Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 26 | Home For Christmas


Watching as the clouds float by out of the window, as we fly above them. A smile appears on my face. Maybe it’s because I’m heading to New York, my home, to see my dad and Blue, or maybe it’s because I haven’t gotten stuck next to a screaming kid for five hours. With half an hour left on the flight, I’m thankful the plane ride hasn’t been too bad. Sat aside a businessman who kept to himself doing work and an elderly lady who sits on the aisle asleep. Traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and New York, I’ve had my fair share of screaming kids and nosy people who want to know your life story.

Leaning back against the airplane seat, I rest my book down on the fold out tray before looking out of the window. My mind wanders back to last night, a smile appearing on my face as I do. After giving me the locket and asking Noah to kiss me, we made out for a while. Kissing him felt amazing and right. Unfortunately, as if my dad has a sixth sense, he interrupted us with a phone call to ask about my flight. Noah didn’t mind, he understood, so after getting his things and kissing me goodbye, he left. I couldn’t stop smiling while on the phone.

Picking me up from the apartment this morning to take me to the airport felt like a new start for us. Knowing we are going on a date after Christmas seems to have done something to us as he kissed me when he picked me up, and then we shared a generous kiss outside of the airport. Needless to say, getting my smile under control before I land at JFK, where my dad is picking me up, is something I need to do.

“Ladies and gentlemen. We will soon land at JFK airport, here in the big apple. So, if you will please put your seatbelts back on, your trays up and your seats into the correct position. I hope you have enjoyed your flight with us, and we hope you fly with us again soon.”

After the pilot’s announcement through the intercom, we do as he says and soon enough, we’re landing on the ground at JFK. Gathering my things and heading off the plane, I make my way to baggage claim and after waiting till the very end, story of my life, my case finally appears. Rolling it out of the airport, I make my way to the pickup area and see my dad leaning against the car door. He smiles when he sees me, and I rush over to hug him.

“Hi sweetheart,” Dad wraps his arms around me. “How was your flight?”

We pull back. “Pretty good. I didn’t get stuck next to any screaming kids, so that’s a plus. I missed you.”

I hug him, again and he laughs. “I missed you too, cupcake. Let’s get your things into the car and get you home. Blue is waiting, and he’s been crazy all day, so I think he knows you’re coming home.”

I laugh before we open the trunk and put my case in. Getting into the car, dad pulls away from the airport and start our journey to the house. Living in the more suburban area of New York, Park Slope isn’t too far from the airport. The closer we get, the more classic brownstones come into view, all lined up next to each other as we pull into the parking space outside of ours.

“Home sweet home,” Dad comments, as he turns off the engine. Getting out of the car we gather my things before heading up the steps and into the house. Immediately, the sound of paws hitting the ground and Blue comes rounding the corner.

“Blue,” I giggle, crouching down as he runs to me and I wrap my arms around his neck in a hug. “I missed you,”

Pulling back, I stroke his fur and rub behind his ears, before dad speaks up, “He’s been pouting for days. Now why don’t you unpack and we can go out for dinner at our favorite restaurant?”

Nodding my head, I pat my thigh. “Come on, Blue.”

Later that night, Dad and I sit in our favorite restaurant. A family owned place that we have been coming to since I was little. My parents went on their first date here, and it was a tradition when we were younger. When mom died we didn’t come back here for a long time, but we wanted to carry on the tradition so we come here for big events and when I come home from college.

“How is this article coming along? The team is being nice to you, right? Or do I need to rough them up?” Dad questions after we order our food.

“The article is coming along great. I’ve had help with the terminology because my professor wanted me to be more detailed with it. I still have to take some pictures,” I explain, picking up my glass of water and taking a sip. “No, you do not have to rough up the team, they’re nice. There are some of the guys who are sexist jerks, but I’ve handled it.”

“I know you can put anyone in their place. So, tell me about these new friends of yours.”

“Noah, Aiden, and Dylan. Aiden is dating Sierra now, Dylan is like a big man child and then there’s Noah who I’m probably the closest with.”

Dad raises his eyebrows. “And this Noah character. Do I need to give another you hurt my daughter speech and I’ll castrate you?”

“Not yet,” I chuckle and he nods, before relaxing back in his seat. “I’ll let you know. I mean you’ll always come first and if you don’t like who I date, then it probably won’t work out, but I think you’d like Noah.”

“Well, him and his family took care of you at Thanksgiving, so he has an advantage. You told me he came running the other day when you got in the minor accident, so another plus.”

Wrapping my hand around my drink, I let out a laugh before looking up at him. “Have you been ok here?”

“I’m always ok, you shouldn’t worry so much about it. I work, spend time with Blue, and visit my sister.”

“Good,” I smile before the waiter comes over and brings our food.

It’s good to be home.

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