Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 22 | We Need To Talk


Stupid demonic sun!

It shines through the window, peering through the gap in the curtains that render them useless. Sighing, I bury my head back into the pillow to hide from the sun before realizing it’s not a pillow but in fact Noah. Lifting my head, Luna is no longer sleeping between us and I’m curled into Noah’s side as he has his arms wrapped around me. Checking the time on his clock that sits on the bedside, it’s becoming late morning. I sit up, careful not to wake Noah and try to get his arm off me.

“For fuck’s sake I’m not a football,” I mumble unable to get his arm off me. Huffing, I grab a pillow and tuck it into his arms, allowing me to remove my body. He hugs it to him, making me suppress a laugh before taking a picture of him. Climbing over him I walk out of his room closing the door behind me. “Grandma Rose,” I jump as she stands there with her eyebrow raised, watching me walk out of her grandson’s room. “We fell asleep last night watching a movie, Luna had a nightmare, so she slept in there with us and didn’t want me to leave.”

“Relax dear. The amount of boys’ rooms I snuck out of when I was your age, will shock you,” She winks at me, making me chuckle. “Plus, I have money on you both getting together. Chop chop, get ready so you can have some breakfast.”

She walks off as my jaw drops at her confession. Getting rid of the embarrassment of her catching me sneaking out of Noah’s room. I head into my room to get changed for the day before walking downstairs, seeing everyone but Noah.

I greet them, “Morning.”

They smile back and Sarah hands me a plate of breakfast, before I sit down and start eating.

“You know, I don’t think you two should ever shop again. You spent twice as much yesterday when Ava was with you,” Liam huffs, shaking his head and I conceal a laugh.

“Ava told me I looked good in everything though!” Emery defends and Liam glares at me.

I hold my hands up in defense. “I was being honest! Don’t worry, she killed my bank account too when she told me I looked good in everything and shoved a bunch of clothes in my arms.”

“You little brats. Get your asses back here!”

Noah’s voice carries through the house, and we turn to see the twins run downstairs holding water guns. Noah runs downstairs covered in paint, making us all burst out laughing.

“I am so sending this to everyone,” I say, snapping pictures of Noah as he glares at me.

“Send me one,” Emery laughs and I nod my head.

Noah clenches his jaw. “Get back here!” He grabs the twins, rubbing the paint all over them that hasn’t dried yet. “Revenge!”

“Ok ok, stop that. You’re getting paint all over the place,” Sarah places her hands on her hips, a stern look crossing her face, but amusement flashes in her eyes.

“All three of you go clean yourselves up. Stop pranking Noah, too. The amount of stuff we have to throw away because it’s stained is getting ridiculous,” Noah’s dad shakes his head at the twins before they all head upstairs.



Liam and my dad hold up the twins on their shoulders as a chicken fight takes place in the pool in our garden. Luna is on the side lines cheering and I smile to myself before walking over to the outdoor couches where mom, grandma, and Ava sit.

Squeezing Ava’s knee, I sit down next to her. “You’re the only person I know who would read a book in this weather,” I chuckle before moving my head to catch the cover. The Great Gatsby. “Any good?”

She raises her eyebrow. “You’re seriously asking me if one of the best literary pieces of all time is any good?”

“Yes. No. Maybe?” I slowly say, and she laughs, shaking her head. “English was never my strong suit.”

“Neither was anything that didn’t involve throwing a football,” Mom adds and I give her a pointed look. “Oh, we both know I’m right. You’re exactly like your father. Football, football and more football. Or in your case History as well.”

“Aww that’s cute,” Ava pats my cheek before going back to her book and I decide to annoy her.

“Ava,” I poke her stomach, but she ignores me. “Ava, Ava, Ava, Avalon, Princess,” I continue to poke her and a smile twitches at her lips but she stays strong and ignores me. “Desperate measures.”

Grabbing her waist, I tickle her and she tries to pry my arms off her. “Noah!! Ok ok, stop I’ll give you attention,” She laughs, and I let go of her. “Such a child.”

“What time are you two heading back to campus tomorrow?” Mom asks, curiously.

“After dinner and that’s because I don’t want to have to cook for myself when I get back.”

“Ooh ooh Ava! Come look at the inside of the treehouse,” Luna runs over and holds out her hand to Ava, Ava smiles taking it, getting up and letting Luna direct her, which makes me smile.

“Ava is such a nice girl. I’m glad you brought her to Thanksgiving,” Mom smiles, drinking her wine.

“You should bring her to Emery and Liam’s wedding as your date, we’d love to see her again. Or you know, grow a pair and ask her out,” Grandma suggests.

I groan, “Grandma.”

“What? You obviously like her or else you wouldn’t have brought her and I like her so much better than your ex-girlfriend, such a shallow girl,” Grandma shakes her head.

“Yes, we all know you didn’t like her. You made it very obvious,” Mom chuckles and I agree. There is no hiding when Grandma didn’t like someone.

“Like you didn’t,” I tell mom, and she waves me off.

“I’m just saying we know you like her. I saw her walk out of your room this morning,” Grandma sips her drink as my eyes widen.

“What? I love you, but that does not happen under my roof,” Mom points her finger at me.

I shake my head. “Nothing happened, we watched a movie and Luna had a nightmare and came and slept with me, she didn’t want Ava to leave.”

Mom raises her eyebrow. “Hmm whatever you say.”

“Ok, I’m leaving,” I get up and walk off, hearing them chuckle behind me. “Like the treehouse?” I ask Ava as her, and Luna sit inside it.

“Very impressive, although it would have been more impressive if it was in a proper tree.”

“You’re going to pay for the pool you go,” I pull her out of the treehouse and throw her over my shoulder walking towards the pool.

“Noah! Don’t you dare.”

“Ok, ok I’ll put you down,” I offer, putting her down on the floor. “Shit!” She pushes me into the pool getting a round of laughter from everyone. “Hey! That’s not fair.”

“It is, you have to swim in swim trunks I’m in clothes.”

“Ok, come back here you’re going in,” I pull myself out of the pool and she runs off. “AVA GET BACK HERE!”

Throwing the duffle bag over my shoulder, I close my bedroom door before heading to the guest room. Leaning against the door frame, I watch as she finishes grabbing the last of her things. After eating dinner, we had gone to pack up and are about to head back to campus.

“Ready to go?” I question and she nods her head. “I’ll take this.”

She smiles sweetly at me as I grab her case, while she gathers the rest of her things before we head downstairs, seeing my family all gathered in the living area.

“Heading out?” Dad questions, putting the remote down and standing up. I nod my head.

“I’m going to miss you,” Grandma pushes past me to hug Ava who laughed at my confused expression, I roll my eyes. “Oh yeah, you too, I guess.”

“Gee thanks Grandma,” I scoff, and she waves me off.

“Shh, I see you all the time. I don’t know when I’ll see Avalon again. Now you take very good care of her because I will whip your behind if you do not...understood?” Grandma commands and I nod my head, not wanting to face her wrath. “Keep him out of trouble.”

“Of course.” Ava smiles before she hugs the rest of my family as they gush over her. “Thank you for letting me stay here again.”

“I’d say I don’t know when I’ll see you again but you have my number and we already have plans next week,” Emery laughs hugging Ava. After saying goodbye to everyone and having to pry Luna away from her, we get into the car.

“Seriously? How will they miss you more than their own son/grandson and brother?” I question, as we put our seatbelts on. “They love you though.”

I pull away from the house before she speaks up, “They’re great. I miss them already.”

“You know, I have a plus one to Emery and Liam’s wedding. I’m pretty sure they would all kill me if I didn’t invite you, anyway. I was going to go alone or take one of the guys but I’d like it if you come with me,” I offer, my eyes focused on the road, but they flicker over to Ava to see a smile decorating her face.

“Yeah, that would be great,” Ava smiles, nodding her head. “And I’d get to see you in a tux.”

I laugh. “I still have to get that fitted in two weeks, actually. Who knows, I could end up wearing one of those blue frilly ones.”

“Emery has better taste than that,” Ava laughs and I agree. We sit in silence as I drive us back to campus and the closer I get the more I need to say something. Pulling into her apartment complex, I pull up in a parking space.

“Hey, about last night,” I mention, putting the car in park and tapping my fingers on the steering wheel as Ava looks over to me.

“Ava!” We hear and turn our heads, seeing Hannah waving, standing at the steps of the apartment with her own luggage.

“She has horrible timing,” Ava chuckles, shaking her head and I agree. “What were you saying?”

I look into her eyes. “We should really talk one night, when we’re both free and there are no interruptions,” I say, nodding towards where Hannah is standing.

“We should.”

“We’ll figure it out, yeah?” I question, referring to the night we need to talk and she nods her head. “I’ll get your case out.”

We step out of the car and I take her case from the trunk before putting it on the floor for her.

“Thanks for inviting me Noah, I had a great time.” Ava smiles, reaching up to hug me. In which, I wrap my arms around her waist in response.

“Of course, I wouldn’t have left you on your own for Thanksgiving. See you tomorrow?” We pull back and she nods her head.

“Bye Noah,” She kisses my cheek before walking off to where Hannah stands, and they embrace each other in a hug. Ava looks back one last time before heading inside.

Yeah, we really need to talk.

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