Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 33 | Let's Go Home


“What are the chances we’re dragging our drunk girlfriends’ home?”

As we sip on our beers in a booth at the bar, Nick’s question lingers in our minds. Deciding against the party at the frat party the team is throwing the day after our win, we headed to The Bar instead to have some fun alongside some of our other teammates. They had also invited the Eagles to come with, show them what it’s like to party in L.A. That also meant Ava’s ex who I keep seeing, looks over at her a lot as if waiting for a chance to talk to her.

I have nothing against the guy. What happened between him and Ava happened in the past and she’s moved on. Although he says he’s happy for her at the same time, the way he’s looking at her is like he wishes it was him. I look over at the girls who are in the middle of a game of beer pong at the bar with some girls’ soccer team they met. Mateo shakes his head as he watches them yet isn’t bothered they’ve taken over the bar.

“Very high,” Aiden chuckles. “Is Luna excited for the zoo?” Aiden asks. Luna has been wanting to visit the zoo for a while. But my parents can’t take her without taking the twins since no one will watch them and the twins are banned from the zoo. Instead, Ava and I are taking her in a few days.

“I swear she loves that place; she’d move there if we allowed her,” I chuckle, taking a drink of my beer.

“Shit!” Dylan says, falling into the booth. “I am never ever playing beer pong with girls again, I’m so gone,” Dylan slurs, resting his head on Aiden, who pushes him away. Dylan falls out of the booth before he laughs.

“The question is who’s taking him home?” Nick asks, and we all laugh. My eyes flicker over to where Ava stands still, crushing it at beer pong if her cheering is any sign. Taking a sip of my beer, I can’t help but smile at her, smiling as she enjoys herself. Her eyes roam the room as if she can feel eyes on her, and she smiles at me when she sees me watching her. Sending me a small wave, she motions me over. Excusing myself from the guys, leaving them to take care of a slurring Dylan, I make my way over to my girl.

“Hi baby,” She smiles as I reach her, wrapping my arm around her from behind. She tilts her head back to look at me, placing a kiss on the underside of my jaw.

“Having fun?” I ask her, and she giggles, nodding her head. She’s drunk.

“Wanna play with us?” Ava asks and I shake my head. If Ava is drunk it is best, I didn’t get drunk so I could get her home and take care of her.

“Nah baby I’m good, I’ll just watch,” I wink at her and she rolls her eyes at my sexual innuendo. Keeping my arm around her, I watch as she dominates at beer pong. Occasionally kissing her neck when she scores, but she keeps slapping my chest mumbling about how she can’t play if I turn her on.

“I need to pee,” She mumbles so I let go of her and she drags Hannah with her, something about girl code. Making my way back to the table, I see Dylan trying to do a striptease on Aiden.

“Ok you’ve had enough,” I tell him, pulling him away from Aiden and getting him some water. “Drink or I’ll make coach give you laps.”

He downs the water like crazy. Dylan being drunk while being entertaining is also a pain in the ass to take care of.

“Oops,” Hannah giggles, stumbling over to us. “Focus Hannah,” She sighs, talking to herself. “Ava,” Hannah points to the bathroom and knowing I won’t get anything out of her, I head towards the bathroom.

“You said you were happy for me!” I hear a shout when I get closer to the bathroom and I know that’s Ava’s voice.

“I am, but it’s killing me knowing that happiness isn’t with me! It’s not fun for me to have to watch you two act all loved up in front of me when I still love you,” I hear and know that’s Charlie’s voice...shit! I instantly speed up.

“Go to hell!” Ava screams at him. “Someone who claims to love someone doesn’t do all the shit you did,” Ava says. I round the corner, seeing them both. “And I’m with Noah, he makes me happy and I care about him like he cares about me.”

“Charlie, get the fuck away from her.”

“Look who’s here to save the day.”

“Baby let’s go home,” I tell her, taking her and she nods, before I lead us away.

“I wasn’t finished talking,” Charlie says. I’m pulled back as he grabs Ava’s elbow. Before I know it, her hand is released from mine and punches Charlie straight in the face.

“Holy shit,” Ava says, sobering up for a second as if she just realizes she punched someone. “Yeah, let’s go home,” She nods, grabbing my hand leading me away.

“Step, careful baby,” I chuckle, holding onto Ava’s waist as she stumbles up the stairs. I offered to carry her, but she’s stubborn and refused, saying she isn’t that drunk. She is. “Keys?”

She digs them out of her purse and I take them before opening the door and leading her inside the empty apartment. While some of the gang had left, others meaning Dylan, Hannah, Sierra and Aiden were still out. Ava gets tired when she’s drunk and wants to come home. Locking the door, I lead her to her bedroom.

“Ok, think you can get changed without me while I get you some water?” I ask her and she giggles, nodding heading to her wardrobe. I chuckle before making my way to the kitchen, grabbing some water and the aspirin before heading back. “Ava?” I ask, confused about where she went until I hear vomiting. Putting the glass and aspirin down I head to the bathroom seeing her leaned over the toilet. Rushing over, I sit down with her gathering her hair, so it isn’t in the way and rub her back.

“Maybe I’m a little drunker than I thought,” Ava roughly says, and I chuckle. “I don’t want you to see me like this.”

“Sickness and health, baby,” I tell her and without looking at her I can tell she rolled her eyes.

“We’re not married idiot,” She says, and I chuckle. One day. “I think I’m good. Thank you.” I help her up and flush the toilet. She goes to wash her face and scrub her teeth like there’s no tomorrow. She mumbles, hugging my waist and I chuckle, kissing her head. “My hand hurts.”

“Worth it though,” I chuckle, looking at her bruised hand, and she nods. “Sit down on the bed, I’ll wrap it for you,” I say. She nods, sitting down and I grab the first aid kit she has before taking her small hand wrapping it up for her “Are you ok?”

“I hate that people keep trying to come between us. I thought it was all over with Kelsey getting her new boyfriend. I can handle the glares of the stupid girls around campus, but now my past is trying to get in the way.”

“I know baby, we’ll handle it though, we always do. No one is ever coming between us,” I say. She smiles before kissing me. “All done,” I say, putting the first aid kit away. “Let’s get you into bed.”

Guiding her to the bedroom, I sit her on her bed, taking off her shoes for her. As soon as they’re off, she’s back up again, sliding her leggings off revealing her lace underwear. This girl will be the death of me. She unties my jersey at the back, letting it fall down to her knees before climbing on the bed.

“Come cuddle,” She pouts, and I chuckle, my eyes roaming over her as just wearing my jersey lies on her bed was a sight to see. Pulling off my top and stepping out of my jeans. I climb into bed and help her get under before she cuddles up to me. “Thanks for taking care of me.”

“Always,” I tell her, playing with her hair. “Get some sleep,” I kiss her forehead and she nods before soon drifting off.

I will let nothing come between me and her.

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