Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 37 | The Morning After

* This chapter contains sexual content so if you’re underage or uncomfortable with sexual acts, this is your warning, the book is also rated mature and has a warning in the prologue*


“Noah,” Ava moans, throwing her head back as her hands are placed on my chest and she moves herself up and down on my dick riding me. Even after three rounds last night then waking up again for a fourth round, as soon as sunlight hit this morning, another round of sex was needed.

“That’s it baby, ride me,” I grunt, thrusting my hips up to meet hers, as my hands fondle her bare breasts that are bouncing up and down. Soon enough we reach our highs together and Ava collapses on my chest, both of us breathing heavy.

“I’ve never had so much sex in my life,” Ava says and I chuckle looking down at her, seeing her blonde hair splayed out across my chest. I kiss her head, wrapping my arms around her and my dick twitches still inside her as her hard nipples brush my chest. “You’re so horny,” Ava giggles before getting off me and lying next to me instead.

“I’m sorry I have a sexy girlfriend,” I apologize and she giggles, cuddling up to my side, her hand resting on my chest and I play with her fingers. She sighs contently, and I lean down to kiss her lips softly.

She is perfect.

It’s pretty hard to imagine spending my life without her. I have never met anyone who I could see myself marrying and that may be a little weird considering I’m only twenty-one and we have only been together for a couple months. But when you know, you know.

“What time is it?” She asks.

“Half nine,” I tell her, looking at my phone, seeing texts from the guys, and then my parents saying how we missed breakfast, so I just told them we had slept in. Before making plans for a hike later to explore the mountains while we’re here. “My parents suggested that all of us should go exploring later.”

“That sounds nice. I want to see stuff while we’re here,” Ava tells me looking up at me. “What time?”

“Probably after lunch,” I shrug, putting my phone away. “For now, I want to spend time with my baby,” I tell her, cupping her cheek to kiss her again and I smile when she parts her mouth for me, letting me deepen the kiss. Groaning when she moves her body up, her nipples brushing against my chest sending a wave of pleasure down to my groin as she giggles clearly feeling her affect she has on me on her thigh.

While we had never had sex or seen each other naked, we had done other stuff since we had gotten together. But we were never in a rush to have sex, we just knew it would happen whenever and I was honestly content with just being around her whether it was cuddling while watching a movie or holding her hand.

It’s not like neither of us didn’t think about sex, we made out a lot and made each other feel good whenever we wanted. Ava could feel how much she affected me when we were making out but she didn’t shy away from it, hell a lot of the time she’d try to get the reaction out of me. But we both also knew that there is more to a relationship than sex and we were both just content being together.

“We should shower and get ready for the day,” Ava tells me. “I want to go exploring, you can explore me more in the shower,” Ava smirks, sitting up as my eyes fall to her bare body reminding me how perfect she is. Getting out of bed, she makes her way to the bathroom and I hear the shower turn on. Making my way to the bathroom, seeing Ava already in the shower under the showerhead, I climb in with her bringing her back into my chest making her gasp as she feels how badly I want her.

“Oh trust me, I will,” I whisper in her ear...this is going to be a long morning.

Walking hand in hand with Ava up the hiking trail as my family walk in front of us, after our very, very long shower we had finally got ready for the day and head down for some lunch. Now we’re all taking a hike up a trail that overlooks the lake.

“How is this fun? We were promised fun...this is not fun!” Alex huffs. The twins, complaining has been the most common thing since we started this hike. Can you tell they don’t enjoy exercise? Even my grandma isn’t complaining this much.

“Luna is getting carried. She doesn’t have to walk so why do we?” Max whines.

“Because she’s six,” Dad states. “And you weigh a lot more than she does,” Dad says, making us chuckle, and the twins offended. They aren’t overweight, but obviously Luna is going to be lighter than both of them since she’s younger.

“Stop your whining, if an elder can walk up this mountain then so can you, last time I checked you haven’t had any body replacements,” Grandma says. The twins huff and I see Luna stick her tongue out at the twins over dad’s shoulder but no one notices aside from the twins, Ava and I. Luna sees us and smiles innocently. I chuckle and wink at her knowing she’s ok. The twins can be annoying and tease her because she’s younger, so it wasn’t a big deal when she annoyed them because honestly they deserve it.

“Liam doesn’t have to do this,” Max huffs. “Lucky.”

“Liam is in Bora Bora for his honeymoon. You get married and go on a honeymoon, then you don’t have to go on a hike. Deal?” Dad asks, making us all laugh.

“Deal...wait what?” Max asks confused, making us all laugh and shake our heads.

“We’re almost at the top anyway,” Mom says. “Tell you what, whoever gets to the top first can get a piggyback ride back down off your dad,” She says and the twins look at each other before taking off. Dad goes to protest until mom gives him this look, so he just doesn’t bother and huffs.

Not too much longer we arrive at the top of the trail, and we’re all stunned by the view of the lake and the mountains. I feel Ava tuck herself into my side and I smile, wrapping my arm around her kissing her head before looking back out at the view.

“It’s so nice up here. They chose a great wedding spot,” Mom says as we’re all sitting down at the top of the mountain. “Are you two joining us for dinner tonight?” Mom asks me and Ava, but I cut Ava off before she goes to say yes.

“Actually we have plans,” I tell my mom as Ava looks at me confused. “We have date night tonight.”

“We do? Since when?” Ava asks confused and I chuckle, winking at her.

“It was going to be a surprise date night,” I say. “Thanks mom,” I sarcastically say and everyone laughs. “And no I’m not telling you where we’re going or what we’re doing,” I say before Ava can say anything and she pouts.

“Fine,” Ava huffs, leaning into my side as I chuckle and kiss her head. After we spend some time up the mountain, we decide to head back down so Ava and I can get ready for our date and my family can get ready for dinner.

“Where are we going?” Ava giggles as I hold her waist, directing her towards our date destination as she is wearing a blindfold. Since this is a surprise date and I thought it would be nice to have a date out here at Lake Tahoe before we head home tomorrow. I haven’t told Ava where we’re going, I just told her to dress up for dinner. “I swear to god you better not walk me into anything,” She laughs, holding her hands out in front of her.

“Some little faith you have in me. Trust me, I wouldn’t let my baby get hurt,” I kiss her temple, and she sighs, leaning back into me as we walk. “Almost there,” I say, getting to the balcony that overlooks Lake Tahoe. There is a candlelight dinner for two ready for us. “Ok, stand right here,” I say before moving around her to pick up a bouquet of roses off the chair I got for her. “Ok, you can take the blindfold off,” I say and she takes it off smiling at me when she sees.

“Have I told you how amazing you are?” Ava asks me, taking the flowers off me when I give them to her, before she leans up to kiss me.

“M’lady,” I say, pulling out her chair for her as she sits down. “You look beautiful,” I tell her, kissing her cheek before moving to sit down across from her.

“This view is amazing. What’s with the surprise date?”

“Figured we should enjoy our last night here, and I just wanted to take you on a special date,” I tell her, making her smile as she reaches her hand over the table placing it on top of mine.

“Well I love it, thank you,” She says leaning over to kiss me softly before sitting back down. “This year has gone so quick,” She says referring to the academic year “You graduate soon.”

“Don’t remind me, the draft is soon,” I tell her. The window for the NFL draft is in April and lasts for a couple of days, meaning even though you might have an idea what teams want you, it all depends on who gets first pick.

“I can’t believe you kind of don’t get a choice on your future and where you’re going to live.”

“It’s just how it works, and no matter what happens we’ll make it work,” I tell her and she agrees. Continuing our date we eat dinner and make small talk about random things before taking a small walk to the lake before making it back up to our room.

“Thank you for tonight,” Ava says, wrapping her arms around my waist and kissing me as we stand in the elevator waiting for it to take us to our floor.

“You’re welcome,” I smile, kissing her more intensely. “Anything for you. Plus I like taking you on these surprise dates,” I say and she smiles, kissing me again, wrapping her arms around my neck as she deepens the kiss and I push her against the elevator wall.


Pulling away from Ava, thankfully no one was on the other side of the elevator for our floor or else they would have got a show, making our way back to our room as soon as we’re inside I push Ava up against the door kissing her hard as she moans into my mouth. Picking her up by her thighs I walk us over to the bed dropping us both down on it.

Well, you can kind of guess how our night was spent.

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