Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 42 | Never Again

* This chapter contains sexual content so if you’re underage or uncomfortable with sexual acts, this is your warning, the book is also rated mature and has a warning in the prologue*


My hands wrap around the warm steaming cup of coffee as my gaze lingers on the state of New England as morning arrives. A blanket is draped across my shoulders, keeping the chilly morning weather from getting to me. Although, the blanket can only do so much. A sigh leaves my lips as my finger rounds the rim of the mug, my thoughts a jumbled mess. Risking a glance inside, Noah’s bare back is on display on the bed, as he sleeps soundly. We slept apart from each other all night, a strange occurrence since ever since we’ve been together we’ve always slept in one another’s arms.

My plan to fly out and surprise him was put a damper on as soon as that girl kissed him. There is no anger towards Noah, he didn’t do anything wrong. He pushed her away. However, things have been tense between us since he left. Getting the hang of the time difference and trying to make our phone calls work in between both of our schedules is hard.

“Morning,” Noah’s rough voice penetrates through my thoughts. Turning my head, I see him leaning against the balcony door with his arms crossed together. His muscles flexing as he does.

“Morning,” I softly smile before turning my attention back to the city in front of me. Hearing the chair next to me scrape a little, Noah sits down beside me. “How did you sleep?”

“Awful,” Noah admits, not sugar-coating anything, and I nod my head in agreement. “I haven’t been sightseeing since I arrived. I wanted to wait for you, in fact, I had a whole day planned. But I understand if you don’t want to.”

My heart melts at his confession. “Where to first?”

His eyes twinkle with happiness as a smile spreads onto his face. “I was thinking I could show you the stadium quickly and then go see some of the famous landmarks.”

I nod my head, and he holds out his hand to me as he helps me up and we walk back inside to get ready for the day. We both get ready, and while I finish getting ready, Noah prepares a quick breakfast in the small kitchenette in the hotel suite. We sit together and eat with small conversation before we head out for a day of sightseeing. Soon enough we’re on our way to the stadium and as soon as we’re out of the cab, Noah rounds my side and hesitantly takes my hand in his. I lace my fingers through his as he leads me onto the field.

“Oh, I bet you love playing on this,” I chuckle, spinning around in the center of the field as he watches me.

“Dylan texts me every day to complain he’s not here,” Noah chuckles and I laugh.

“Such a big child,” I roll my eyes as I walk further onto the field. “How is it? Playing with them?”

“Amazing, training is more brutal than college level though.”

“And I bet you’re still amazing,” I smile, tucking some hair behind my ear. “It’s so cool they invited you out.”

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s normal protocol but hey I won’t question it,” He shrugs.

“I’m proud of you, you know. For everything you’ve accomplished, and everything you will accomplish,” I admit, and he walks closer to me, stroking my cheek.

“That means a lot. I’m glad you’re here to see me accomplish these things,” Noah smiles. “Ready to do some proper sightseeing?”

The rest of the day is then spent walking hand in hand through the city, visiting the monumental sites or some lesser known sites Noah has researched about. We ate at cute little cafes and a hole in the wall place for dinner that was recommended to him. All in all, the day is perfect.

Stepping out of the shower later that night, I wipe the steam off the mirror as I stand in front of it with a towel wrapped around me. I sigh as I take in my reflection. While I still look the same my eyes have dimmed from the events over the past few days. After having an amazing day with Noah, my mind is made up. Now I just have to tell him. Drying off and changing into some pyjamas I step out of the bathroom seeing Noah sits on the edge of the bed on his phone.

“All done?” He questions and I nod before he stands up to take a shower, since I went first.

“Umm,” I grab onto his hand before he can walk past me, and he looks down at me. “Can we talk first?” Worry crosses his features, but he nods his head. “I don’t know what the future holds for us with you being drafted and me still being in college, but what I know for sure is I’ll always regret if we don’t try. I want to be with you, I want to see all your accomplishments...yes we’ve had some bugs we need to work on, but I want to work on them when that time comes.”

“I’ll try to be better too when the time comes. I got caught up going out every night with the team and I could have just taken one off to come back here and facetime you. I’m sorry.”

I smile. “I’m sorry too. I don’t want us to break up.”

“Like I would have let you go without a fight,” Noah mutters and I laugh, throwing my head back. As I stop laughing and my eyes connect with his, he looks at me with such love and care. His eyes flicker down to my lips, and he runs his thumb along my bottom lip. He crashes his lips onto mine as a gasp escapes me. We pour all the released tension into our kiss. Noah rests his hands under my thighs as he lifts me off the ground, and I wrap my legs around his torso as he pushes me roughly against the hotel room wall. I tug on his bottom lip as his hands squeeze my ass before his lips move to my neck.

He grounds his pelvis into my short, covered crotch, a gasp escaping me as I feel how hard he already is. My hands tug off my top, revealing my bare breasts as I never put a bra back on after I got out of the shower. Both of them already heavy with need and my nipples hard, Noah lifts me higher up the wall as he turns his attention to them. His lips cover my left breast as his hand that isn’t holding me up squeezes the other, giving them both equal attention. I rest my head against the wall, as moans of Noah’s name escape my lips. He teases my nipples with his lips and his hands and as I look down at the scene, his face is buried into my breasts.

“Noah,” I scream as his teeth tugs on a nipple. “I need you.”

As soon as I utter the words, he places me down, and it doesn’t take long before we undress each other and stand completely naked. He directs me towards the bed and while I expect him to lower me onto it, instead he stops.

“Hands and knees,” He simply states, and a smirk decorates my features as I turn around and crawl onto the bed so I’m on my hands and knees, my ass stuck into the air. As Noah climbs onto the bed behind me, his hands run over my back, all the way to my ass, giving a generous squeeze. He places delicate kisses on my spine before patting my ass, and then I hear the condom wrapper tear open. As I get comfortable, Noah’s hands grip my hips to line us up, and I turn my head. His eyes focus on mine as he grips his dick before sliding into me. Both of us moaning at the contact. Allowing us both to adjust. Once we have, Noah’s hands grip my hips tighter as he starts to move our bodies.

Moans fill the hotel suite, and occasional pleasure filled screams as he slams into me from behind and slaps my ass. My hands fist the bed sheets, and my sensitive nipples rub against the bed as we move in sync. Noah’s hand wraps in my hair, tugging on it, lightly enough so it doesn’t hurt yet hard enough where it gives me pleasure.

“Noah,” I breathlessly moan as he slams into me once more and pulls at my hair. “More.”

Wanting more of his hands on my body, he understands what I mean as he pulls out before pulling me up and pressing my back against his front. I rest my hands on the bed frame and my head on his shoulder as he re-enters me once again. This time, as one hand grips my hips as our bodies move, his other squeezes my breast. Giving me the release I needed. He toys and teases with both, and I wrap my arms around his neck behind me as he presses a kiss to my neck.

“Hold back on,” Noah commands, and I do as he says, once again holding onto the bed frame. His free hand that doesn’t hold my hips, reaches down between us to caress in between my legs, while he thrusts into me from behind. “Fuck baby.”

He grunts as he pushes into me and fingers rub against me as we get closer and closer to our release. I whimper as my orgasm rips through me and I sag back against him, both of us having came together. Our pants fill the room, and Noah pulls out before disposing of the condom and pulls us both down onto the bed, with me resting on his chest.

“Tell you one thing, make up sex is phenomenal,” Noah says and I laugh, slapping his chest. “I’m glad we’re ok now.”

“Me too. Let’s not do this whole questioning our relationship ever again,” I add, and he nods.

Never again.

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