Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 14 | You Got Arrested?!


The stench of stale coffee fills the air. The sound of metals bars opening and shutting echoes around the police station. Shouting comes from detainees who are being shoved into holding cells, clearly not happy with being arrested. Sighing, I lean my head back against the wall of the jail cell I’m sharing with Dylan, who has a black eye. Aiden, who has a busted lip and Nick who has a bruise forming on his cheek like me. This is not how I envisioned the past twenty-four hours. We should be back at the cabin right now, packing and getting some shuteye before heading back tomorrow.

So, how did we go from being at the carnival and having a good time to being held in a jail cell for twenty-four hours? Good question.

“Seriously? You wait for the girls to leave and corner me. Some friends you guys are.”

The guys had immediately jumped to ask me about the kiss Ava and I shared last night as soon as the girls went to the toilets before we planned to head back to the cabin.

“Come on man, have you two even talked about the kiss?” Aiden questioned and crossed his arms.

“Yeah...I mean, kind of. I asked her if we’re ok and she said we are,” I shrugged, knowing we hadn’t exactly talked about it. It was kind of like a silent agreement to not talk about it. Had I wanted to? Yeah, but I didn’t know if she wanted to.

“I swear you two are the only ones who don’t see it. It’s clear you’re into each other,” Dylan scoffed, and I rolled my eyes. That’s what the guys had said for ages, and I would not deny that I was attracted to Ava. We had spent a lot of time together and we had become good friends.

“Man up,” Nick punched my arm, and I punched him back in the shoulder. “I’m not wrong, man up and ask the girl out for god sakes.”

“Where are the girls, anyway? They’ve been gone for like twenty minutes,” I realized, and they all shrugged.

“Let’s go find them, they might have gotten lost on the way back,” Aiden suggested, and we agreed, before we made our way to the toilets. We must have looked weird, four buff guys who carried around stuffed bears the girls had given us before they went to the toilet. The closer we got, we heard shouting.

“No means no, so get that through your thick, pea brains.”

The guys and I looked at each other, confused at hearing Ava’s voice before we made our way towards the sound. The girls were blocked by six guys and looked pissed.

“What about you, sweetheart?” A guy asked as he ran his hand down Liv’s arm as she tried to pull away.

“I suggest you get your filthy hands off my girlfriend before I fuck up your face,” Nick threatened as he stepped forward and the guys turned around.

“Please, what could your scrawny ass do?” The guy scoffed. It didn’t take long before Nick knocked him down to the floor with his fist as Liv gasped. We all looked shocked at Nick’s act of violence as he had never been the violence type of guy. The guy’s friends pounced on us all as a big fight erupted. This was happening way too much nowadays. Soon enough we were all pulled off each other and put into cuffs before they took us to the station.

Sleeping in a cell with three other guys wasn’t easy or comfy at all. That was the hardest part about this thing, since we were only held overnight as protocol. Since we’re all over eighteen, none of our parents had to be contacted and this wouldn’t go on our records. This was a warning.

For the other guys, after we and the girls after they followed us here explained what happened, the guys had to pay a fine since they were harassing the girls. The girls went back to the cabin last night and told us they will be back today to pick us up. Nick is antsy, he wants to make sure Liv is ok and apologize. He has never been violent before.

“Would you shut up?” One of the idiots from a couple cells down shouts to Dylan, who is hitting a coin on the metal bars of the cell.

“How about you, before I come over there and give you another black eye!” Aiden retaliates, I roll my eyes putting my head on the wall just wanting to get out of here.

“Ok shut it, both of you!” An officer commands, walking over to our cells. “You four are good to go. We’re releasing you at different times, so another fight doesn’t break out.” He explains opening the cell door for us as the other guys groan, making us smirk at them. “And stay out of fights,” He sighs and we nod before he leads us to the front to get our things, seeing the girls. Immediately, Liv jumps into Nick’s arms as he apologizes and Sierra goes to hug Aiden.

“Are you guys ok?” Ava questions, wrapping her arms around me as I hug her back.

“I’d be better if someone hugged me! What am I, chopped liver?” Dylan asks, making us laugh.

Hannah scoffs. “Don’t look at me.”

“Aww come here, Dyl-Dyl,” Ava hugs him and he sticks his tongue out at Hannah “Feel like bad boys now?”

We make our way outside and I throw my arm over her shoulder. “What are you talking about? We were always bad boys.”

“I don’t know, you looked like a softie holding that big teddy bear.”

“Well, I guess that’s one way to end our vacation, huh? By going out in style,” Hannah chuckles and we all agree getting into my car. We struggle a little, trying to fit everyone into one car, but after some of them sit on people’s laps we drive back to the cabin to get our things and head home.

“Did you guys have a good time at the cabin?”

My mom questions us as Aiden, Dylan and I sit at the dining table at my parents’ house with the rest of my family. After getting back from the cabin earlier and dropping the others off, we came straight here for dinner. Something that happens regularly. My mom makes it her job to ensure the guys on the team that are away from home feel welcome here. Since Aiden is from Austin, he doesn’t go home as much as me and Dylan, who is also from California, can.

“Yeah, it was a good time. The girls enjoyed it, pretty sure they’d move in if we let them,” I chuckle and the guys agree.

“The whole getting arrested part wasn’t fun though,” Dylan scoffs and Aiden and I punch him in the shoulder. “Ow!”

“You got arrested?!” Mom stands up in shock, the anger seeping through her tone. “You weren’t going to tell us?”

“Someone’s in trouble,” Liam smirks, chuckling, and I resist the urge to flip him off with Luna and the twins around.

“Start explaining. Now!” Dad’s voice booms and I sigh. My parents are chill people, but there are some things you do not want to do to piss them off. Getting arrested is one of them.

“It wasn’t that big of a problem. We went to the carnival and this group of guys were harassing the girls and wouldn’t leave. One of them touched Liv and Nick punched a guy.”

“There were six of them and we weren’t gonna let Nick handle it alone,” Aiden contributes.

“We just got a warning. They held us overnight as protocol, and they said since we hadn’t been arrested before and the other guys got fined for harassment there were no charges,” I explain, watching as my mom’s facial features soften.

“You boys will give me a heart attack one of these days,” She sighs, sitting back down and we all smile sheepishly. “I’m surprised Nick would handle it like that.”

“He doesn’t, but if it involves Liv, I’m pretty sure he’d do anything for her. He’s so whipped,” Aiden chuckles, shaking his head.

“Like you aren’t with Sierra,” Dylan scoffs and I let out a laugh. “Don’t know what you’re laughing at you won’t tell Ava you like her.”

I stop laughing and glare at him before Liam steps in. “Noah has a crush.”

He teases and Emery slaps his arms, making him stop, realizing it’s not something I want to talk about. I mouth whipped to Liam, making him glare at me.

“Noah has a crush, Noah has a crush,” The twins sing, and dad shuts them up.

“Aw, you’re growing up,” Mom gushes.

“Honey, he’s 21,” Dad reminds her. “And still can’t ask a girl out.”

“He even won her a bear at the fair, and I mean like a massive one. She’s like 5′8 and it almost swallowed her up,” Aiden tells them, and I chuckle, agreeing with the last statement.

“Can we change the conversation, please?” I ask and they all sigh but agree before we carry on eating with a different conversation topic.

What a weekend this has been.

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