Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 13 | Taking The Risk...Or Not


“Wake up, wake up.”

Movement of the bed and shouting wakes me up from my sleep induced state, groaning I roll over and see Sierra jumping on the bed. All wide awake and looking eager for something, as she jumps up and down as Hannah and I complain.

“Sierra, get your fat ass off me,” Hannah reaches out to shove Sierra’s legs to get her away, and she falls onto the bed. Liv rolls her eyes before sitting down on the bed with us, taking a less violent approach than Sierra.

“No, Little Miss Ava here never talked to us about her kiss with Noah last night,” Sierra teases and Hannah shoots up off the bed shaking me. I push her arms away before pulling a pillow over my face.

“This I want to hear, was he a good kisser? He’s practically a mystery to everyone so we have no idea. I mean you both looked pretty into it and it lasted a while,” Hannah questions and I sigh knowing I won’t get out of answering.

“You two won’t shut up and leave until I say something, are you?” I ask, moving the pillow away from my face and they all shake their heads. I sigh, sitting up. “I don’t know what you want me to say you were there.”

“Yeah, but how was it? I mean you don’t kiss a guy like that unless you’re into him. We had to remind you both where you were,” Liv chuckles, and I blush remembering the kiss.

There is a moment that happens in life, where time slows down or stops and everything and everyone around you seems to disappear. Where the most important thing in that moment is the two of you. Some people may never get that feeling, and that’s a shame. But some people get it and hell some people get it more than once. I had that feeling when I was kissing Noah and I had never experienced that feeling before then. As soon as his lips touched mine, our friends disappeared around us. It was like the fire was the only thing lighting up the night. So, what did I do when the guy I was thinking about for the past couple days kissed me? Duh, I kissed him back.

After the shock had worn off, and his soft lips moved against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. Damn, was he a good kisser. There was no hurried motion in this kiss, it was slow, sensual and passionate. His lips slowly moved against mine as if he tried to remember every inch, like this would never happen again. His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer until there was no room between us. He parted my lips with his tongue and deepened our kiss as he pushed against mine. He dominated the kiss. I pushed myself closer to him as one hand threaded through his hair and gripped onto it tightly. Kissing him felt right, like I was meant to be in his arms and kissing him.

Someone cleared their throat that reminded us where we were and the fact we were not alone. We pulled back from the kiss and Noah’s brown eyes stared back at me, as a smile twitched at his lips.

“Earth to Ava!” Hannah snaps her fingers in front of my face, and I push her hand away from me. “Well, how was it?”

“Yes, he’s a good kisser. Happy now?” I chuckle, shaking my head at the smirks they are throwing my way. “Things will be awkward between us now, I mean it got that way last night. We didn’t look or speak to each other after that.”

“They don’t have to be. Why are things going to be awkward?” Liv questions.

“Because I enjoyed that kiss and I’m attracted to him. Which I didn’t expect to happen, you know I don’t date athletes.”

“I knew it!” Liv tackles me in a hug, and I laugh before the other two join, piling on top of us.

“We’ve spent a good amount of time together, and it’s hard to not be around him without getting feelings for him. I don’t know if he likes me, I mean he doesn’t date at all, he’s so focused on getting into the NFL and I respect that.”

Hannah scowls. “That’s bullshit. Of course he likes you, you’re gorgeous, smart, funny. I can see that he’s into you, I mean he likes spending time with you and he just gets this look in his eye.”

“Why not take the chance and tell him?” Sierra questions and I sigh. “You know he’s not like your ex, or the type of guys you stay clear of.”

“I know that. Being with my ex fucked me up, all my self-confidence and trust disappeared. I haven’t been in a relationship since.”

“Well, you’re going to have to take that leap of faith and some point and get back out there,” Liv offers.

“I trust him more than any guy I’ve ever known. I’m just scared of rejection. If he doesn’t like me, things get awkward. I have to spend the rest of the semester around those guys. Why is life so hard?” I grunt, falling back on the bed. “You know what, we’ve only known each other for three weeks. I’m putting it down to attraction and sexual tension. I’m sure it will pass.”

They all look at each other, clearly not believing it. Neither do I.

“Whatever you say. The guys were on about heading to the carnival today, so get your asses up,” Sierra pats my leg before getting off the bed.

“But I’m comfy!” Hannah shouts as Sierra and Liv walk out. “They actually think I’m getting out of bed.”

Bright lights flash around as we walk through the carnival entrance. The noise of rollercoasters, chatter and stall games filling our ears. Kids run past us, carrying carnival food in their hands, laughing as they go. Parents and teenagers stand around with stuffed animals in their arms.

“So, this happens once a year?” Sierra questions as we walk further through the carnival.

Noah nods his head. “Yeah, it’s a big hit for people in the town and the surrounding areas.”

“I want to go on every rollercoaster, who’s with me?” Dylan stands in front of us, looking overly excited. “Wimps.”

“Nick and I are thinking of checking out the games,” Liv explains, cuddled into Nick’s side.

“Aiden and I are heading to the fun house,” Sierra shrugs.

“I’ll go on the rollercoasters with you Dylan. You loved up couples sicken me,” Hannah jokes, making us laugh, but I know being around the couples is the worst thing for her since she just broke up with Sebastian.

“Why don’t we all split up and meet up later? I’ll go with Nick and Liv, I want to win some stuff,” I offer, and everyone agrees.

“Same here. Clowns scare the shit out of me and you do not want to be next to Dylan on a roller-coaster unless you want to go deaf,” Noah explains and Hannah looks worried.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me get this straight, you’re a six-foot something quarterback and you’re afraid of clowns,” I turn towards Noah.

“I’ll have you know I was traumatised, thanks to a clown on my 7th birthday party. So go ahead and laugh at my pain,” Noah throws his arms into the air as I let out a few chuckles. “Can we go now?”

We all split off into our groups, each heading our separate ways and Nick, Liv, Noah and I walk around to check out all the game stalls. My eyes flicker over to Noah who looks happy being here as he chats along with Nick. His eyes catch mine and he smiles, winking at me. Aside from a few awkward silences here and there, not much has changed between Noah and I. We still joke around and carry on as normal, both of us avoiding what happened.

“Where do you two want to go first?” Nick questions Liv and I as we walk around.

“How about you two have a contest?” Liv suggests, pointing over to where the strongman game sits. “Winner gets bragging rights.”

“Please, we all know I’m stronger,” Noah scoffs, pushing out his chest as I shake my head.

“Whatever man, I bench press more than you in my sleep,” Nick crosses his arms and Liv and I look at each other clearly amused. “I’m so wiping the smirk off your face.”

Nick walks towards the game paying the man, before he cracks his knuckles and neck. He picks up the sledgehammer before swinging it and hitting the metal plate as the ball flies up the meter. Stopping two places down from the bell.

“Congrats, any prize off the third shelf,” The worker glumly states, as if he’d rather be doing any else but this.

“What do you want babe?” Nick asks Liv who points to a polar bear teddy, the guy takes it off the shelf and hands it to them as Liv kisses Nick before hugging the bear. “Beat the Jackson.”

“That was amateur hour, watch a professional at work.”

“I feel like I’m drowning in testosterone, hit the damn thing already,” I point to the game and Liv chuckles. Noah takes the sledgehammer from Nick, before stepping up to the game. He swings it a few times to get his bearings before he swings and hits the plate as the ball flies up hitting the bell that rings.

“Oh yeah, come on you were impressed,” Noah looks at me and I push at his shoulder making him laugh.

“Pick something from the top shelf,” The worker sighs, popping his gum. What a bundle of joy he is.

“I’ll take the big teddy bear,” Noah points to the biggest bear, of course he’d choose that. Bearing in mind Noah is six-foot something and the teddy bear will reach the top of his chest if he puts it down on the floor. The worker hands it to him and I can’t help but chuckle at cute Noah looks holding the big bear. But I am not about to tell him that. “M’lady, your new teddy bear,” Noah bows holding the bear out to me.

“Why thank you kind sir,” I giggle curtsying before I take the bear off him and hug it.

“It’s the same size as you!” Liv shouts laughing and I can’t help but laugh as it reaches my 5′8 height.

“Got to send this to the others,” Noah takes a picture of me posing with the bear. “Aww cute,” He pinches my cheek.

“Whatever, but thank you for the bear,” I smile up at him and he wraps his arm around my shoulders, side hugging me before we all walk off. After we walk around for a good few hours, playing the different stalls and going on some of the roller coasters we meet up with everyone at the dining part of the fair to grab some food. Everyone found it hilarious when we rocked up with me holding a big ass bear that now has its own seat next to Noah. It’s fair to say it was hilarious when Dylan tried to feed it too.

“Do we have to go home tomorrow? It’s nice not having coach around, he scares me,” Dylan admits, pouting like a little kid as we laugh.

“I vote we hide in the cabin for the rest of our lives. Also, I just want to say thanks. I know this trip was to get me away from everything and to cheer me up with what happened with Sebastian,” Hannah smiles, and we hug her.

“It’s no problem. I mean we haven’t known you girls long, but we’ve become one big happy yet dysfunctional family,” Aiden says, and we all agree. Getting up we throw our trash away before we start to walk around the fair again.

“We should all go on the Ferris wheel,” Liv suggests as it comes into view and everyone agrees, well everyone except me.

“Uh you guys go ahead, we’ll be there in a second,” Noah hesitates, and they all walk off confused aside from the girls who know my fear of heights. “You’re afraid of heights, aren’t you?”

“That easy to tell?”

He chuckles. “I noticed earlier when all the rollercoasters you suggested were either not that high or on the ground. Your face when Liv mentioned the ferris wheel made me sure. I think it’s time you face your fear.”

“And I think you’re delusional. It’s not happening, plus, who would look after Noah Jr?”

“Noah Jr? Really? Cute, now you’ll always have me with you,” Noah smirks and I roll my eyes. “He’ll fit on with us. Ava you’ll be fine, nothing is going to happen, and I’ll be right next to you. You said you trust me, so trust me when I tell you I will not let anything happen to you.”

Noah holds his hand out and I sigh, looking into his eyes that convey the truth. I place my hand in his and he smiles before leading us to the line. After the operator seals us in with the bar which seems a little unstable if you ask me. The ride starts and I clutch onto Noah’s hand tighter the higher we get.

“Ok, I said before I’d be here for you but I kind of need my hand not to be broken to play football.”

“Sorry,” I apologize loosening my hand. “This isn’t so bad, I guess.”

Looking out at the view, the sun begins to set and I feel Noah’s eyes on me before he speaks up. “We’re okay, right?”

Turning my head, he looks at me with a nervous expression. It’s clear the kiss will be an unspoken thing. One half of me wants to talk about it and the other half of me is scared to take the chance. “Yeah, we’re good,” I smile, deciding not to take the risk. He smiles back and side hugs me as we watch the sunset.

It’s official, I’m a wimp!

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