Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 18 | He Won't Fly Down And Kill Me, Right?


“Thanks for bringing me coffee. I needed it.”

Smiling up at Noah, who walks next to me, I take a sip of my takeaway coffee cup he brought me. After getting out of my last class of the day, Noah stood outside leaned against the wall with two coffee drinks in hand. A few days have passed, and Thanksgiving break is getting closer and closer, it now being a few days away.

“No problem, I know you’ve been working hard on the article. How’s it coming along? You making me look like the best player out there?”

I laugh, as we make our way through campus. “You realize this article is about the entire team, not just you hotshot. It’s getting there, and thanks to a certain quarterback, I kind of understand the game.”

“Is that your way of telling me you like football? Am I hearing you right?” He cups his ear leaning towards me and I push him away laughing.

“I never said such a thing, but it’s growing on me,” I shrug, and he wraps his free arm around my shoulder as we walk. My eyes flicker around campus, seeing a few stares from people who know who Noah is.

“Think Hannah will forgive Dylan for that flyaway ball that hit her?” Noah questions, reminding me of what happened when she came to the guys practice with me a few days ago. Dylan was messing around and accidentally hit Hannah with the football. Thankfully, not hard, but it resulted in her chasing him around the field.

“Hmm I don’t know. You do not know how long that girl can hold a grudge for. One time I ate the last of the lucky charms in the apartment. She didn’t speak to me for three days, I bought her five boxes for her to forgive me.”

He laughs, shaking his head as we head towards the parking lot on campus, to drive to the bowling alley to meet up with the rest of our friends.

“Yikes, remind me not to let Dylan into your apartment. He loves lucky charms.”


We walk in silence for a few moments. “You excited for Thanksgiving?”

“Oh yes, binge watching shows and working on my article,” I nod my head sarcastically and Noah looks confused. “I don’t go home for Thanksgiving. It’s a lot to get home for Christmas, and I usually head home when it’s the anniversary of my mom’s death. Last year I went to Hannah’s but they’re going to her mom’s parents’ place this year and they do not want anyone that isn’t family going with them.”

The first time being away from home for Thanksgiving was the hardest, but going to Hannah’s made it a lot easier. If plane tickets weren’t double the price for holidays, I’d go home. But clearly, they want everyone to be broke. It’s upsetting not being able to spend it with my dad considering we don’t have my mum around anymore.

“So, you’re staying here?” Noah raises his eyebrow and I nod my head. “Why don’t you come to my place for thanksgiving? I don’t like the idea of you here on your own.”

He stops me when we reach his car, standing in front of me as I lean back against his car. He towers over me, looking down at me with softness in his eyes.

“I don’t know, I mean it’s your family Noah. Thanksgiving is a family holiday. I don’t want to intrude,” I sigh, and he takes my hand in his, stroking the back of it with his thumb.

“I don’t mind, and I know my family won’t either. I live in L.A it’s no hassle to take you. My parents would do this for the guys too if they couldn’t go home,” He explains but sees my uncertain face and he pouts. “Please? I’ll even call my parents and let them know you’re coming. I don’t want you here on your own for the holiday.”

“Ok ok fine. Thank you, Noah,” I lean up to kiss his cheek. “Yikes, just wait until I tell my dad I’m spending thanksgiving with a football player.”

Noah laughs, throwing his head back. “Wait...he won’t fly down and kill me, right?”

Sending a smirk his way, I get into the passenger seat and close the door as he looks worried.


“Another strike bitches!” Sierra shouts walking back from the lane, her head held high. Hannah, Liv and I high five her, as she brings our team into the lead.

“We’re never bowling with the girls again,” Nick tells the guys who all agree. I smirk, ruffling Nick’s hair, and he glares at me.

“Sore losers,” Hannah rolls her eyes, considering we’ve won the two games we’ve played.

“Maybe we should do something other than bowling,” Aiden mutters as Sierra sits on his lap and pecks his lips, before brushing the lipstick away.

“Why so we can beat you at that too?” I smirk and he rolls his eyes. “Noah you’re up.”

He stretches out dramatically before grabbing a bowling ball and stepping up to the lane. “Watch and lose ladies.”

He throws the ball down the lane and knocks most of the balls down, making him fist pump the air and I shake my head. Getting a new ball before knocking down the rest of them, he gets a spare and does a small victory dance before coming to sit next to me, his arms resting over the back of the booth.

“What in the world was that dance?” I laugh, covering my mouth with my hand, and he looks at me.

“My victory dance, I only bring it out in special circumstances. Never on the field.”

“Aww that’s sweet you want to save the eyes of the fans,” I pat his shoulder and he glares at me.

“They already have to watch Dylan’s, that’s torture enough,” Aiden jokes making us laugh and Dylan looks offended, as he has stuffed loaded fries into his mouth.

“My victory dance keeps people entertained, unlike your boring asses,” Dylan points out. “Can this be the last game? I’m tired of losing to the girls.”

“Aww poor Dylan,” Hannah pinches his cheek, and he swats her hand away. “Alright, let’s finish beating you guys.”

“Yeah, we need to get packing for Thanksgiving,” Sierra mentions. Between classes and everything there hasn’t been much time for them to pack, and now with me going to Noah’s I also need to pack. Since Thanksgiving is a four-day holiday, everyone is heading out the day before it to get home.

“Be lucky you don’t have to pack,” Liv chuckles, talking to me.

“Actually, Noah invited me to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family,” I inform them, pointing over to Noah who nods his head.

“Oh, thank god. I was imagining you sat lonely on the couch eating a tub of ice cream while we were gone,” Hannah breathes a sigh of relief and my jaw drops. “What? You’re not anymore.”

“I wasn’t in the first place!”

“You’ll meet his grandma and a word of warning that woman is scary,” Dylan whispers to me and I chuckle, shoving him away.

“She’s not that scary, you eat all the food she makes for everyone and she knows you’re lying when she asks you if you ate it and you say no,” Noah rolls his eyes and Dylan’s eyes widen.

“Yeah dude, you’re not fooling anyone,” Aiden shakes his head.

“Well, I’m glad you won’t be on your own for Thanksgiving,” Liv smiles, hugging my side.

“Just watch out for the devil twins,” Dylan warns me. “I don’t understand how they turned out the way they are,” I look over to Noah and he shakes his head making the crazy motion for Dylan making me chuckle.

“Better get packing, Princess.”

Thanksgiving with Noah and his family sounds like one hell of a holiday.

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