Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 16 | Dance With Me


Halloween is one of the biggest events on campus. Other than football games and pledge week, anyway. Parties are thrown left, right, and centre. People jump out on you on campus and scare you. Which may cause them to get hit by Sierra when they jump out at her. It’s happened before. Every frat house throws a Halloween party, but the biggest and most talked about party is Noah’s that he throws every year.

It’s limited to invite only, which makes sense considering he throws it at his parents’ house and will only want people there he can trust. But even though it’s invite only, there’s still many people there. Halloween has made everyone crazy, I’ve had someone jump out at me three times so far this week.

“Seriously? If you can’t walk in six-inch heels, why wear them?” I ask Hannah, rolling my eyes as I walk out of my bedroom and into the living area, now dressed for the party. “Better hurry up and learn, Nick and Liv will be here soon.”

A knock sounds at the door. Speak of the devils. Walking to the door I open it seeing Liv dressed as Belle, and Nick dressed as the beast.

“Cute couple costume. I see you brought your dog along,” I smirk to Nick who rolls his eyes, but Liv laughs.

“Well, dogs don’t like cats,” Nick fires back, referring to my costume of catwoman. A skin-tight leather bodysuit with a plunging necklace, cat ears and knee-high heels.

“Come on in, Hannah is trying to navigate six-inch heels which she can’t walk him,” I explain, holding the door open further to let them in.

“She kept falling down and pulling me with her,” Sierra explains walking into the living area in her cheerleader outfit, which will match with Aiden’s football uniform he’s chosen to wear since he’s not too big on costumes.

“What was I supposed to do? Fall on my own?” Hannah asks, walking out in her Harley Quinn costume. “Can we go?”

“Of course, your highness,” Sierra mockingly curtseys, making us laugh before we head out of the apartment.

Locking it up, we head downstairs and into Nick’s car, since he isn’t drinking tonight. Driving to the more suburban area of LA is a stark contrast to the frat houses that surround the USC campus area. Nick parks us up the street, telling us we have to walk from here considering there are cars parked everywhere for the party. This is bound to get some complaints from the neighbors.

Getting out of the car we make our way up the street, as college students surround the house and are scattered across the street taking a breather. The music isn’t too loud to be heard from outside unless the door opens, which I guess is Noah’s way of trying to ensure the neighbors don’t get too annoyed. Heading inside, people surround every inch of the house. All of them sporting different costumes. Soon enough, Dylan emerges from the crowd running over to us.

“Ava cakes!” Dylan wraps his arms around me in a hug. “Give us a twirl,” He spins me around as I laugh.

“Nice costume Dylan,” Hannah smirks, eyeing his cargo pants and shirt that says army on it.

“I’m one of a kind, I’ll have you know,” He scoffs, and we raise our eyebrows as a group of guys walk past wearing the same outfit. “I wear it better.”

The crowd parts as Noah walks through, heading over to us in his firefighter costume. The pants with suspenders and a tight-fitting top that shows off his muscles. Biting my lip, Hannah nudges me as Noah gets nearer. His eyes connect with mine before they travel down my body. Heat courses through his eyes as he checks me out, setting my body afire, and a blush rises to my cheeks. His lips turn up as he catches it.

“You guys’ made it. Nick costume Nick,” Noah smirks and Nick shoots a glare his way.

“Shh, he looks handsome,” Liv gushes, hugging Nick, making him stick his tongue out at Noah.

Noah shakes his head and smiles. “You girls look great. Let’s get you all a drink,” He says and we make our way to the kitchen until Noah wraps his arm around my waist. Pulling me back a little and into his side, stopping us from moving. “You look incredible.”

“Thanks,” I smile, leaning up to kiss his cheek. “You make a hot firefighter. You can do a fireman’s lift on me any day,” I pull back and wink at him before walking off. Turning my head back as I reach the kitchen, I see Noah is standing in the same place as before, shaking his head before walking over to me.

“Tease,” He mutters, brushing past me to grab a drink. “Here comes Mr. Unoriginal.”

Aiden walks over in his football uniform, rolling his eyes before going over to kiss Sierra. “If anyone is unoriginal it’s Dylan, I’ve seen five guys in the same outfit.”


We all look at Dylan, who is pouting and Hannah pats his shoulder, before she hands out the shots she poured.

“Babe, am I going to have to carry you home?” Nick questions, watching Liv as she takes the shot from Hannah.

Liv slaps his arm. “Oh shush.”

Clinking our shot glasses together, we all take a shot before a new song comes on and Hannah’s face lights up. “This is our song!”

Hannah drags Sierra, Liv and I to the dance floor, which is just the living area. Barging through the crowd of people to get to the middle. Our bodies move to the music, along with the people around us. Dropping down low and shaking our hips to the beat. Nick appears behind Liv, wrapping his arms around her as she dances with him. Hannah grinds on me as I laugh before she looks behind me and moves to Sierra. Before I can question why, a pair of hands rest on my hips.

“Dance with me,” Noah huskily whispers into my ear, making me relax, knowing it’s only him and not some creepy guy trying to cop a feel. Dancing with Noah, I move my hips to the music, reaching up to wrap my arms around his neck. His head rests on my shoulder as we dance, our bodies pressed together. “Fuck, you’re good at this.”

He pulls me closer, the bulge in his pants obvious as my ass presses back against him. I gasp as he spins me around to face him, a smile on his face as he looks down at me. Re-wrapping my arms around his neck, he pulls me closer, our fronts pressed together as we dance. Deciding to tease him some more, I drop down, keeping my eyes on him before slowly raising back up. My body brushes against his before carrying on dancing and he groans.

“You will be the death of me. Such a fucking tease,” He breathes out, making me giggle. I look up at me and he rests a hand on my neck, rubbing it with his thumb, making me close my eyes as I sigh, leaning into him before he cups my cheek. Opening my eyes, he stares at much with such emotion that I cannot place. “So beautiful,” He whispers so only us two can hear it. I bite my lip redirecting his gaze to my red coated lips before he leans down brushing his lips against mine.

“My two besties!” Dylan crashes into us, wrapping his arms around us, slurring his words. “I love both of you. Although I love Ava more, sorry Noah she’s better looking and even though I play for both sides, I’d still choose Ava.”

We burst out laughing at his drunk confession. “How are you drunk already? You were sober when we arrived.”

“Yeah, how much have you had to drink?” Noah repeats my question, patting Dylan’s shoulder and holding him up as he stumbles.

“Five, six, seven, eleven! Hehe seven eleven,” Dylan laughs at his own joke. “I’m going to go jump in the pool.”

As he runs off, Noah and I look at each other, eyes wide before running after him. This is going to be a long party.

Falling back onto the couch in the living area, after getting everyone out of the party. It’s four in the morning and after Sierra shouting through a bullhorn that Noah found in his brother’s room, everyone left. After doing a quick check of the house to make sure no one was still here, we are all exhausted and now spread out in the messy living area. Aside from Nick and Liv, who are in a guest room, since Liv fell asleep straight away as soon as she got drunk.

“Sucks you guys graduate next year. No more awesome Halloween party,” Hannah pouts, making us all laugh. While I sobered up, everyone else has not. Aside from Noah, who never seemed tipsy or drunk in the first place, which takes serious skill.

“I’ll throw one when I get a house,” Dylan sits up, throwing his arms up. “Not doing that again, or I’ll throw up.”

Noah glares at him. “Hey, throw up in this house and I’ll fucking kick you out and feed you to my mom.”

“Please don’t. For a five-foot four lady she’s fucking scary,” Dylan admits, and all the guys agree. “I’m going to sleep and not waking up for twelve hours.”

“Dylan and Hannah, you can take the twins’ room, they have two beds. Aiden and Sierra, you can take my brother’s old bedroom, which is now a guest room. Ava can sleep in my bed and I’ll take the floor in there.”

We all get up and tumble our way upstairs, everyone going into the respective rooms.

“You know, if I walked into this room I would have immediately thought it was yours,” I say as my eyes wander around his bedroom and he chuckles. “I’m serious. It’s very you, the trophies, big ass TV, dark colors, the guitar...wait you play guitar?”

“Mom made me take lessons when I was growing up. She wanted us all to play an instrument. I think she wanted us to be one of those music families that gets a record deal and becomes famous,” He jokes, making me chuckle.

“Will you play for me?”

“I haven’t played in years, and I’m pretty sure if I started now one of those drunk idiots would come in and throw it for being too loud.”

I laugh, before nodding in agreement. “Can I have something to sleep in?”

He nods his head before heading to his closet and picking out a sweater and some sweatpants for me to wear. Smiling, I take them and head into his joining bathroom before changing. Sighing as the pants fall down on me even when they’re rolled up, I take them off and fold them up. The sweater falls to above my knees, at least covering everything. Walking back out, I see Noah making a makeshift bed on the floor with pillows and blankets. Himself now changed into a pair of sweatpants yet is topless.

His eyes land on me, looking up from the makeshift bed, before they drop to my legs and I explain. “The pants kept falling down.”

“No worries, you can take the bed,” He offers. Walking around, I climb under the covers as he gets comfy on his makeshift bed. Biting my lip as I see him rustle around.

“You know, I don’t mind sharing the bed. I feel bad taking your bed and that doesn’t look comfy,” I tell him, and he looks up at me from the floor as my head rests on the pillow on the bed. “We’re grown adults we can share a bed.”

He chuckles. “If you’re sure.”

He stands up before placing the pillow he put on the floor back on the bed and climbs under the bed. Lying on his side as he faces me.

“Night,” I smile at him before closing my eyes. A few seconds later, Noah’s arm wraps around me and pulls me into his side. Smiling, I rest my head on his chest and cuddle into him. “Noah Jackson is a cuddler.”

He chuckles as I tease him. “Shut up.”

I laugh and close my eyes again, slowly falling asleep. Unable to hear what Noah says right before I fall asleep.

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