Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 34 | The Secret Is Out


What does a hangover feel like?

Well, it feels like an elephant is stomping on your head, the smallest of sounds feel like loud sirens and the smallest light feels like you’re being by the sun directly in your face.

That is what a hangover feels like.

Groaning into my pillow I sigh, knowing my headache will prevent me from going back to sleep, I sit up seeing Noah’s side of the bed empty. Seeing a glass of water and some advil, I grab the advil downing it with some water before dragging myself out of bed to the bathroom.


Staring back at me in the mirror is definitely not myself. My hair is a mess and although I had removed my makeup last night, my eye bags were heavy. Washing my face as if to look somewhat more alive than I feel, I then run a brush through my hair before making my way to the living area.

“Sleepy beauty is awake I see,” Noah says, seeing me walk into the kitchen and I shush him for being too loud. “Did you take the advil?”

I sigh, nodding before sitting down. He kisses my forehead gently running his hand through my hair.

“That feels good,” I mumble, and he chuckles wrapping me up in his arms. “This headache however does not.”

“Hungry?” Noah asks, and I nod my head. “Good, I’m making breakfast,” Noah says and I thank him, kissing his cheek. Contrary to some people, I can stomach food when I’m hungover in fact, I crave it more.

“I hope that means breakfast for me too,” Hannah grumbles, stumbling into the seat next to me rubbing her head.

“Well, I’m kind of scared of what will happen if it doesn’t so sure,” Noah agrees and I chuckle.

“What happened to your hand?” Hannah asks, picking up my wrapped hand.

“Oh, you know punched my ex-boyfriend, nothing major.”

“Aww I’m so proud,” Hannah says, hand to her heart and I chuckle. “Jackass deserved it.”

“I agree,” Noah says, bringing over our breakfasts for the three of us. “Breakfast is served.”

“Can you be our personal chef?” Hannah asks, scoffing down food. “Seriously, she’ll pay you in sex.”

“HANNAH!” I shout and she shrugs, not bothered. “I will not,” I point to Noah, who chuckles. “Some friend.”

“You know I’m joking,” Hannah waves me off. “Kind of...have you tried his food?” She asks, and I slap her arm with my good hand before we all continue eating. “What time will you be back tonight?”

I shrug. “Not sure, why?”

“That guy I’ve been seeing I’m planning to have him over and cook for him,” Hannah admits, and I smile. “No, you cannot meet him yet!”

“Why not?” I pout, and she rolls her eyes. “Ok fine, we won’t be back until late.”

She nods her head, and we carry on eating. After finishing breakfast, I head into the bedroom to get changed for mine and Noah’s day at the zoo with Luna. Before we head to his place so he can change quickly and soon enough we’re off to his parents’ place.


“I don’t think you’re prepared for how much Luna loves the zoo,” I tell Ava, who sits in the passenger seat a few days later. Luna has been begging someone to take her to the zoo for a while now. They got a new animal exhibit she wants to see because her friends talk about it non-stop. But no one has been able to take her with the wedding coming up, and because the twins are banned. She had asked me a couple of days ago and you do not understand how hard it is to say no to a six-year-old adorable little girl especially when she gives you the puppy dog face, so Ava and I are taking her today.

“Really?” Ava giggles. “She’s such a cutie. I might just have to steal her off you. So, how did the twins get banned from the zoo?”

“Which zoo?”

Ava gapes and her eyes widen. “They’ve been banned from more than one zoo?”

“Three in California. The first one and the one we’re going to today. They let a monkey out of its enclosure. Second one, they stole one of the golf cart cars they use to get around. The third one, they broke into a closure that was closed to the public and got caught.”

“Wow,” Ava says, and I nod. Pulling up to the house, we get out and make our way into the house.

“Hey little devils, what’s going on?” I ask as we walk into the house hand in hand, seeing the twins in the kitchen probably planning their next prank. Honestly, I don’t really try to stop them anymore.

“Totally not pranking dad,” Alex says and Max glares at him. The twins were such opposites of each other, while Alex had glasses and was a bit of a nerd who isn’t a good liar but for some reason loved pranking, Max was just the devil child and a daredevil.

“Fine, but don’t come to me when he kicks both your asses. Where’s Luna? We’re taking her to the zoo.”

“Upstairs, mom is doing her hair, can we come?” Max asks.

“No,” I immediately say. “You know you’re banned from the one we’re going too and three others around California.”

“Zoo day! Zoo day! Zoo day!” Luna shouts excitedly, skipping down the stairs. “AVA!” Luna screams, running and jumping into Ava’s arms.

“Hi sweetie, you ready for the zoo?” Ava asks her and I can’t help but admire how good Ava is with Luna.

“YES!!!” Luna shouts, as we all laugh.

“Are you not happy to see me?” I pout, and she giggles wiggling out of Ava’s grip and hugging me. “Say goodbye to mom and we can head off,” I say, putting her down and she goes to quickly hug mom before running out.

“I’ve already accepted she loves the zoo more,” Mom waves me off as I laugh. We head outside to see Luna bouncing up and down by my car, opening the door I help her climb in before putting her seatbelt on for her before we get in and drive off.

“Ava,” Luna mumbles, looking shy. “Are you Noah’s girlfriend now? Mommy says you are, but the twins said that at Thanksgiving and Noah said you weren’t.”

“Yeah I am, is that ok with you?” Ava asks her nervously and I can’t help but find it cute she’s asking Luna for permission.

“Yeah. I like you, you’re really pretty and you’re a lot nicer than his old girlfriend. She was mean to me. But you’re super nice and do my hair for me,” Luna smiles and Ava giggles. “Noah are you gonna marry Ava, like Liam is with Emery?” Luna asks and Ava’s eyes widen.

“Maybe someday,” I smirk and wink at Ava, who blushes and rolls her eyes. “You however, are not allowed a boyfriend or to get married.”

“Ew boys have cooties,” Luna says, disgusted and Ava giggles.

“That’s right, never forget that,” I tell Luna, and Ava shakes her head at my protectiveness. “Now onto better things, to the zoo!” I shout and Luna cheers before we pull up to the zoo.

“Zoo day! Zoo day! Zoo day!” Luna sings as she skips along in between Ava and I who are holding a hand each so she can’t run off and lose her. Mom would kill me. Paying for the tickets, we make our way inside.

“Where do you want to go first?” Ava asks Luna crouching down so she is similar size, and I smile at how good Ava is with her.

“KOALA’S” Luna shouts out making us both laugh. Following the map we make our way to the koala sanctuary. “They’re so cute” She awes over them watching them hang from branches. “Can I hold one?” Luna asks, seeing some other people hold them with supervision from the employees.

“Sorry little one you’re too young, but one of you two can hold one for her that way she can get a closer look,” The employee says.

“I’ll do it. What? I want to hold a koala,” She says seeing the shock on my face and I laugh.

“His name is Teddy,” The employee says. She gets a koala and places it on Ava making sure it’s comfy for her, I smile before taking out my phone to take a picture of her. In the picture she is smiling down at the koala and her summer dress makes the picture perfect. Deciding to set it as my new lock screen, I keep my camera open knowing my mom wants some pictures of Luna with the animals. “He’s cute,” She says before crouching down to Luna who is in awe of the koala.

“Can I touch him?” Luna asks me and I look at the worker who nods, I tell Luna she can and she smiles before petting it as I take some pictures of them. “Noah! He’s so cuddly!”

“No you can’t have a koala before you ask,” I tell her and she pouts. “We already have two zoo animals living in the house.”

“You want to hold him?” Ava asks me and my eyes widen. “Don’t tell me the big football player is scared of a cute little Koala.”

“Course not,” I puff my chest out and she giggles before getting the employee to move the koala from Ava to me. Ava takes out her phone, snapping some pictures as I pose with the Koala.

After spending some time with the koala we continue to make our way around the zoo, stopping at pretty much every animal being told facts about them and being able to hold some of them and feed most of them. The day is going amazing, Luna is enjoying herself and never stopped smiling and Ava is amazing with her helping her all the time, whereas I was probably staring at her the entire time from amazement. Finishing off with the animals, we take a walk through the garden part of it before heading to the gift shop.

“Mom said you can have one thing from the gift shop, okay?” I tell Luna as she pretty much dragged us towards the gift shop. Luna nods before bounding around the store looking at everything. “Thanks for coming with us today,” I tell Ava stroking my thumb over her hand I’m holding. “Luna loves you, it’s nice to see how good you are with her.”

“I like kids. Plus she’s so adorable it’s impossible not to like her,” Ava smiles.

“You know you looked cute with that koala,” I say, showing her my lock screen.

“You put that as your lock screen?” Ava giggles before kissing my cheek. “That’s so sweet,” She smiles before pulling out her phone showing her lock screen. Which is a picture of us at the bonfire when we went to the cabin, we’re sat next to each other on the log with her in my jumper. I had my arm wrapped around her and she had hers wrapped around me as she kissed my cheek.

“We’re so corny,” I say and she laughs agreeing with me.

“Noah! I found it!” Luna shouts and we head towards her seeing her holding a koala bear teddy.

“You want this one sweetie?” Ava asks her, and she nods her head. “Well let’s go pay and you can take him home,” She says taking Luna’s hand as we walk to the counter to pay. After paying, we head out of the zoo and make our way back to my parents house. Luna falls asleep in the car after a long day and I run in to place her in bed before I come back out. After dropping Luna off back at the house, I decided to come back to Ava’s apartment.

“Think Hannah is done with her date?” I question as we make our way up the steps of Ava’s apartment building. Reaching the door, she puts her keys in the door and turns on the light.

Holy shit!

“No way!” Ava says as we see Dylan and Hannah making out on the couch. They jump away from each other as soon as they see us.

We did not see this coming.

“So, is no one gonna explain things?” Aiden asks as we all sit in silence, pretty much staring at Hannah and Dylan in confusion. After catching them in the act, they called for everyone else to come over so they could explain it to us all. Out of everyone you would think these two would never ever be in a relationship. Hannah has been insulting Dylan from the start and hasn’t shown any interest in him and vice versa.

“What’s there to explain? We’re dating,” Hannah shrugs.

“Thanks Einstein,” Sierra glares at her. “So all these dates you’ve been going on, the phone calls you leave the room to take have been with Dylan?”

“Don’t sound so surprised. Am I that repulsive?” Dylan scoffs.

“We just always thought Hannah hated you. I mean she insulted you a lot more than anyone else,” I explain what we’re all thinking.

“She still does,” Dylan shrugs making us all laugh. “But she liiikkkkeeesss me,” Dylan teases wrapping Hannah in a hug.

“This is weird, right?” Noah asks me and I nod my head. “Just checking,” He says making me laugh. “So all the times you’ve said you had a new girl to wow over, it was just Hannah?”

“I hope so, what do you mean just Hannah? I’m amazing!” Hannah scoffs making us laugh.

“Now I see it. They both think they’re amazing, they suit each other,” Nick says and we laugh. “So how long has this been going on for?”

“A month,” Dylan says.

“And why didn’t you tell us?” Liv asks.

“We wanted to see if it was serious before we told you guys, cause if it wasn’t and anything happened we didn’t want it to affect the group,” Hannah explains. “After I dumped Sebastian, Dylan was there to cheer me up a lot of the time, we’d bump into each other on campus. It started out as nothing serious, but that kinda changed. You guys aren’t mad at us?” Hannah shifts uncomfortably. “I mean we did keep it secret for a month.”

“I think it’s more shock,” Noah says. “You guys are either really good at hiding it or we would be shit detectives.”

“You would be shit detectives,” Dylan nods and Aiden throws a pillow at him. “ABUSE! Baby save me,” Dylan pouts to Hannah who rolls her eyes but the smile is easily seen on her face.

“I’m rethinking this whole dating idea,” Hannah says and we all laugh.

“Yeah yeah,” Dylan mutters rolling his eyes. “Anyway, serious talk over, who wants to try and beat me at Mario Kart?” Dylan stands up before running to the TV to set it up.

“You realize you’re dating a child, right?” Nick asks Hannah who nods her head before we all join Dylan for a game night.

What a day.

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