Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 46 | My Home Is With Him


I am in love with Noah Alexander Jackson.

How do I know this? Well, I can’t imagine my life without him. There isn’t anyone in the world I would want to spend every single day with. He’s handsome, caring, kind, funny, considerate, amazing. I could go on and on. He is the person I want to experience everything with and go through every big life milestone with. I mean, I’ve always known he was somebody I could fall in love with and I have. I mean I’ve had the feeling for a while and times where it’s almost slipped out as if on instinct but I never said anything until I truly knew I love him but him coming to New York to meet my dad and be here for my mom’s anniversary just proves how much I love him.

Now I’ve just got to tell him. You know when I work up the courage to.

Looking in the bathroom mirror as I finish curling my hair and gather some of it to put up in a half up half down style. I see Noah leaning against the bathroom door that connects to my room, just watching me. I smile at him through the mirror, finishing doing my hair. He walks up to me, wrapping his arms around me from behind as I lean back in his chest placing my hands on his arms. Sighing in content, I close my eyes when I feel him kiss my head. Noah had been my rock yesterday. Never leaving my side and holding me in his arms while we looked through the photo book and at her grave. Not judging me for talking to her grave like some guys would, and even talking to her himself.

“What are you thinking about?” Noah asks, as my eyes connect with his in the mirror.

“You,” I admit. “I’m glad you were with me yesterday. You made the day better,” I tell him and he smiles kissing my cheek. “Come on, time for breakfast. Then I’m showing you around New York, and I have lunch plans for us,” I say, pulling him out of the bathroom as he raises his eyebrow at our lunch plans he has no idea about.

I have planned a surprise lunch date for us out in the city. Noah plans these surprise dates for me all the time and he does a lot for me, especially yesterday. So, I wanted to take him out on a date as a thank you for everything. Thankfully, unlike L.A I know New York and know great spots for dates especially when they involve food.

“Good morning,” Catherine says as we reach the bottom of the stairs, seeing her in the kitchen with my dad and Reece at the breakfast bar. “Welcome back home,” She smiles coming over to hug me, which I embrace. “We didn’t want to impose yesterday or else we would have come and seen you sooner since you’re leaving today.”

“It’s fine I would stay longer but classes call,” I say and she chuckles. “You really need to learn to cook anything other than toast, dad. I mean, what if me or Catherine can’t make you breakfast?”

“McDonalds,” Dad says as we all laugh and I roll my eyes.

“Thank god you’re here. Watching these two is nauseating,” Reece says and I chuckle before giving him a side hug and ruffling his hair. Blue barks before running into the kitchen, running past me to Noah as my jaw drops.

“Blue!” I shout, offended, watching as Noah strokes his fur. “My dog likes my boyfriend better than me,” I pout. “You’re never coming back here,” I tell Noah, who throws his head back laughing. “Oh, so now you come to the person who raised you,” I tell Blue as he rubs his head against my leg as an apology. “You’re too cute to stay mad at.”

“What can I say? Dogs love me,” Noah chuckles and I glare at him. “You were happy two days ago that he didn’t bite me.”

“I change my mind,” I say, and Noah rolls his eyes playfully. “Anyway Noah, this is my dad’s girlfriend Catherine and her son Reece. Guys, this is my boyfriend Noah.”

“Ah, the complicated friendship relationship thing you told us about at Christmas. Well, congratulations on getting together. It’s nice to meet you, Noah,” Catherine says as we sit down at the breakfast bar. “How long have you been together now?”

“Four months,” Noah says, resting his hand on my thigh.

“I’m surrounded by nauseating couples,” Reece sighs.

“He’s never gonna get a girlfriend,” Catherine sighs, making us all laugh as Reece rolls his eyes before we all carry on eating and talking.

Walking through the main streets of New York hand in hand, Noah looks like he’s seen a ghost. He doesn’t know where to look or what to do, it’s kind of cute. New York is a lot different from Los Angeles, so it doesn’t surprise me that Noah is in shock. I mean both cities are fast paced it’s just with New York, it’s extremely intense. The amount of people walking around, especially the businessmen and women who talk into bluetooth pieces and the amount of honking cabs, is insane.

We spent the morning walking the streets as I pointed out to Noah, big parts of the city. I had taken him to the Empire State building, which usually takes forever to get into since the line is crazy long. But thankfully I had a friend from high school who works there now and they managed to get us in since we were only here for the rest of the day. We had done some shopping for his family to get some souvenirs.

“Now are you going to tell me?” Noah asks, pouting. I still haven’t told him where we are going for lunch. I just told him I was taking him on a surprise date and that he would love it...hopefully.

“We’re almost there,” I tell him, pulling him along and into the lunch restaurant. “Hi, I have a reservation for Miller,” I tell the hostess. She nods her head, gathering some menus before leading us upstairs and to the rooftop balcony that overlooks the city, showing off the tall buildings and the ocean that sits between them.

“What’s this all for?” Noah asks me now we’re seated right next to the balcony.

“This is me taking you on a date. You take me on surprise dates all the time. I wanted to do one for you and plus it’s a thank you for being with me yesterday and always,” I tell him and he smiles. “I also wanted to show you more of New York.”

“New York is so different than, L.A. I mean, don’t get me wrong. They both have tall buildings and a lot of traffic, but L.A seems more chill about the fast pace of the city,” Noah explains, and I nod my head.

“I actually prefer L.A over New York, which is weird because New York is my home, but I prefer L.A,” I tell Noah.

“Have you ever thought about staying and living in L.A once you graduate?” Noah asks, curious.

“I’m not gonna lie. I have thought about it. A lot, actually. I love Los Angeles, and well, all my friends live closer to L.A than New York. I can see myself living in L.A and making a life for myself there. I haven’t talked to my dad about it because I still have two years and this could change. But it’s a possibility I would live there after graduation,” I explain and Noah nods “What about you?”

“For football I could move out of Los Angeles depending on what happens. I love it there and my family are there, and I would move back there eventually but I’d want to experience somewhere else,” Noah says and I nod. “So I’d be open to moving for football if it comes to that.”

“I’m happy you met my dad and Blue,” I tell him. “It means a lot to me you came to New York with me, and I’m glad they like you,” I say and he smiles.

“Me too, they’re your family and they mean everything to you. I’m glad they like me,” Noah says and I smile. “And I’m very glad Blue didn’t tear up my shoes or bite me.”

I laugh before smiling at him. He takes my hand from across the table before bringing it up to kiss it, before the food arrives.

That night, we are getting our bags out of the car. Dad, Noah and I stand outside of the airport along with Blue, ready to say goodbye. Our flight is soon and we land back at LAX at one in the morning as we have classes in the afternoon.

“Do you have everything?” Dad asks, closing the trunk of the car as Noah holds both of our bags.

“I think so, I’ll miss you,” I tell dad hugging him. “Will you be ok?” I ask, knowing the couple days after mom’s anniversary it’s still all a little raw.

“I’ll be fine, sweetheart,” Dad says and I nod my head before crouching down to hug Blue. “Noah, take care of my daughter for me,” Dad says, shaking Noah’s hand. “You did good, this time, Ava. Love you.”

“Love you too, dad,” I say, hugging him once more while Noah strokes Blue. Pulling away, we say goodbye one last time before heading into the airport. Getting through check in and security, we don’t have to wait long for our flight so we just grab some things for the flight before heading to the gate.

“Home time,” Noah says, as I rest my head on his chest as we’re seated on the plane.

I’m already home when I’m with him.

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