Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 31 | A New Reality

* This chapter contains sexual content so if you’re underage or uncomfortable with sexual acts, this is your warning, the book is also rated mature and has a warning in the prologue*


“I shouldn’t have eaten so much at Christmas and New Year.”

Dylan lays flat out on a bench inside the locker room, a sheen of sweat covering his body as he pants like a dog after training. Two days until the championship game, coach has been riding us extremely hard. Trying to get us back into shape after the Christmas holidays. Clearly something Dylan needed.

“Yeah, that’s the reason. Not the fact you lived on the couch playing video games,” Aiden rolls his eyes, throwing his duffle over his shoulder.

“Don’t judge me!” Dylan shouts, sitting up finally and his eyes widening when he sees us all dressed. “How long have I been lied down for?”

“Movie night at yours still?” Nick questions, tapping away on his phone, more than likely to Liv.

“Yeah. Aiden you can wait for Dylan to change. I’m going to head off and see Ava at work before we head over together,” I throw on my jacket.

A week has passed since mine and Ava’s date. In that time I asked her to be my girlfriend after Dylan called her that when we were all together. Meaning Ava and I had to have that awkward conversation of whether we were or not. We were. News had spread around campus that Ava and I are together. Something that shocked everyone considering my “celibacy” streak people assumed I was taking. My family were ecstatic, which didn’t surprise me at all and Ava said her dad was happy too. Even though he insisted on meeting me in person to interrogate me.

“Yeah yeah, ditch me for your girlfriend. Why am I the one stuck babysitting his ass?” Aiden questions and I pat his shoulder before saying goodbye and heading out.

Heading out of the building, I make my way through campus to the bar Ava works at. Having taken more shifts to save up in order to go home for her mom’s anniversary in a few months, she has been working late nights lately. But she finishes earlier than usual today so that we can all have a movie night at my apartment. Opening the door to the bar, the crowded place isn’t a surprise. No matter what day it is, students will be drinking. Smiling as I see Ava at the bar talking to Matteo as he prepares drinks, I head over, wrapping my arms around her waist from behind and kissing her neck.

“Hi baby.”

She turns her head allowing me to place a kiss to her lips as she smiles. “Hey, how was practice?” Ava flashes me a smile, turning around in my arms.

“The usual, Dylan was passed out by the end of it,” I chuckle, and she rolls her eyes. “Hey Matteo.”

“Ava’s boyfriend,” Matteo smirks and Ava rolls her eyes. “You know, fun fact. That first night you met in here, she specifically told me she will not date a football player.”

“Don’t you dare say anything,” Ava points at me and I chuckle, kissing her head.

“When do you finish?”

Ava looks at the watch on my wrist. “Thirty minutes.”

I nod my head, keeping my arms wrapped around her as she places the drinks on the tray. Something she complains I’m preventing her from doing with my arms wrapped around her, but she seems to be doing just fine. My eyes scan the bar, seeing people looking over in our direction. The news of our relationship is still new, everyone questioning what special powers Ava has in order to get me to date. Ava looks to me, seeing my eyes wandering to people.

“You know, apparently I’m a witch,” Ava smirks, seeing my gaze on those people who are staring at us.

“She’s also had questions about how she must be magical in bed in order to get you to date again,” Matteo rolls his eyes and I raise my eyebrow. “Don’t worry I don’t serve those guys.”

“Good man.”

“Well, I’m getting back to work. Staying until I finish?” Ava questions, moving out of my arms and grabbing the tray.

“Yeah, we can go over to my place together. Want to come for movie night?” I ask Matteo, who shakes his head.

“Plans with the boyfriend tonight, another time maybe,” Matteo offers, and I nod my head. Ava carries on with work as I sit at the bar and talk to Matteo for a bit, sneakily catching kisses with Ava when she comes back to the bar. Thirty minutes pass and Ava comes out dressed in her normal clothes again. Saying goodbye to Matteo we head out of the bar and to the parking lot where I’ve parked. Making it back to my apartment, we head upstairs and chaos reigns down as soon as we get inside.

“No, no no and hell no!” Dylan protests as Hannah waves around the remote as Dylan chases after her. Clearly, they couldn’t agree on a movie.

“What? Why not? This is a classic,” Hannah crosses her arms. “Like I want to watch fast and furious, it’s got half naked girls in it.”

“This could go on for hours, they’re both stubborn,” I whisper to Ava as she giggles. “Do we need to put you both in separate corners?”

Everyone looks over to us as I speak and we take off our shoes before collapsing on the free couch cuddled up together.

“No, you two just pick a damn movie!” Sierra complains. “I’m at the end of my popcorn and we haven’t even watched one movie yet.”

“Just suck it up and watch this movie,” Hannah tells Dylan.

“No, I am not one of those idiots who do whatever their other halves tell them to do,” Dylan refers to the rest of us, getting us all to throw something at him. “You’re all whipped, and you know it.”

“I’m not even going to try and say I’m not,” I whisper to Ava who laughs before kissing me. “Especially if you keep doing that.”

“Yo! Lovebirds, stop canoodling and help us pick,” Dylan shouts, and I roll my eyes at him.

“Here’s an idea let’s throw out both of these and pick something else,” Aiden takes the remote off Hannah.

“Why don’t we watch Just Go With It?” Liv suggests and we all agree. “Thank god.”

We all begin to get comfy as the opening credits begin to play and Nick pipes up. “I’ve never actually seen this movie.”

“They get together at the end,” Dylan stuffs his face with popcorn, and we all complain as he spoils the movie.


Turning off the bathroom light as I walk out of Noah’s bathroom wearing one of his shirts that comes down to mid-thigh, I see Noah lied on top of his bed in some sweatpants. After finishing movie night, with Dylan ruining the movies for people who hadn’t seen them, Noah suggested I stay the night. Hearing me walk out, Noah’s eyes lock on mine before falling down to my shirt covered body.

“I like you wearing my clothes,” Noah mutters, fiddling with the bottom of the shirt as I climb over and straddle him on the bed. “They look better on you than they do on me. Probably why you already have half my wardrobe.”

I pout. “They’re comfy.”

A smirk forms on his face as I shiver as his hands run up and down my bare legs. I roll my eyes at his smirk before lying down on top of him with my legs straddling his waist. Laying my head on his chest, I smile, loving the feeling of his hands on me. Moving up and down my thighs before moving under the shirt and up my bare back.

“You’re killing me,” Noah huskily responds when he realizes I’m not wearing a bra. I lift my head up to look at him and smile before leaning down to kiss him. “So beautiful. You know I’ve noticed you tend to blush a lot more around me than you used to.”

“I only blush when the person I like says something that makes me blush, if anyone else did it I wouldn’t.”

“I’m glad I’m the only guy who can make you blush then,” He smiles, before lifting the covers over us. “Better?” He asks, and I nod my head. I lean down to kiss him again, not being able to get enough of it. I smile, feeling him roll us over so he’s hovering over me as he deepens the kiss. Wrapping my arms around his neck I play with his hair as he kisses down my neck, unbuttoning a couple of the top buttons to move the button up I’m wearing off my shoulder to give him more access. “One thing I’ve learned about you is that your neck is your weak spot.”

“What’s yours?”

“I don’t have one.”

My eyes widen. “Everyone has a weak spot.” Noah shakes his head. Challenge accepted. Leaning down to kiss his neck, his grip on me tightens as his hands explore pretty much everywhere, rising the button up above my waist as his hands grab my behind. “Not there,” I pout realising while it turns him on and gets a reaction from him it’s not his weak spot. Although we now have matching marks on our necks making me smirk.

Getting an idea, I kiss the top of his chest before leaving opened mouth kisses all over his chest, abs and right down to the top of his sweatpants, getting him to moan a lot. Found it. Smirking, I continue to press kisses up and down his chest, my lower half grinding on him.

“I win,” I whisper bringing my lips back to his when he quickly flips us over. A loud bang being heard as we do.

“Shit,” He mumbles as we accidentally knock off the lamp on his bedside and I can’t help but burst out giggling. “Oops. I’ll get a new one.”

Kissing me again, I let out a moan when he presses his now bulging lower half to mine. Leaning down to kiss me again, he tears his lips from mine leaving me to whimper before he starts to kiss down my throat to my exposed chest area to right above where the button up covers the rest of my chest. Bringing his head back up I kiss him again, wrapping my arms around his neck smiling into the kiss. Feeling his hand run over my body, he moves it up my leg hiking it up to his waist running his hand down the inside of my thigh getting a moan from me.

“This okay?” Noah asks when he reaches my lace thong tugging on it to let me know what he wants, I nod my head rapidly wanting him to touch me. Noah smiles at me kissing my head before moving my underwear to the side and inserting a finger into me.

“Noah,” I moan throwing my head back as he does so. “Shit,” I curse as he slowly moves his finger in and out of me.

“Fuck, you’re wet,” Noah groans kissing my neck as he starts to go faster, and I don’t even bother trying to contain the sounds I’m making. A knot forms in my stomach as Noah brings me closer to the edge with just his finger. I bring his head back level with mine and kiss him deeply our kiss drowning out the sound of my moans and whimpers. “That’s it baby.”

“I’m gonna cum,” I pant biting my lip. Noah kisses down my neck to the top of my breast that is uncovered. He kisses and bites down as he slips another finger in pleasuring me even more, his speed increasing getting me to finish quickly.

My chest rapidly moves up and down as I try to get my breathing back to normal, Noah removes his fingers from me getting me to whimper at the loss of contact. Noah brings his head back up softly kissing me. He rolls off me before heading to the bathroom and coming back with a washcloth for me cleaning me up before I cuddle into his side, and he pulls the covers back over up.

“Night princess.”

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