Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 38 | It's Good To Be Home


Watching as the trees pass us by and the breeze flows through the window through my hair. Closing my eyes in contempt, I rest my head against the headrest admiring the beauty we pass. The wedding weekend has been and gone, faster than expected. Which is a shame, considering it was like we were in our own little world there. But of course, college beckons. Noah and I have taken the day off college today so we could spend more time at Lake Tahoe and drive back today instead. Feeling my phone vibrate, I scroll through and see a picture of Emery on her honeymoon. Over the past few days since they arrived, she’s been sending and posting a lot of pictures of her honeymoon. It’s clear to see how in love she is with their honeymoon destination, as well as now being Mrs Jackson.

“Another picture from Emery, she’s loving it,” I say, showing him the picture of Emery and Liam.

“I’ve never seen the miserable bastard so happy,” Noah says, and I laugh. “Two weeks and he’ll be back to his old self.”

“You know I don’t know who enjoyed the wedding more, Emery or your grandma,” I joke, and Noah laughs. Grandma Rose was basically the life of the party. No surprise there. She was dancing with pretty much anyone she could dance with, and of course, taking bets.

“I think she scarred some of the guests,” Noah says, referring to his younger cousins who had run away from Grandma Rose when she wanted to dance with them.

“I’m surprised your cousins haven’t realized they can’t escape from her,” I laugh, as she had caught them all and danced with every one of them, embarrassing them more.

“That’s going to haunt them forever,” Noah says. “Want to stop off at the grocery store? We still have three hours to go,” Noah says, and I nod my head. Soon enough he’s pulled off the highway and into a town nearby. Parking at the grocery store we get out.

“M’lady,” Noah says, getting a shopping cart.

“Why thank you, kind sir,” I curtsey before getting into the cart and he pushes me into the store heading for the junk food aisle. Sitting in the shopping cart picking up pretty much everything in the junk food aisle. Putting it in the cart while Noah pushes me down the aisle, I hear him chuckle as he watches me pick up basically everything. He himself occasionally picking up something for himself that I didn’t pick up.

“Are you trying to make me broke or fat?” Noah asks, making me giggle as he steers me away from the chips I am trying to reach, making me pout.

“If it makes you feel any better, I’ll still like you even if you are fat and broke,” I say and he raises his eyebrow at me.

“I’m touched,” He sarcastically says, making me laugh. “Alright enough food. This will last us more than three hours,” Noah says, reaching the end of the aisle as I pout before he drives me to the drinks section getting some water and fizzy drinks. “Ok, I think we have everything,” Noah says and I nod. As we make our way to the checkout till where a guy our age looks to be bored out of his mind. “Someone seems to be having fun,” Noah whispers to me, as I giggle. The cashier’s head picks up at the sound ready to check us out and I see him smile at us...well me, oh boy.

“Find everything ok, beautiful?” He asks me as he starts to check our stuff out smiling at me.

“We found everything just fine,” I say, putting emphasis on the ‘we’.

“Sibling road trip, huh?” The guy asks as if hopeful and I notice Noah roll his eyes, almost making me giggle, but I keep it in.

“Romantic getaway,” I smile, lacing my hand through Noah’s kissing his cheek, and Noah smirks as the cashier’s face falls. “We’re heading home,” I say and he nods, silently finishing up. Noah kisses my head, chuckling silently. Picking up the bags, we pay the now very solemn looking cashier before saying goodbye and heading to the car.

“Why do you have to be so beautiful?” Noah sighs, wrapping his arms around me as we get to the car. “I’m the only guy who should be able to admire your beauty,” Noah says, stroking my cheek.

“You’re the only one that matters though,” I tell him, softly kissing him. “They aren’t any competition for you anyway because I’d always choose you,” I tell him and he smiles, pecking my lips.

“I’d always choose you too, you mean the world to me, and no one else can make me as happy as you do,” Noah tells me and I smile, hugging him resting my head in his neck as he repeatedly kisses my head. “My girl.”

“All yours and you’re all mine,” I tell him as he chuckles, nodding his head. “Now come on we have a three-hour road trip and a lot of snacks to devour,” I say, putting my hair up in a bun.

“Yes, ma’am,” Noah says as we get into the car and I roll my eyes.

Walking into your apartment to find your adult aged friends running around in the middle of a nerf gun fight, is probably the weirdest thing that could happen. Especially when none of them own nerf guns, and if any of their siblings do they’re not close enough to borrow the nerf guns from them. Now ok it might not be that weird, but when they take it as seriously as these guys have taken it, it kind of is. I mean they’re all dressed in camo style outfits, with black face paint on their faces, and the apartment has been turned into what looks like an army training ground.

“They took this way too seriously,” Noah says and we nod. Before we see Noah’s twin brothers running around calling out like they’re gorillas before shooting rapidly, now we know where they got the guns from. “Did they seriously go to my house, borrow the twin’s nerf guns and invite them to have a nerf gun fight with them? They just got back last night,” He asks as I giggle. “We need new friends.”

“Beat it suckers! We win you lose!” Hannah says, doing a victory dance with the twins and Liv, who are apparently the winners since the others look sour.

“That’s not fair you had the demon twins on your team!” Dylan shouts.

“What’s going on?” I ask, putting my case to the side as Noah closes the door behind me.

“Oh, hey you’re back. How was the trip?” Hannah asks, standing there as if this is normal. “What?” She asks when I raise my eyebrow at her. “Oh, this.”

“Did you seriously go to my house to borrow the twins and their nerf guns?” Noah asks the guys’ who nod shrugging.

“We were bored, we were trying to decide what to do. When Dylan came up with the idea of a war, us girls didn’t want to go paint balling because that shit hurts, so we decided on a nerf gun fight,” Sierra explains.

“Figured we’d borrow the twins and their nerf guns rather than buying our own,” Aiden shrugs. “And hey they enjoyed it.”

“It’s awesome!” The twins say at the same time. “We made it like call of duty,” They say together.

“I thought mom threw that away when she found out you guys had it?” Noah asks them and they smile sheepishly. “You bought another copy? With what money?”

“Grandma.” They say at the same time and Noah nods his head in understanding.

“How long did this take you?” I ask them, referring to the apartment and their outfits plus face paint.

“Not very long. I had black lipstick,” Sierra shrugs. “We went to a costume store and since it’s way past Halloween everything was on sale, plus they do props.”

“How was the wedding?” Nick asks.

“It was good. They went on their honeymoon after the reception, and the next day we all went hiking and exploring the lake,” Noah explains.

“That was a long hike!” Max says, and Alex nods in agreement. “Never again,” He shakes his head “Can we carry on? I wanna go again.”

“You two are on different teams this time,” Aiden tells the twins who pout, before getting us some nerf guns, handing them to Noah and I.

“AVA!” Noah shouts when I shoot him in the chest, and I can’t stop giggling. “You’re dead,” He says before chasing after me with his nerf gun and the war begins again.

It’s good to be home.

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