Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 43 | I Love Him...Wait What?


Click. Click. Click.

I groan, as I continue doing what I’ve been repeatedly been doing for the last thirty minutes in order to book my plane ticket home for my mom’s anniversary next week. Why has it taken thirty minutes? Well first, the site crashed on me halfway through meaning I had to go back and redo everything. Second, Dylan had to borrow Noah’s laptop I’m using for something because his crashed, and thirdly the internet the guys have is being extremely slow.

“You’ve been groaning for twenty minutes. I almost thought you were having fun without me,” Noah smirks as he walks out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, leaving his bare muscled chest on display.

“Hilarious,” I deadpan.

He runs the towel over his hair. “Still trying to find flights?”

“Yes. Everything is getting in my way,” I mutter, roughly hitting the keyboard. Finally getting onto the website and it begins to work, I smile in relief. Finally, no more distractions.

Ring Ring!

Damn it! I just jinxed myself. Sighing, I reach over Noah’s bed grabbing my phone from the bedside table. Noah chuckles and I shoot him a glare.

“Hi dad,” I say, leaning back on Noah’s bed. Noah walks over to kiss my cheek before heading to his wardrobe.

“Hey sweetheart. Have you booked your plane ticket home for next week?” Dad asks.

“That’s what I’m trying to do now, but it’s taking forever. I’m planning for Tuesday, then mom’s anniversary in on Wednesday and I’ll probably head back home Thursday night. I can’t stay long because I’d miss too many classes,” I explain. My eyes flicker over to where Noah stands. Watching as he drops the towel, my eyes roam over his bare body as he gets some clothes out. I bite my lip at his appearance and Noah sees me eying him through his mirror, making him smirk and then wink at me.

“I know, I don’t expect you to. Coming home for a couple of days just for your mom means a lot,” Dad says, making me smile.

“Of course, I’ll always come home for it. How are Catherine and Reece?” I ask him. I have spoken to Reece a couple times over school and other things, sometimes just to catch up.

“They’re very good. There are some problems with Reece’s dad showing up. He says he wants to get to know Reece, but Reece doesn’t want that. I mean he missed fourteen years of his life, what kind of father does that?” Dad asks, annoyed.

“You really care about him, huh?” I ask and Noah walks over to the bed sitting next to me wrapping his arm around me as he kisses my neck making me smile at him as I wrap my arm around his neck resting my head against his as he kisses my temple “Do you see this with Catherine becoming serious?”

Dad’s gruff voice breaks me out of my trance with Noah. “I mean, I would like it to be. I would never get married again or have any other kids. I had all that with your mom and Catherine knows I wouldn’t get married again, she says she’s ok with that as she has never been a big wedding person. Anyway, Blue is nudging me to take him out, pushy ass dog. I should go I’ll see you next week.”

“Bye dad, love you,” I say, putting the phone down. “He was just checking about my flight for next week.”

“Can I ask you something?” Noah asks, and I nod. “If I offered, would you let me come with you?” Noah asks and my eyes snap to his. “I don’t like the thought of leaving you alone for your mom’s anniversary. I don’t know, it might be a good idea to meet your dad finally. It’s not like I’m busy, I don’t have practice or games. I can skip a couple classes.”

“You’d want to come with me and meet my dad?” I ask him, and he nods his head.

“If you want me to yeah, I mean I understand if you don’t want me there cause it’s your moms anniversary.”

“No, I do want you there. I’d really like it if you met my dad and I do want you there for her anniversary. It would mean a lot to me if you are there,” I tell him, resting my forehead against his.

“I guess we should book another ticket, huh?” Noah asks and I smile kissing him.

God, I love him...wait what?


Tapping my pen against the table, I sigh. Leaning back into my chair, listening to my professor talk about the American Revolution. After both Ava and I booking tickets to New York this morning, I headed off to class soon after. But not before Ava decided to show me her appreciation. Fuck, now I’m thinking of my girl on her knees with her pretty little lips wrapped around my dick and her full tits on display. Shifting in my seat, I clear my throat and quickly adjust myself.

“Ok I expect the entire reading of the American Revolution to be completed because we still have a lot to go before finals,” Our professor says as everyone starts to pack up, throwing my bag over my head I make my way down the stairs and out of the lecture hall. His voice was definitely enough to deflate anything. Making my way out of class, my phone rings and I see Liam’s name pop up.

“Hey,” I answer the phone as I make my way to the parking lot to my car.

“Hey, you busy?” Liam’s voice comes through the speaker once I attach it to my car.

“Just heading back to the apartment after class, what’s up?”

Pulling away from campus, Liam continues. “Got your text earlier about flying to New York with Ava. Emery and I are thinking of having a barbecue out our place, once you’re back.”

“Actually using your own place for once, something wrong?” I chuckle.

“Nah, just thought we’d have one at our place for once. You can invite the guys too,” Liam says and I nod my head, even though he can’t see me.

“No worries. Look at you all domesticated,” I tease.

“Bye,” He hangs up and I bellow out a laugh before pulling up to my apartment building. Putting the car in park, I head up to my apartment. My hand on the doorknob, my brows burrow as I hear Dylan talking in a baby voice. Opening the door, what I see shocks me. My friends and girlfriend, running around the apartment chasing after a small puppy. It’s probably one of the weirdest things I have ever come home to. Especially since none of us own a puppy.

“I don’t know what’s worse. The fact you might have stolen a puppy or that three football players, including a running back, can’t catch it,” I voice, closing the door behind me as they turn their attention to me. The puppy barks, wagging its tail as it runs over to me. Crouching down, I smile as the puppy runs straight into my arms and I chuckle, picking it up as it licks my face.

“Oh, thank god. We’ve been trying to catch her for thirty minutes,” Hannah pants, with her hands on her knees, and everyone else is the exact same.

“Who’s dog is she?” I question, stroking the fur of the miniature Australian Shepard in my arms. She has a mix of brown, black, white, and grey in her fur and she is extremely small, meaning she couldn’t be more than a couple months old.

“Funny story,” Dylan smiles sheepishly. “So I kind of maybe, you know, adopted her,” Dylan says scratching the back of his neck. “But just look at that cute face how can you not want to adopt her?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll make sure Dylan stays away from you,” Ava walks over and talks in a baby voice to the dog, who barks in agreement and Dylan’s jaw drops.

I sigh. “How did this even happen? I was in class for an hour.”

“We were heading to this new ice cream place that opened,” Liv begins, before looking at Dylan.

“But on the way there we saw an animal rescue shelter. Dylan wanted to go in so we went in and played with some of the animals,” Sierra says.

“She was in the corner and was so playful with us. So I adopted her. She should not have been in there,” Dylan says, crossing his arms. “The worker said she was born a couple months ago, and the mom passed away. The rest of her siblings were sold, but she wasn’t because she was too energetic and people thought she might be a handful,” Dylan pouts. “She’s just looking for some love.”

“Dylan that’s sweet of you...really, but how are you going to look after a puppy?” I question. “We aren’t allowed pets in our building, Dylan. How did you even get her up here?”

“He shoved her under his top,” Ava explains.

“I know we’re not allowed pets, but I couldn’t leave her. Honestly, I didn’t really think much about the how to look after her I just adopted her right there and then.”

“Dylan, you can’t keep her. I’ve known you to kill a goldfish within a week and you even told me yourself your hamster lasted two weeks when you were little before that died to,” Aiden rolls his eyes.

“I’m dating a monster,” Hannah says “A fish and hamster killing monster.”

“So, what do we do with her? It’s not like we can take her back to the animal rescue place, we’re not that heartless,” Nick says.

“I don’t know we can’t keep her here. Our building doesn’t allow pets, and it’s not like any of us can look after her. I mean none of us actually live in L.A,” Aiden says “We all have to get flights home whenever we go to visit in the holidays.”

“Maybe we can put posters up around town, and on campus. Ask people we know if they want to adopt her,” Ava says. “I think she likes you,” Ava says to me, watching as the puppy nestles herself into my chest.

“Too bad Noah can’t adopt her,” Hannah says.

“No but maybe my parents can. It’s worth a shot asking right? I mean Luna has wanted a puppy forever, and it’s literally the only thing my parents say no to her about, but I mean she won’t grow too big. She’s perfect size for Luna,” I explain.

“So how do we convince your parents to adopt her?” Dylan asks. “I mean if they’ve said no before they might say no again so how are we supposed to convince them?”

Good question.

“Noah Alexander Jackson!” Mom shouts, standing in front of us with her arms crossed and a mad look on her face, which doesn’t happen often. “Please tell me you did not get a puppy?” Mom asks, seeing Luna and the twins playing with the puppy as dad, Liam, Emery and Grandma stand there watching.

“Dylan adopted her,” I say, throwing him under the bus and Dylan’s jaw drops I shrug at him. I mean, I don’t rat people out, but my mom is scary when she needs to be.

“DUDE!” Dylan shouts. “Don’t tell her that she scares me when she’s mad,” He says and mom smirks. “In my defence she was too cute to leave at the animal rescue place,” He says holding his hands up in surrender and mom rolls her eyes.

“Mommy, can we keep her pwweeeaaasssseeee,” Luna says, jumping up and down before wrapping her arms around mom’s legs.

“Maybe, why don’t you and the twins take her to the back garden and play with her while I have a conversation with your brother,” Mom says and Liam makes a throat cutting motion behind her as if telling me I’m dead. “Liam go with them,” She says and Liam nods before him and Emery follow them outside.

“I don’t see the problem,” Grandma says and I smile at her. “That puppy is adorable and I think the twins and Luna are old enough.”

“That may be so, but a puppy is a lot of work. They need training and it takes a lot to look after them. Which is will end up being Sarah and me doing because the other’s even though are old enough to have a puppy, won’t be able to take care of her on their own,” Dad says.

“Well, you can teach the twins and Luna how to do some basic things with her, like put water in her water bowl whenever it needs refilling and feeding her three times a day. I also live here so I can help with that. We can train her in no time and we have a massive back garden where she can run around in,” Grandma comes up with a solution. “Noah can take her on walks whenever we need him to.”

“I can?” I ask her, and she glares at me, crossing her arms. “Dylan adopted her, make him do it,” I say, and she rolls her eyes. “Fine.”

“Perfect,” Grandma says, clapping her hands together. “Problem sorted. I mean the kids aren’t the only ones who want a puppy.”

“Please mom. We can’t take her back to animal rescue,” I tell her and mom sighs.

“Ok fine!” Mom says, and we all cheer. “You broke me,” She says and I chuckle, hugging her. “I guess having a puppy will be good for them.”

“Can we keep her?” Luna asks, hugging the puppy.

“Yes, you can keep her,” Mom says and Luna smiles, running over to hug her. “Thank Noah, he’s the reason you have her,” Mom says and Luna jumps on me.

“Thank you Noah-Bear,” Luna says, hugging me and I chuckle hugging her back. “Can I name her?” She asks, and I nod my head before she runs back over to the puppy.

And thus, Callie Jackson joined the family.

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