Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 30 | A Date With Noah Jackson



Hannah yawns, making her way into the kitchen. Pouring herself some coffee as I sit at the kitchen counter with a cup of coffee in my hands. I look through my schedule for this semester on my laptop, which sits on the counter. A few days have passed since New Year and now into a whole new year, classes resume in a few days. The break was nice while it lasted.

“Morning,” I respond, taking a sip of my coffee. My eyes flickering up from my drink to see Hannah rooting through the cereal cupboard.

“I can’t find the Lucky Charms. I swear there were some left yesterday,” Hannah huffs, placing her hands on her hips.

“That’s so weird,” I state, flickering my eyes back down to my laptop as I sip my coffee. Hearing her feet tap against the floor, I see her invade my eyeline.

“Avalon...” Hannah scolds, and I smile sheepishly at her. “You stole the last of the lucky charms, didn’t you?”

“They were just sat there waiting to be eaten,” I justify, and she rolls her eyes. “You can’t put a box of sugary deliciousness in front of me and expect me not to eat it,” I huff, and she raises her eyebrows, making me sigh. “I’ll buy you some more.”

Satisfied with herself, she comes around and sits next to me. “Have you heard from Noah?”

“Yeah. Coach is riding them super hard since he knows they all stuffed their faces at Christmas and the Championship game is coming up,” I giggle and Hannah laughs. Since coach was taking all his time up, preparing for the last game of the season, our date plans have been put on hold. But we’ve been sneaking in kisses and phone time. A knock on the door breaks us out of our conversation, and I look at Hannah. “Did you order something again? I swear you need to control your shopping addiction.”

Getting up and making my way to the door, Hannah argues. “Ok, first I ordered nothing and second no one can stop me!”

She childishly pouts and I laugh before opening the door, seeing Noah stood on the other side. A bouquet of blooming lilies in his hands, along with a paper bag in his other hand with a coffee shop logo on it. A grin lights up his face as he stands in front of me in workout gear.

“Noah. Hi,” I grin, accepting the kiss that he leans down to give me.

“Hey beautiful. These are for you,” He states, pulling back and handing me the flowers. “And so is this, I brought breakfast.”

Letting him into the apartment, he closes the door behind him, following me over to the kitchen.

“You two make me sick,” Hannah states, but I know she’s joking and is actually happy for me from the smile on her face.

“Good morning to you, too. I’m assuming you don’t want the breakfast I brought you either then?” Noah questions, as I put the flowers in a vase.

“I approve.” Hannah states, making me laugh. “I’ll take that. So, what are you doing here?”

Hannah takes the bag off Noah and immediately digs into the food. Noah shakes his head at her actions before turning to face me.

“How do you feel about letting me take you on our first date?” Noah questions and Hannah chokes on the food she’s eating, but waves us off.

“Don’t you have practice?”

“No, coach has given us a few days off. Power break until we start training again for the last game of the season. Feel like a spontaneous date?” Noah winks.

“Let me get changed. I’m guessing by your sportswear I should also be,” I run my eyes down his attire, that looks great against his athletic and muscular body. He nods his head and I smile before leaning up to kiss his cheek. “Thank you for the breakfast and the flowers.”

Taking my breakfast to eat while I get ready, leaving him with Hannah, I head into my bedroom. A date with Noah Jackson...I wonder where this could lead? Changing into some athletic leggings, sports bra, shoes, and a cropped zip-up hoodie, I head back out seeing Hannah grilling Noah about the date. Although he isn’t letting anything slip. His eyes dart to mine when I walk out before flickering down to my outfit. Lazy appreciation in his gaze before he flashes me one of his award-winning smiles and walks over to me.

“You look great. Ready to go?”

I nod my head before grabbing a small bag to put my things in, saying goodbye to Hannah as we make our way out of the apartment and downstairs.

“Thank you, kind Sir,” I dramatically courtesy as Noah opens the passenger side door for me. He chuckles as I get in before he closes the door and rounds the car to get into the driver’s side. “So, where are we going?”

“You’ll see. It’s only a twenty-five minute drive.”

Looking out the sights of Los Angeles as we drive away from my apartment and closer to downtown L.A, away from the campus centered space. It always stuns me how different New York is to here, even though both have their high-rise buildings. Even the atmosphere is different, although downtown L.A gives me a similar feeling to back home.

“It’s killing you not knowing, isn’t it?” Noah smirks, breaking me out of my own thoughts. Squeezing my hand that is entwined with his, as they rest on my legs.

“So bad!” I whine, throwing my head back as he laughs. “Where are we going?”

“I know you’ve seen LA since you’ve been here for a year and a half, but there is one place that everyone should see, cliché or not. So we’re going tourist for the day and climbing the Hollyridge trail, which takes you to the Hollywood sign. It’s the least busy trail and just a nice hike.”

“Weirdly enough I’ve never seen the Hollywood sign. I’ve done other tourist stuff with the girls, like the walk of fame.”

He signals before turning into the area of the hills where the trail is. “I thought we could also have a picnic when we get to the top too.”

I smirk. “Aren’t you a romantic?”

He rolls his eyes before nodding to the back of the car. Looking I see a picnic basket and a blanket. He parks up at the bottom of the trail before we get out, grabbing the basket. “So the trail usually takes around two and a half hours or three hours there and back.”

“We better get walking then,” I place my hands on my hips, looking up towards the trail. Noah holds the basket in one hand before holding out his free one. Entwining my hand with his, we set off on the trail.

“You know, apparently the team had bets on when we would get together,” Noah says as we sit at the top of the trail that looks up onto the Hollywood sign. Sat on the blanket, with the basket in between us as we eat the foods he brought, it’s a nice break from the walking.

“Who was the closest?” I question, curiously, as I divulge in the chocolate covered strawberries.

“Dylan and Ryan.”

I laugh. “We should get that money, we did all the work. Not them.”

“That’s what I said. Whatever, I’ll just ask coach to make them run laps next practice,” Noah laughs, and I agree with him.

“I will come to that practice. Liv said there will be scouts at the championship game?”

He nods his head. “Yeah, coach told us. They’ve been coming around all year, more regularly now. Scouting the players in our final year.”

“I forgot you’re an old man,” I tease, poking him and he fake glares at me. Throwing a strawberry at me. “Don’t waste the chocolate covered strawberries!”

“Waste them? I’ve barely gotten one,” Noah laughs, and I roll my eyes yet blush slightly.

“I like them,” I shrug innocently. “Did you put this all together?”

He nods his head before rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “With some advice from Emery.”

“You’re a romantic at heart, aren’t you?” I smirk and he rolls his eyes. I chuckle before leaning over to kiss his cheek. “This is sweet.”

Before I can move back, he cups my cheek and brings me into a proper kiss before we pull back and he speaks. “Much better.”

“Flirt,” I shove his shoulder before moving back to my spot. “How does the whole drafting thing work?”

“The NFL teams are ranked from best to worst and the worst team picks first. Scouts tend to start coming around to take a look at us, but they have our stats and stuff. But most want to see us play in person. Usually the best players get picked first, so that all teams are brought to a similar level.”

“What team are you hoping will draft you?”

“I’m hoping to stay in LA to stay close to my family. But it’s not my decision at the end of the day,” Noah shrugs, throwing and catching a grape in his mouth. “It’s hard to plan the future when you don’t know what team you’ll be playing for.”

“You’re an amazing football player, Noah. Everyone on campus talks about how talented you are. Even sports magazines have mentioned your name about how you’re the next best thing in football,” I encourage, and he raises his eyebrow. “Ok so maybe I read some for my assignment but still.”

“That means a lot,” He takes my hand in his before placing a kiss to it. Finishing our food, we pack up the picnic basket again. Noah comes over, wrapping his arm around my shoulder as I wrap my arms around his waist, looking up at him. “We were pretty stupid, huh? Waiting so long to do this?”

“Oh yeah definitely,” I nod my head. “But I’m glad we finally got to it,” I smile, pecking his lips. “Now if I remember, I was promised a piggyback ride down the trail.”

He turns around and I jump onto his back, my legs wrapped around his waist, locking at the front with my hands around his shoulders as I hold on to the picnic basket for us. Soon enough, we’re heading back down the trail and back to my apartment. Driving back through LA, we make it back to my place quicker than I would like, and he walks me up to my apartment.

“Did you have a good day?” Noah asks as we get to my door, and I turn around to face him.

“I did. I’m glad we could do this. This is one of the best dates I’ve ever been on, thank you,” I lean up to kiss him. Wrapping my arms around his neck as he cups my cheek, deepening the kiss as his arms wrap around my waist bringing me closer. My back hits the wall, taking my breath away as the kiss turns more intense. Noah’s hands squeeze my waist as we slow down. He pecks my lips a few times before I pull back to catch my breath.

“Is it bad I never want to stop kissing you?” He smirks, stroking my cheek, and I laugh.

“I don’t want you to stop kissing me,” I say, before leaning up to kiss him again quickly. “Bye.”

“Bye beautiful,” He kisses my forehead before I smile and walk into my apartment, seeing the girls on the couch. Their heads snapping to me when I walk in.

“So, how’d the date go?” Sierra asks as Hannah wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.

Best date ever!

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