Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 25 | Christmas Cannot Be Over Soon Enough


Humming to the music that is playing through the apartment. I dance around in one of Noah’s sweatshirts he had given me a while ago when I was cold, and he told me to keep it. Everyone has left for the holidays, Hannah included, not having left too long ago. Everyone had stayed at ours last night so we could all spend some time together since we won’t see each other for the next week and we all exchanged Christmas presents with each other.

A few days have passed since my accident, and aside from my wrist still being bruised, I can still do everything as normal. Sometimes it hurts a little. My flight is tomorrow morning, since it’s the earliest flight time I could get. But I am ready to head home to see my dad and Blue since it’s been ages since I’ve seen them, so spending the week back home is what I need.

A knock sounds at the door and I shrug my shoulders at my makeup free appearance and comfy clothing before heading to the door. Turning off the music before I get there, I open the door, seeing Noah at the other side, holding a pizza box.

“Noah? Hey, what are you doing here?” I ask, opening the door wider so he can come in.

He holds up the pizza box. “Well, I know everyone left already for the holidays and your flight isn’t until tomorrow so I figured we can have a movie night. I even brought pizza.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be with your family?” I raise my eyebrow, closing the door. Knowing he moved back to his parents’ place for the Christmas holiday.

“They live in L.A. I see them all the time, they can last one night without me,” Noah states and I chuckle. “Unless you don’t want pizza and then I’ll just...”

He backs away, and I grab his arm. “Wait. Pizza please,” I pout, holding my hands out and he smiles giving it to me. I place it down on the coffee table before heading into the kitchen to get glasses and something to drink. Walking back, Noah gets comfortable on the couch, taking off his jacket. Sitting down next to him, I pour drinks for both of us before passing him his and I see his eyes drop to my sweatshirt covered body, lingering on my legs.

A smirk crosses his face. “Nice jumper.”

I roll my eyes and wrap my arms around myself. “It’s comfy, plus you said I could keep it.”

“That’s because it somehow looks better on you than me,” Noah smirks, tugging at the end of the jumper, and I roll my eyes. He leans back against the couch, holding a piece of pizza as a movie plays on the TV. “What’s this movie about?”

“Will Smith is a matchmaker to help guys who are awful at getting women, get a woman in three dates. Then he meets a journalist who is trying to expose who he is and they fall in love.”

“I cannot believe I’m watching a rom-com,” Noah scoffs in disbelief, shaking his head. “The things I do for you.”

“You picked the last movie we watched last time, anyway.”

“And next time I’ll pick a horror,” Noah smirks and I roll my eyes before carrying on eating. After getting half-way through the movie, I have finished five slices of pizza while Noah has finished the rest of the box.

“I can’t eat anymore,” I admit, resting my hand on my stomach, glad I’m wearing his jumper to cover my food baby. “How are you not fat?”

“Football players have big appetites. We work it all off in practice and games, plus I have a high metabolism.” Noah shrugs, moving his arm to rest it over my bare legs.

“Well, I’ve seen how much you could eat over Thanksgiving. I’m guessing Christmas is the same?” I say and he nods his head. “Are you excited for Christmas? Let me guess, the Jackson family has a million traditions.”

“Too many to count,” He admits, and I laugh. “Luna wakes us all up super early cause she’s excited to see if Santa came, which is a nightmare to wake up so early, but it’s cute she gets excited. Then she spends until Easter opening her presents.” He explains, shaking his head. “Do you and your dad have any traditions?”

“Yeah. Ever since I started college, he waits till I get home and we end up going to get a real Christmas tree. My mom hated the store-bought ones and loved to get them from tree farms. She said it made memories and we’ve done it ever since.”

“We tried that once, we lost the twins. Greatest twenty minutes of my life.” Noah reminisces and I shove his shoulder. “Did you speak to your dad after the accident?”

“He said he would fly down here and beat the crap out of the driver who crashed into his little girl,” I chuckle and Noah joins in. “I fear for future boyfriends.”

“Is it important he likes them?”

I nod my head. “It’s always been important guys I date to understand how close my dad and I are. I realized with my ex that my dad has better judgement, so if he doesn’t like them it probably wouldn’t work out.”

“Think he’d like me?” Noah turns his head to face me, and I look at him before angling my body towards him.

“Is there a reason why he needs to?” I smirk, leaning my head against my arm that rests on the back of the couch. Noah’s hand rests on my bare leg, caressing the skin as his eyes bore into mine.

“Well, if I wanted to ask his daughter out on a date, then yes.”

I bite my lip. “You want to ask me out?”

“That depends, would you say yes?” He raises his eyebrow and I chuckle. He moves his hand up from my leg, wrapping it around my waist and pulling me closer. “Or do you need some convincing?”

My eyes drop to his lips and I place my hand on his chest as he pulls me into his body. “I would say yes.”

“Christmas cannot be over soon enough,” Noah mutters, making me laugh. “Speaking of Christmas, I brought your Christmas present over.”

“I’ll go get yours,” I smile, before heading into my bedroom to grab the present I bought him, Luna, and his family. While we exchanged presents with everyone when they stayed at Hannah and I’s apartment last night. Noah and I agreed to swap ours on the way to the airport tomorrow, but that was before I knew he was coming around. Walking back out, Noah sits on the couch with a wrapped present on the coffee table. I place the ones I have on the table before sitting down and throwing my legs over his, as he rests one arm over the back of the couch and the other over my legs. “Ok, so first I baked these cookies for your family. Kind of like a Christmas present and a thank you present for Thanksgiving.”

“You didn’t have to do that,” Noah smiles and I shrug.

“Oh, and I got Luna a present.” I point to the pink glittery bag. “It’s just a doll, she showed me her collection at Thanksgiving, and I know she usually has the same ones from the same brand so I got her one she doesn’t yet own.”

“She’ll love you forever,” Noah laughs, and I join in. “You really didn’t have to,” He squeezes my hand. “And now yours,” I hand his present to him.

He unwraps the present, revealing a signed football in a glass box, signed by every player of his favorite football team. “Holy shit!”

“I know you have a signed jersey from your favorite player, so I wanted to get you something signed by all the chargers’ players.”

His eyes are wide. “How did you manage to do this?”

“I couldn’t go down there and ask because well I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t work so I asked Liam for help,” I shrug. “Do you like it?”

“I fucking love it. Come here,” Noah wraps his arms around me, bringing me into his chest and I chuckle wrapping my arms around his neck hugging him back. “You’re amazing,” He kisses my head. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” I kiss his cheek. “You should probably thank Liam too.”

He laughs and puts the box down on the table before he picks up my wrapped present and hands it to me. I unwrap it, revealing a jewelery box. Raising my eyebrows at him, I open it revealing a silver necklace that has a silver heart pendant with a small diamond stone in the middle of the pendant.

“It’s a locket,” Noah informs, taking it out of the box and opening it up. “I thought you could put a picture of your mom in there, that way she’d always be close to your heart,” Noah says, and the tears fall out of my eyes. “Oh, shit, you’re crying.”

I laugh before throwing my arms around him. “I love it. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever gotten me.”

He kisses my head and I pull back before he wipes my tears away. “Here, let me put it on you,”

I nod, turning my head slightly and hold up my hair as he puts it on me. I smile, looking down at it before turning my head to look at him.

“Perfect,” He strokes my cheek and my eyes flicker down to his lips.

“Kiss me,” I whisper, looking into his eyes and he smiles before leaning in and connecting our lips. Wrapping my arms around his neck as he deepens the kiss. His hands slide up my bare legs as we lean back on the couch, him hovering over me as his lips never leave mine.

Looks like I got two Christmas presents.

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