Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 17 | Lying, Cheating Ex


Sighing as I snuggle deeper into the warmth, I jump when an arm wraps tighter around me and I lift my head up, seeing Noah spooning me from behind.

What the hell happened last night?

The party. The dancing. Staying over and inviting him to sleep in the bed with me. Relaxing in his hold, I turn around in his arms to face him. My eyes trace over his sleeping face. From his defined cheekbones and jawline to the softer contours of his face. Lifting my hand to trace his jawline, a shudder runs through his face, making me chuckle.

Picking up his arm, I remove it without waking him and head to the bathroom. Freshening up, I then make my way downstairs and to the kitchen. The house is clean, that’s odd. I shrug before looking in the fridge, I take out ingredients and make breakfast for everyone, knowing they’ll be too hungover to do anything.

“My head is fucking killing me,” Hannah stumbles down the last step, still in her outfit from last night but freshly faced. “Ooh breakfast,” She reaches for the food and I slap her hand away. “Ow! Why deprive a hungover person of food?”

“Wait for everyone, knowing you this food will be gone before they come. Also, you look like hell.”

“Gee thanks, a great friend you are,” She jokes before eyeing the sweater. “Someone had a good night.”

“Shut up, I borrowed his sweater to sleep in.”

“To sleep in his big muscular arms,” She teases, and I slap her arm.

“Shut up,” I laugh, hitting her.

“Abuse this early in the morning? Wow, you’re violent twenty-four seven, huh?”

A voice says and we turn our heads, seeing everyone else is there, watching us. I shrug. “Yep. Better remember that, I made breakfast for everyone.”

As soon as I show them, everyone runs to the table, thanking me as they plate up and we head to the living area.

“You didn’t have to make breakfast,” Noah informs me, resting his hand on my knee.

“I don’t mind. I knew everyone would be too hungover to cook. Plus, you let us all stay here last night so it’s the least I can do,” I explain, and he smiles at me. “Oh yeah, I meant to ask. How did you get the house cleaned?”

“Noah always hires a cleaning crew every year, it’s easier. We don’t have to do it and oh yeah, we keep our lives,” Dylan says making us laugh.

“Your mom cannot be that scary,” Liv chuckles, shaking her head, but all the guys’ nod.

“When she needs to be, she is. But my grandma is worse,” Noah admits.

“You feeling better, Liv? You pretty much passed out last night,” Sierra questions.

“Never drinking again,” She rubs her temples. “Why didn’t you stop me?” She asks Nick, looking up at him.

“I tried, and you pulled your drink back and called me a party pooper,” Nick admits, making us all laugh. We all devour our breakfasts before cleaning up the kitchen and gathering our things to head home. Sleep is something all these hungover people needed.

“How was the cabin trip, sweetheart? Did you and the girls enjoy it?”

Dad’s voice floats through the phone as I’m sat at the regular café on campus I come to, working on my journalism piece. We haven’t talked since the trip since this article is taking up a lot of my time since I attend pretty much all games and practices.

“Yeah, it was great. They had a carnival while we were there, it helped Hannah. I mean, she seems happier now. I know she’s still getting over Sebastian and it will take a while, but it was good for her.”

Picking up my coffee with my free hand, dad carries on talking. “You know I’m not so sure how I feel about you being friends with those football players.”

I laugh. “Of course, you aren’t. You’re the most overprotective parent in the world.”

“And I have to do it enough for two people, so I’m allowed.”

A sad smile decorates my face as I think about it. “I know. But don’t worry, they’re harmless and they’re nice guys even ask Hannah or Sierra.”

“Well, if Sierra is dating one of them, they can’t be that bad. That girl has a radar for this type of thing,” Dad chuckles and I agree. After my dad found out what happened between my ex and I to say he was mad is an understatement. He was always protective of me when it came to guys, but more so after that happened. “None of them tried anything with you, did they?”

“Of course not,” I lie, not wanting to share about the kiss or the fact I slept in Noah’s bed at the party last night. He doesn’t need to know everything. My eyes lift as movement occurs across the table and I see Sebastian sliding into the seat opposite. “Dad I have to go I’ll call you later, love you,” I hang up before glaring at Sebastian. “Can I help you?”

If he expects me to be nice to him after everything, he has another thing coming.

“How’ve you been? How’s Hannah?” He looks nervous.

“She’s fine. Great actually,” I smirk, tapping my hand against the table.

He sighs, leaning forward. “Come on Ava, I still care about her. I want to know if she’s okay.”

“If you cared about her, you wouldn’t have cheated on her and kept it from her. She deserves better than you,” I state, and he looks down, I sigh, leaning back in my chair. “Why are you here? If you’re here to get me to talk to her, that’s not going to happen.”

“I know I figured it would be pointless. She hates me. You asked me ages ago to take pictures for your article, I just want to know if you still want me to?”

“No. I’ll find someone else, I’m not going against Hannah like that. Now if you’ll excuse me, she’s actually meeting me here so you should leave,” I cross my arms before I see Hannah walking over and she pales when she sees Sebastian.

“What are you doing here? What is he doing here?” Hannah asks, eyes wide, stopping at the end of the table.

“I told him to leave.”

“I’m taking pictures for her article.”

Sebastian’s comment shocks me and my jaw drops. I told him no, that dick!

“Because I’m going to believe my lying, cheating ex over my best friend who would never do that to me,” Hannah scoffs, shaking her head. Sebastian clenches his jaw before standing up, giving Hannah one last pleading look, in which she looks away before he leaves. “Urgh!”

She throws her purse down onto the table before sliding into the seat. “Are you ok? I know it’s the first time you’ve seen him since the breakup.”

“Honestly, I didn’t think I’d see him again. The campus is huge, and we don’t have mutual friends. What did he want anyway? Besides trying to come between us,” She sighs, taking my coffee and drinking it.

“You realize this is the only time I will let you steal my coffee, because I know you’re upset,” I tell her and she chuckles nodding. “He was asking about you and then asked me if I wanted him to take those pictures still, which I said no.”

“I figured, I can’t believe he thought I’d believe him. You know, if you need him to take the pictures, I won’t be mad. I know he’s the only photographer you know.”

I smile. “I know, I can take them myself or try to hijack one of the other photography majors.”

“Hey, I’m sorry you can’t join us for Thanksgiving this year. My mom’s parents are so snobby. It sucks they won’t let you come with and we alternate years, luckily last year it was my dad’s parents who are super chill. Even I don’t want to go, maybe I should stay here with you.”

I laugh. “It’s fine. I appreciate your family letting me come last year. I’ll just hang out in the apartment. Who knows might walk around naked since I have it to myself.”

She laughs, throwing her head back. “Please tell Noah that so I can see his reaction.”

“Speaking of, I’m heading down to the field if you wanna join,” I say, gathering up my things, and Hannah agrees before we make our way across campus to the practice field. Walking through the gate, we make our way to the side of the field.

“Well, well well, I never thought Hannah Evans would step foot on the football field to watch practice,” Dylan places his hand to his heart, a teasing look on his face as him and the guys walk over.

“Hilarious,” Hannah deadpans and I give Dylan a sympathetic smile.

“We had a run in with Sebastian, don’t take her attitude too personally,” I explain.

“That guy needs fucking punching,” Dylan mutters and we all agree. “Ooh I call dibs! Wait, can you call dibs on punching a guy first?”

Coach blows his whistle making us all jump. “Jackson, Mitchell, Foster. Get your asses on the field!”

“I hate that thing,” I mutter, and they laugh before running off and Hannah and I sit on the sidelines watching the practice.

Maybe hot guys playing football will cheer her up.

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