingly stretches before running and jumping in as we all clap.

“Thank you, thank you,” She takes a bow making us all laugh. “Who’s up for a chicken fight?”

“Big group fight. Winning team chooses punishment for the losing ones,” Aiden suggests, and we all agree.

“Ava cakes!” Dylan swims over to me, holding out his arms before pouting. “Be on my team?”

“Nope, she’s on mine,” Noah wraps his arms around my shoulders before I can even speak, tilting my head back to look at him, he looks down at me. “Trust me you do not want to be on his team, he sucks at everything.”

Laughing a little, I lean back into Noah’s chest before my gaze focuses back to Dylan. “Sorry Dylan.”

“Hannah then,” Dylan sighs, his eyes moving to her and her jaw drops.

“Gee thanks,” Hannah scoffs, pushing him away, making him fall back into the water. Soon enough, once teams are decided, the guys move under the water to get us on their shoulders. I squeal as Noah lifts me up, his hands fixed on my thighs holding me tightly and he laughs. Asshole.

“Everyone ready?” I ask and they all shout in agreement. “Go.”

We all charge at each other in the water, the guys holding us up and us girls push at each other to try to push the others off the guys’ shoulders.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Dylan falls backwards into the water, taking Hannah with him as she screams.

“DYLAN!” Hannah shouts annoyed as she pushes him once they resurface. “What the hell?”

He gives her a sheepish smile. “I slipped.”

“Sierra, that’s cheating,” Liv laughs, as Sierra tickles her stomach knowing she’s ticklish before Olivia falls off and while Sierra is distracted celebrating the fact, she pushed Liv off, I push her off.

“WE WIN SUCKERS!” I shout, cheering as Noah cheers along with me while everyone else complains because they lost.

“Victory dunk!” Noah shouts, falling backwards, taking me with him as we splash into the water. “We win!” He resurfaces and I jump onto his back.

Hmm, what should their punishment be?”

Night has fallen, stars light up the sky, the light from them and the moonlight beaming down on us as we sit around a campfire, eating the barbecue Noah and Aiden made. Soft music plays from inside, setting the mood and beer bottles surround us as we make our way through them. The colder air that surrounds the lake is a change from the humidity of central LA, and Noah’s jumper encases my body, keeping me warm. Why are guys sweatshirts and jumpers so much comfier?

The body heat from Noah, sitting beside me is also warming me up. Our covered arms brush every so often at our close proximity.

“Ok, you two are great at cooking. Think you can give Nick some tips?” Liv questions, making us all laugh.

“You cannot continue to eat my food and complain about it still,” Nick scoffs.

Liv pats his shoulder before kissing his cheek. “I don’t say anything, so I don’t upset you. But your cooking could use some improvement.”

“You two need couples’ therapy?” Dylan jokes, lifting his beer before drinking some.

“This coming from the guy who last had a relationship when?” Noah laughs, making us all join in as Dylan throws something at Noah.

“Ok, ok, before we get into it about Dylan’s lack of relationship advice experience, why don’t we decide the punishment.” I suggest, but everyone’s faces drop, and they groan. “Oh, come on, we had a bet.”

They all nod their heads and I whisper my idea into Noah’s ear and he laughs, throwing his head back before facing them all. “Since you all lost, you all have to jump into the lake in your underwear.”

“That will be freezing.”

“We’re all warm and already clothed.”

They voice their displeasure at the idea, and they’re not wrong. The lake gets freezing cold at night and I’m sure the last thing they want to do is get out of their warm clothes from near the fire and jump into a freezing cold lake.

“I hate you both so much right now, you better have towels waiting for us,” Aiden states. Noah heads inside to bring out some towels, before we head closer to the dock as they get undressed.

“One, two, three.”

They all run and jump in the freezing cold lake. The girls scream at the cold, making me laugh. Dylan is the first to jump out of the lake, as if it is on fire, and immediately grabs a towel from Noah as he curses us out. Soon enough, they all follow, wrapping themselves in towels.

“That was so cold,” Liv’s teeth chatter as she clings onto Nick for warmth. They all dry off around the fire and soon enough are getting back into their clothes. Some of them going back inside to change their wet underwear before they get back into their clothes. Half an hour later, after they have dried off and are back changed, we sit back around the fire playing never have I ever.

“Let’s start off easy and get people to reveal some secrets by playing, never have I ever. I want dirt on everyone,” Hannah smirks, and Dylan comes back with more alcohol, making sure we all have something. Except for Liv who has opted to not drink. “I’ll start. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.”

I roll my eyes as does Sierra, before us three drink, knowing it’s something we did together before Sierra speaks up, “Seriously? You know us three went skinny dipping together.”

“Well, ladies. If you’d like to join me,” Dylan puts his arms around mine and Hannah’s shoulders before we push him away. “Never have I ever performed a striptease,” Dylan smirks, wiggling his eyebrows as he looks at us girls. Hannah and Sierra both drink, making Aiden’s eyes widen. Guys. All our eyes widen as Liv raises the drink to her lips.

“No questions, just move on,” Liv states, and no questions asked we decide to move on.

“Never have I ever gotten a tattoo drunk,” I say and all the guys drink making me turn to Noah. “You have a tattoo?”

Noah pulls his shorts up a little showing the small tattoo on his thigh showing a trojan image. “We uh all got them together when we were drunk,” He explains. “My turn. Never have I ever given a lap dance?”

No one drinks until I slowly lift the cup up and drink, making Noah’s eyes widen. Dylan whistles before speaking up. “Our own Ava gets down and dirty, huh?”

“Oh, come on. It wasn’t anything like that. Hannah, you remember, don’t you? One of our first frat parties, freshman year. We ended up in this massive truth and dare thing with like fifty people and they dared me to give this guy a lap dance. I was also extremely drunk.”

“She was amazing at it too. Pretty sure you gave that guy a boner,” Hannah laughs, and I throw something at her, but all she does is laugh more.

“Ok, next person,” I announce loudly, to get the attention away from me.

“Want to show me sometime?” Noah whispers into my ear and I playfully shove him as he laughs, wrapping his arm around me bringing me into his side. “Only joking.”

“Never have I ever lied to the person they were dating or hooking up with?” Liv asks.

“Many, many times!” Dylan knocks back his drink, as does Hannah and Nick. Making Liv’s eyes widen.

Liv eyes Nick suspiciously. “What have you lied to me about?”

“Remember your hair junior year of high school? I lied when I said it looked nice,” Nick shrugs and Liv rolls her eyes making us all laugh.

“This is getting boring, I want to see people do some dares. Nick, truth or dare?” Sierra turns to Nick, before I ask Noah to pass me the marshmallows so we can roast them.

“Umm dare.”

“I dare you to read out your last web search.”

Instantly, Nick goes bright red before reaching for his phone and handing it to Liv who bursts out laughing. “His last search was how to grow more chest hair. Aww baby.”

We all burst out laughing and Nick hides his face in his hands as Liv hugs him. “Some friends you guys are, laughing at my expense. Aiden, truth or dare?”


“What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever been caught doing?” Nick questions, placing a marshmallow on his stick and roasting it by the fire.

“Well, I was 13 and my parents walked in on me masturbating,” Aiden states, bluntly as he shrugs. “I was young, you guys understand,” Aiden nods to the guys who agree with him. “Dylan, truth or dare?”

“Dare, duh.”

“I dare you to run down the road at the front of the house naked.”

“Aw, if you wanted to see me naked Aiden you can just ask,” Dylan bats his eyelashes making us all laugh. We get up and make our way to the front of the house, it’s mostly quiet but you can hear some cars around. “Prepare to swoon ladies,” He says, taking off his top and pants. Nick covers Liv’s eyes before Dylan takes off his boxers, showing his ass, which he shakes before running down the street making us laugh. Cars honk, which fuels our laughter and as Dylan starts to run back, I place my head on Noah’s shoulder, not wanting to see Dylan’s dick.

“Put your small dick away dude, no one wants to see that shriveled up thing,” Noah shouts and a few seconds later, Noah pats my waist. “You’re good.”

“Why did you girls look away? Worried you’d get turned on?” Dylan asks, walking back to us before we head back to the fire.

“More like worried we’d throw up,” Hannah scoffs, sitting back down.

“Harsh, Noah...truth or dare? Payback time for that comment,” Dylan rubs his hands together.

“Well, you’re going to embarrass me either way so why not go all out? Dare,” Noah shrugs, leaning forward with his arms resting on his knees.

“I dare you to kiss Ava.”

My eyes widen, as everyone else looks surprised all looking at one another. “Why bring me into this?” A blush rises to my cheeks at the dare, as my nerves start to increase. “Dylan, you can’t just...”

Noah cups my cheek, turning my face to his before his lips land over mine, cutting off my sentence.

Holy hell.

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