Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 29 | A Midnight Kiss


Leaning back against the wall, with a drink in my hand. My eyes wander around my parent’s house. Friends, family and even business associates are scattered around the house. Everyone is waiting for the New Year to roll in. The kids jump around in the bouncy castle we hired, which sits outside in the garden as the DJ plays music on their decks in back too. My eyes dart to the door continuously, waiting for the girls...more so Ava, to step through.

“Seriously? How do your parents throw the best parties?” Dylan questions, walking over to us, holding the tray of horderves in his hand as he stuffs them into his mouth. “The greatest party my parents ever threw was my sixth birthday party because they hired a clown.”

We laugh before Aiden’s eyes widen. “Incoming, hide the tray!”

Dylan immediately stuffs the remaining horderves into his mouth. Before hiding the tray behind his back as my grandma walks over to us. Eyeing us suspiciously. Since he took the tray a while ago complaining he was hungry and grandma told him he had to save some for other guests.

“Hello boys,” Grandma stops in front of us all, crossing her arms. “I don’t suppose any of you have seen a tray of food around here? It went missing from the kitchen.”

“No.” Dylan says, but it’s muffled by the food in his mouth, and grandma raises her eyebrows.

She holds her hand out. “Hand it over.”

Dylan sighs, bringing the tray out from behind his back and giving it to her as she tuts before walking away muttering ‘animals’ under her breath. Dylan turns to look at us, a scared look covering his face.

“Your grandma scares the crap out of me.”

“You and everyone else on this planet,” I tell him, and everyone agrees with me before I look at my watch. “How long does it take girls to get ready?”

“A long time. You’re just jittery because you want to see Ava,” Aiden smirks, making me roll my eyes even though he’s not wrong. After being away from each other for a week, after our kiss, a talk was heavily needed. Dylan makes kissy faces at me, and I shove his shoulder.

“Well, they’re here anyway so you can see her,” Nick announces, nodding over to the door. We all look seeing the girls walk through the front door of the house, Ava happily greeting my mom, who pulls her into a hug. My eyes travel down her figure, her jeans clinging to her luscious curves. A gold strappy sequin top that is loose and dips down, exposing a little cleavage and as she turns around her back is bare aside from the strings that are tied in the back keeping her top together.


Her eyes travel around the room as the girls introduce themselves to my mother. Her emerald green eyes locking on mine when she finds me. A smirk dances on my lips as a blush forms on her face as she caught me staring at her. Flashing a small wave to me, she turns back to my mother and the girls before they make their way over here. Holding up my free arm that isn’t occupied with my drink, Ava smiles before wrapping her arms around my waist, hugging me. As I wrap my arm around her shoulders, pulling her in close and kissing her head.

“Hey beautiful. How was New York?”

She pulls back, keeping her arms wrapped around me yet looks up at me. “It was good. Miss me?”

“Always.” I admit, and a blush covers her cheeks. “You look incredible.”

“You all suck at timing. The party started an hour and a half ago,” Dylan tells them, as I keep my arm wrapped around Ava.

“Well, it takes time to look this good. I hate how guys throw stuff on and then BAM they’re done,” Hannah huffs, crossing her arms.


Hearing a scream, we all turn, seeing Luna running past everyone to get to Ava, which makes me laugh. Luna is infatuated with Ava. Ava smiles, crouching down to hug Luna, who jumps into her arms.

“Hey sweetie, did you enjoy your Christmas present?” Ava asks Luna, who nods enthusiastically. “Did you name her yet?”

“I named her Avalon!” Luna smiles, and Ava looks up at us in awe. “I made you a thank you bracelet.”

Luna holds up a beaded bracelet she made from one of her many craft kits.

“Aww, aren’t you cute?” Ava kisses Luna’s cheek before putting the bracelet on. “Thank you, I love it.”

Luna giggles before running back through the crowd and Ava stands up and I bring her back into my side as she smiles down at the bracelet.

“Clearly she got all the good genes, she’s adorable,” Liv smirks and I feign offense.

“No idea what you’re talking about I’m adorable, right Ava?”

Ava laughs and pats my chest. “You keep telling yourself that.”

We all head into the kitchen area to get some drinks for the girls. Alcoholic, since my parents aren’t extremely bothered about the girls drinking underage as long as we’re all responsible and don’t get completely drunk.

“Thank god. These boys wouldn’t shut up saying how long you girls take to get ready. Don’t worry, I smacked them all on the back of their heads,” Grandma walks over to us with Emery following behind. Before they both hug Ava.

“Why do I get the feeling you both like Ava more than me?”

Grandma waves me off. “I hope you two are keeping these boys in line,” She says to Liv and Sierra, who nod their heads before she turns to Dylan. “Now we just need to get you a girlfriend.”

Dylan is eyeing the food and Hannah slaps his shoulder, making him turn around. “What was that?”

Grandma rolls her eyes. “This boy is going to be alone forever, or he’s going to marry food before he can a girl.”

“As long as he stops eating my food, I don’t care,” Mom says, walking into the kitchen to grab another drink. “Come on, let’s head out to the back and enjoy the party.”

Throwing my arm around Ava, we all make our way into the back to enjoy the party.


Nearing midnight, the party has been amazing, so far. It was nice to see Noah’s family again. Luna even managed to get us all on the bouncy castle. Needless to say, a bunch of college kids in a bouncy castle was a sight. Finishing talking to Emery, I head inside to try and find everyone, all of them having dispersed earlier on. But nearing midnight we all agreed to rein it in together. My phone beeping in my bag gets my attention. Taking it out of my clutch, I see a text from Noah.

Noah: Bedroom

Raising my eyebrow at the one-word message, I huff before making my way upstairs. Trying to be discreet since only family is allowed up there. Getting to the top, I head into Noah’s bedroom.

“There you are. Seriously, I’ve been looking for anyone, but everyone seems to have disappeared,” I mutter, closing the door behind me as Noah lies on his bed, throwing a football up and down.

“You think I’d leave you alone on New Year?” He stands up, stretching. The bottom of his shirt riding up before he holds out his hand. “Come here, this is the best place to watch the fireworks from.”

Placing my hand in his, he leads me out onto his balcony. Which, while I had noticed when I was here last, haven’t been out on it. It has an amazing view of the ocean.

“I want one of these,” I pout as he sits down on a hanging egg chair before he pats the spot next to him. Taking off my heels, deciding I might as well be comfy, I sit down next to him with my legs at the side of me as we get comfy and he wraps his arm around my shoulder as I lead my head on his chest. “This view is amazing.”

He hums in agreement. “Yeah, it’s beautiful.”

Tilting my head up I see him already looking at me making me blush. “Flirt.”

“Remember the day we met?” He questions out of the blue, and I nod my head. “As soon as I saw you and you smiled at me, I instantly knew I was a goner.”

“Even though you were anti-relationship?”

He chuckles. “Which I said if I met someone I could see myself being with then I would be with them. Then you stood up for yourself against Colton and showed me your fiery side, as if to make matters harder for me.”

“He deserved it,” I mutter, and Noah agrees.

“Honestly, I’ve been trying not to fall for you. I know you don’t date football players, and I’ve been focusing on football. But you’re way too important to me to let go. I really like you, and I should have asked you out sooner.”

“I like you too. What is it with me falling for football players?” I question, and he laughs. “But you’re nothing like the assholes I’m used to.”

“I should hope not,” Noah chuckles, and I smile.

“So, what now?”

“Well, I know one thing I’ve been dying to do since you got back. But before I do that, I want to take you on a date, a real date...if you’ll let me?”

I nod my head. “I’d like that.”


The countdown to midnight begins as people start shouting together. As they all stand outside in the garden beneath us. I see our friends down there as well. Couples in each other’s arms, families surrounding each other as they wait eagerly to reign in the new year with their loved ones.


Turning to face Noah, he places a loose strand of hair behind my ear. His brown eyes piercing into my green ones.


Wrapping my arms around his neck, his free one slides up my thigh and around my waist, his fingers wrapping around my bare skin that ignites at his touch as we lean in.


Our lips brush as we look into each other’s eyes.


I press my lips against Noah’s and close my eyes as our lips move in sync. Smiling into the kiss, he wraps his hand in my hair, keeping me close. Pulling back from our kiss, I smile at Noah before resting my head on his shoulder as we watch the fireworks together.

A great start to a new year.

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