Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 36 | Till Death Do Us Part

* This chapter contains sexual content so if you’re underage or uncomfortable with sexual acts, this is your warning, the book is also rated mature and has a warning in the prologue*


“I think I’m going to be sick,” Emery clutches her stomach. “What if he isn’t there when I walk down the aisle?” Emery fans herself, taking deep breaths as she stares at herself in the floor-length mirror. This had been the past thirty minutes, Emery going from super confident to a nervous wreck and back to confident again. The start of the wedding is drawing nearer and soon enough she would become a Jackson. Legally anyway.

“Sweetheart,” Sarah says, taking Emery’s hands in hers. “It’s going to be fine. I know my son and he’s as nervous as you are right now, thinking you won’t walk down that aisle when the music starts. You’re going to walk down that aisle, he will be there, you’ll get married and officially be a Jackson.”

“Thank you,” Emery smiles, tears in her eyes. It is clear this meant more to her than anything, considering her family life is a sensitive topic and the Jacksons are more of a family to her. “Let’s get married. You’re next,” Emery winks at me and I roll my eyes.

“Not for a good couple years, before either of you get your hopes up,” I say, pointing to Sarah and Grandma Rose, who looks like little kids pouting. Although the thought of marrying Noah makes me happy, we haven’t been together for very long and I know marriage is years away.

“A couple of years off. But I know that boy, he’s smitten with you, and I know he wouldn’t want to marry anyone else,” Grandma Rose says, making me smile. “You make him very happy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this happy.”

“He makes me happy, too. I’m lucky to have him,” I say. “My dad wants to meet him, but I think he’ll like him. I mean, he already likes Noah, considering before we were even dating he invited me to spend Thanksgiving with you. He likes that he rushed to the hospital when I had that minor accident.”

“Jacksons have a charm. They can win over anybody,” Emery says, and we all laugh. “Even the grumpiest Jackson,” She refers to her soon to be husband.

“Speaking of it’s nearly time,” Carla says, as she and the other two bridesmaids start ensuring her dress, hair and makeup are perfect.

“And that’s our cue to go take our seats,” Grandma Rose says, before hugging Emery.

“You look beautiful, and it’s going to be great,” I tell Emery, hugging her. “See you soon, Mrs Jackson,” I wink and she laughs before Grandma Rose and I head out. Making our way to where the wedding is being held, we walk through the guests before taking our seats. The wedding overlooks Lake Tahoe, with the chairs facing the lake and the arch where Emery and Liam will get married is right before the lake. It’s a beautiful place for a wedding. Liam walks down the aisle thanking people for coming before Grandma Rose pulls him into a hug then pushes him towards the arch where the minister stands, making me chuckle. Sarah arrives. sitting next to us as we wait for the wedding to start.

“Here we go,” Sarah smiles proudly, walking to us and sitting down. “Her dress is gorgeous, Liam is going to cry.”

“Shall we place bets?” Grandma Rose asks and my eyes widen. Wow this woman will bet on everything.

“No!” Sarah hisses, waving her off. “Behave,” She tells Grandma Rose who rolls her eyes, god I love Noah’s grandma. The music begins and we all stand up. Luna makes her way down the aisle scattering more rose petals all over the floor. She looks so cute and clearly I am not the only one to think so as everyone is in awe of her cuteness.

One by one, the groomsmen make their way down with a bridesmaid before they stand in their places. Noah walks down next with Emery’s maid of honor and I smile at how handsome he looks in his suit. As he moves to stand next to Liam, he looks around, his eyes landing on me as he winks at me and I smile back at him. Mouthing he looks handsome to him, making a smirk appear on his face as he mouths back, I know. Cocky bastard. Emery makes her way down the aisle with Noah’s dad smiling at Liam the entire way as he looks at her with admiration and love. Her dress flows behind her as she walks. Once she gets to the bottom and Noah’s dad gives her away we all sit back down again.

“We are gathered here today to share in the coming together of Liam Jackson and Emery McKenna Richardson,” The officiant says. “Family members and friends have come from near and far to this beautiful lake to witness this magical day. Now I think we should start with the vows.”

The wedding was amazing, Emery has now become Mrs Jackson and clearly, she is happy about it. She is sitting on Liam’s lap in her wedding dress giggling away, and Liam can’t keep his eyes off her. Everyone is enjoying the wedding reception, the young ones dancing around while the older people talk away to one another. Champagne flutes in their hands, all of them going before the servers can even come round again. Noah’s family are overjoyed with the newly wedded couple. All of them gushing over Liam to be the first married, and they’re already harassing them for children. Mostly Grandma Rose. No surprise there.

“Have I told you how gorgeous and sexy you look?” Noah whispers in my ear, as his hand squeezes mine. I smile turning my head to look at him.

“Have I told you how utterly handsome and sexy you look in this suit?” I ask him, pulling at his tie and biting my lip. I giggle seeing a look of lust take over his face and I wrap my arms around his neck, pecking his lips. “Your grandma seems to think we’re next.”

“Well, I’d be worried if the twins got married before me,” Noah jokes as I laugh. “What did you tell her?”

“Maybe in a couple of years, it’s still early, and I’d like to graduate first,” I tell him and he nods his head. “But I guess I could do a lot worse.”

“I seriously need a girlfriend, between the newlyweds and little Jackson over here, who seems to have more game than me apparently. I feel lonely,” Nathan mutters, making us all laugh. I pull away from Noah, but he takes my hand in his again. After the wedding and a lot of pictures, we’re all sat outside not too far away from the actual wedding venue at the reception, Noah and I are sat with his immediate family including his grandparents, the bridesmaids, groomsmen and the bride and groom themselves.

“No girl would put up with you,” Hunter rolls his eyes. “We barely do.”

“Aww I would,” Chloe smiles and Nathan raises his eyebrow before wrapping his arm around her shoulder as we all laugh.

“No hooking up with my bridesmaids,” Emery scolds Nathan, who waves her off while flirting with Chloe.

“So where are you two off on your honeymoon?” I ask, knowing they are leaving after this.

“He won’t tell me, claims it’s a surprise and now it’s just annoying,” Emery says, making me laugh. “The flight isn’t that long though so I’ve narrowed it down.”

“You know a surprise is something you’re not supposed to know until the person giving you the surprise wants you to know, right?” Liam asks her, and she rolls her eyes. “Now I believe it’s time for us to dance,” He tells her and she smiles, taking his hand as they get up.

“Clear the floor and make way for your newly wedded Mr and Mrs Jackson,” The singer says. Everyone clears and they walk to the center starting to dance as the music plays. As they dance, Chloe grabs Nathan as they go to join them.

“M’lady,” Noah says, kissing my hand and I smile standing up as we make our way to the floor. Wrapping my arms around his shoulders as his goes to my hips and we sway to the music, I smile as he kisses my forehead making me close my eyes in content.

“Do we have to go back to college? Can’t we just stay here?” I ask him, making him chuckle.

“I wish,” He tells me, placing some hair behind my ear. “We have all day here tomorrow. We can go on a boat over the lake, go hiking.”

“That sounds nice, as long as I’m with you I don’t really care.”

“You know, I think I’ve turned you into a big softie. You’re less sassy with me, still with other people, just not as much with me,” Noah says.

“What can I say? You tame me. Plus, you make me happy,” I admit.

“You make me happy too,” Noah says, leaning down to capture my lips. “Happiest man alive,” He says making me smile before I rest my head on his chest as we continue to sway.

Waving to Emery and Liam as they drive off to their honeymoon, I’m leaned against Noah’s side as his arm wrapped around my waist keeps me upright considering how tired I am and my feet kill from wearing heels all day.

“Ugh, such a great wedding, you did such a good job,” Grandma Rose tells Sarah who smiles.

“Emery did most of it I just made sure everything was done in the end,” Sarah waves her off not wanting to take credit, but everyone knows she has helped a lot. “This wedding was perfect, it’s official I’m helping with all my kids’ weddings no matter what you say,” She says looking at Noah. “Now I think we should get Luna and the twins back to the hotel, it’s way past their bedtimes.”

“I think we’re coming too, tired?” Noah asks, and I nod my head. “Let’s go,” He says kissing my forehead and I smile. As we all gather our things and walk back to the hotel since the wedding took place outside, it pretty much facing the lake.

Getting back to the hotel quickly and making our way up to the top floor, we say goodbye to Noah’s family, hugging them goodnight before we head into our room. Walking over to the vanity table inside, I place my clutch down on the table when I feel Noah wrap his arms around me from behind and see him rest his head on my shoulder looking at me through the mirror.

“Can I help you?” I tease, and he chuckles. “I didn’t realize I could grow an extra head,.”

“A handsome head,” Noah corrects me and I apologize sarcastically. “And there is something you can help me with,” Noah says before kissing my neck as I giggle, but move my head to the side to give him some more room. “So beautiful,” He says, kissing up and down my neck as his hands roam.

“Beautiful, huh?” I ask breathlessly as he adds more pressure to his kisses on my neck. “What happened to sexy?”

“Oh you are,” Noah groans into my neck, squeezing my hips. “So very sexy,” He mumbles, biting down on my neck lightly earning a moan from me. “But I like beautiful better, although it is kind of hard to find the words to describe how breathtaking you are,” He says as I run my hands through his hair.

“Show me then,” I whisper and feel him stop kissing my neck.

“You sure?” Noah asks, pulling back to look at me in the mirror, and I nod biting my lip. Moving his hands to the back of the dress he slowly pulls the zipper down as my dress falls to the floor and I bite my lip looking from the dress to the mirror seeing him looking at me with lust and care in his eyes as he takes in my naked body, focusing mostly on my naked chest.

With the dress I couldn’t wear a bra, so I stand in front of the mirror in my white lace thong. “So beautiful,” He huskily speaks, eyeing my body. Throwing my head back on his shoulder, biting my lip in pleasure as his hands reach up to fondle my bare chest, he starts to kiss my neck again. Squeezing my bare breasts, I can’t help but moan at the feeling of his hands on me and the sight of our antics through the mirror. Rubbing his thumb over my nipples pinching them, a whimper falls from my throat causing my back to arch. But Noah keeps my ass pressed up against his tight pants, allowing me to feel how hard he already is. “Turn around.”

Turning around looking up at him, I bite my lip and help take off his jacket, tie and then shirt as he just watches me. Reaching down to take off his belt, I unbutton his jeans pushing them down, revealing his tight Calvin Klein boxers he is straining against making me bite my lip in anticipation. Kicking off my heels he rests his hands on my hips, slowly moving us back to the bed, his eyes not leaving mine. Falling back onto the bed, Noah takes a minute to admire my body standing above me and I admire his too. Noah slowly kisses up my body not missing a single part on my body before his eyes meet mine. I smile before leaning up to kiss him pressing every inch of my body against his.

“Let me show you how beautiful you are to me,” Noah huskily whispers against my lips and I smile, leaning up to kiss him again but as soon as his lips are off mine traveling down my body to my parted legs.

“Shit,” I mutter, throwing my head back and gripping onto his hair as he goes down on me. Kissing my inner thigh before placing kisses on my core, teasing me before actually giving me what I want. Moaning his name over and over again breathlessly as his mouth works miracles on my center. It doesn’t take long for me to reach my climax, especially when he starts to use his fingers too and soon enough my orgasm hits and his tongue cleans my juices.

“Fuck baby, you taste amazing,” Noah huskily says before kissing me deeply and I moan, tasting my own juices in his mouth. “Little naughty in bed, huh?” Noah smirks, referring to me liking the taste of my own juices.

“No more teasing I want you,” I moan, my hands taking off his boxers. He kicks them down, leaning to grab a condom. Holy shit, he’s massive. Definitely bigger than I’ve ever had before. Rolling the condom on and spreading my legs more, he places a kiss to my lips before entering me. “Fuck,” I curse tensing up, I haven’t had sex since my last boyfriend which was a good year and a half ago now.

“So tight,” Noah moans lustfully, and soon enough the pain turns to pleasures as he’s fully inside me. “Fuck, you feel good wrapped around my cock,” Noah says, entwining my hands with his, placing them above my head as he moves in and out of me. Wrapping my legs around his waist I bring him in closer, his cock entering me even further.

“Noah,” I scream out, throwing my head back and closing my eyes, feeling the indescribable pleasure he’s giving me right now.

“Shit, baby scream my name again,” Noah leans down, capturing my nipple in his mouth causing me to whimper and then scream his name again as he softly bites it. He continues to kiss my bare breasts, sucking and probably leaving marks all over them.

“Harder, faster,” I moan and Noah smirks before grabbing my legs, moving them higher before plunging into me at a new angle...shit! “That’s it,” I moan, feeling his cock explore new parts I didn’t think was possible. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Me too,” Noah grunts before kissing me hard, his hand moving to in between us, playing with my pussy.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” I moan. “Noah,” I scream as I cum, my eyes rolling back into my head as he cums with me. He kisses my neck as we come down from our high’s.

“Fuck Ava,” Noah sighs into my neck and I giggle, running my hand through his hair as we try to catch our breaths.

“That was amazing,” I admit, sighing and he agrees with me. I whimper as he pulls out of me before disposing of the condom and climbing over me again kissing me.

“You’re perfect,” Noah says, stroking my cheek and I smile, which soon turns into a smirk as I grab another condom.

“Round two?” I suggest, and Noah smirks. “What’s that look for?”

“Get on your hands and knees baby,” Noah smirks as my eyes widen, but I happily comply.

Needless to say, we didn’t stop after round two.

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