Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 48 | Would You Let Me Try Something?

* This chapter contains sexual content so if you’re underage or uncomfortable with sexual acts, this is your warning, the book is also rated mature and has a warning in the prologue*


“I still think it’s too early to be shopping for stuff for the baby,” Liam says as he and Emery walk into a baby store along with Noah and I, Sarah and Grandma Rose. It is easy to tell how excited Emery is about this baby and Liam is the same.

“Babe, the doctor says everything looks fine, the baby looks healthy, and so am I,” Emery rolls her eyes. A week has passed and Emery is just over two months pregnant, Liam didn’t want to start shopping for baby stuff since they can still miscarriage since she’s not over fourteen weeks, which is why they went to the doctors before deciding anything. “I’m too excited to wait any longer, we’re just getting basics though like strollers, diapers, anything that doesn’t require knowing the gender.”

“You’re excited for your first baby, all of us got this way wanting to shop all the time for baby things,” Sarah says. “Plus, it’s good to get stuff early, depending on how rough your pregnancy will be you might not want to come shopping much.”

“Thankfully, I had an easy pregnancy with Liam, so I’m hoping you will be ok,” Sarah says.

“She will want to kill you when she gives birth. A human head is not small,” Noah smirks to Liam.

“Thanks for the reassurance, Noah,” Emery says, and Noah smiles sheepishly. I roll my eyes and slap his chest, since he’s not helping. “I’m hoping to get an epidural though, which should make it easier. I’m too much of a wimp to have a natural birth.”

“Trust me after five kids, two being twins that came out one after the other epidurals are your best friends,” Sarah says. “I don’t want to alarm you Emery, but twins are common in our family, I had twins and so did Grandma Rose.”

“Forget murdering him when I give birth. I’m thinking about doing it now,” Emery glares at Liam as I chuckle. “Don’t know what you’re laughing at, you’ll have this worry too if you and Noah ever have kids.”

“I’m sorry babe, but I think this is where we go our separate ways,” I tell Noah, who rolls his eyes knowing I’m joking. “Why can’t guys be the ones who give birth instead?”

“I can show you why later,” Noah whispers in my ear, smirking. I mutter for him to shut up but I know I’m blushing like crazy at his insinuation. “You’re cute,” Noah says, kissing my temple.

“Ooh look at this,” Grandma Rose says, picking up a baby onesie that says mommy’s little girl on it.

“Grandma, we don’t know the gender,” Liam rolls his eyes. She shrugs, placing it in the basket before walking off and Liam places it back on the hanger while she isn’t looking. That woman is in her own little world. “Why is she here?”

“She invited herself, I wasn’t going to say no, she’s excited,” Emery waves him off. “Just make sure she doesn’t go buying clothes for the baby that are gender specific,” She says and Liam nods, running off to find her.

“This baby is going to be the most spoiled baby ever, aside from Luna,” Noah says and we laugh. “Especially if Grandma has something to do about it.”

“Emery, look at these mobiles for above a crib,” I show her and she awes over them they are all animal themed. “The koala one is so cute,” I say and she agrees with me.

“They have an elephant one,” Emery says. “I’m getting both, Liam’s rich enough anyway,” She says, making us laugh as she grabs both of them. “I’m blaming you if he asks,” She tells me and I roll my eyes.

“Liam, give me the onesie!” We hear and see Liam and Grandma Rose fighting over a baby onesie.

“We should go help, right?” I ask, and they nod before we head over to separate them.

That night Noah and I are at my apartment getting ready for the showcase Hannah is performing in. She has been working extremely hard all year perfecting her routine, and tonight is big for her not only is it half her grade but there are going to scouts there from famous dance companies. Although she is only a sophomore, if she gets them to notice her it will make her future much easier.

“How do I look?” I ask, walking out of the bathroom after finishing off my makeup seeing Noah sat on the bed on his phone wearing his tuxedo. It’s a prestigious event meaning you had to dress extremely fancy, and I am in a rose gold cowl neck midi dress that falls to my knees with a slit in one side and even though it’s not bodycon tight it still shows off my curves and figure. Noah looks up from his phone, about to speak when he sees me and I can’t help but blush as his eyes trail the length of my body. His eyes filled with love, admiration and of course lust, which I’m sure was in my eyes once I saw him in his tux that hugs his body so well.

“Breathtakingly gorgeous,” Noah murmurs, wrapping his arms around me. “Fuck, I love you so much,” Noah tells me, and I giggle. “How are you so perfect?”

“I have to be to be with you,” I tell him as he chuckles before I lean up to kiss him. “I love you too, and you look so handsome and sexy in this suit,” I say, trailing my hand down his body.

“I’m so taking this dress off you later,” Noah tells me, as I laugh. “People can look at you, but only I see what’s under here,” Noah whispers in my ear, his hand trailing under my dress, squeezing my behind as I bite my lip. “Do we have to go out?”

“Yes we do,” I tell him, placing my hand on his chest. “This night is important for Hannah, you can keep in all you want later,” I say, wrapping my arms around his neck, kissing him deeply as he groans into the kiss, his hands slipping under my dress again but a knock at the door stops us from going further.

“I’m gonna kill whoever that is,” Noah says, his hand stopping next to my centre. I chuckle as he pulls his hand back from under my dress and I kiss him once more before heading out of the room to the door, opening it revealing Dylan wearing his tuxedo. Kind of. He has his shirt untucked with his tie in one hand, dead flowers in the other and his belt undone.

“Thank god you’re still here. I need your help. I don’t know how to do all this,” Dylan walks into the apartment as I close the door behind him, and he gestures to his attire. “This is the most I’ve ever done for a girl. Are these flowers ok? I accidentally sat on them in the car. I’m kind of nervous, can you tell?”

“Really? No,” Noah sarcastically smirks as Dylan rolls his eyes, glaring at him. “Why are you nervous, anyway?”

“Well, for one it’s a big night for Hannah. Second, her parents are coming to watch it and we’re going for dinner later and I’ve never had to meet girls parents before I don’t know what to do and third, I think I love her,” Dylan says. “Well, her mom anyway, she’s not sure if her dad’s coming.”

“Ok we can do this. First throw these away and we’ll buy more of them on the way,” I say, taking the dead flowers out of his hand. “While I do that, tuck your shirt in and do your belt,” I say and he nods as I put the flowers in the bin. Walking back, I take the tie off him and help him put it on. “I’ve met her mom before, she’s nice so is her dad aside from being reserved about her dancing, and you won’t have to talk to them during the show because they’re a couple rows in front. So you have ages to pull yourself together.”

“Let’s get going before we’re late...or Dylan faints,” Noah says, and we all agree. Heading out of the apartment and getting into the car, we make our way to campus.

“You did amazing!” I tell Hannah, hugging her after the performance. A good two and a half hours later the showcase has finished and Hannah’s performance was incredible, which was no surprise. She’s a great dancer. “By the way, Dylan is nervous about meeting your parents,” I whisper in her ear making sure no one hears before pulling away and she nods her head at me.

“I got you these,” Dylan tells her, looking extremely nervous. She chuckles, shaking her head before kissing and hugging him as she thanks him, and Dylan looks a lot less nervous now.

“Where’s my baby?” We hear, and I see Hannah’s mom running over.

“Mom!” Hannah rolls her eyes, pulling away from Dylan embarrassed as he chuckles and she elbows his stomach as he huffs. “Some football player,” She mumbles and they’re back to normal. “Hi mom,” She smiles, hugging her. “Hey dad,” Hannah nervously says as he walks up to us. But I can tell she’s overjoyed he’s here even if he doesn’t approve.

“You were so good, sweetheart,” Hannah’s dad smiles.

“Thanks dad, you remember Avalon, right?” Hannah says as I wave and they come over to hug me since I had met them that time I spent Thanksgiving at theirs in freshman year. “And the girls I’ve told you about Sierra and Olivia,” She introduces. “That’s Ava’s boyfriend Noah, Sierra’s boyfriend Aiden, Liv’s boyfriend Nick, and this is my boyfriend Dylan,” She says, wrapping her hand around Dylan’s arm.

“It’s nice to meet you Dylan, Hannah talks a lot about you,” Hannah’s mom says as Hannah blushes bright red.

“Trust my parents to embarrass me in front of my boyfriend,” Hannah says as we all laugh. “Anyway, I need to go get changed out of my dance clothes and then we can go to dinner, so while I’m doing that you can get to know Dylan a bit better,” Hannah smiles and I swear the color drains from Dylan’s face. “Thank you all for coming,” Hannah says, coming around to hug us all. As she heads off backstage, we all say goodbye to Dylan, leaving him to get acquainted with Hannah’s parents. Which he’ll probably kill us for later since we all know how nervous he is.

God help him.

Saying goodbye to each other, Noah and I make our way back to my apartment. Getting inside I throw the keys down on the counter, placing my bag on there as well before I’m spun around seeing the lustful look in Noah’s eyes.

“I did tell you I was taking this dress off you,” Noah smirks.

“Why don’t I do it for you?” I tease, hooking my fingers under the straps of my dress, pulling them down. The dress soon falls to the floor around me leaving me in just a lace thong. Noah’s lustful gaze roams every inch of me, carefully remembering every part of me. His eyes focusing on some parts of me more than others.

“You know I love you, right?” Noah huskily says, his eyes meeting mine. I smile, nodding my head before stepping away from the dress, walking to him in my heels.

“I know, I love you too,” I tell him, wrapping my arms around his neck. “Let me show you just how much,” I whisper in his ear before moving my hands down his chest as I lower myself onto my knees in front of him. Unbuckling his belt and removing his pants as well as his boxers.

“Shit, Ava,” Noah hisses as soon as I take him into my mouth and his hand tangles in my hair. “Baby, look at me,” Noah huskily says. My eyes connect with his as I continue to move my mouth up and down his manhood while I wrap my hand around his base, since he’s too big to fit into my mouth. Pumping him with my hand, I feel him getting closer. “Shit, I’m gonna cum,” Noah says, gripping my hair tightly. Soon enough he comes in my mouth and I swallow the sweet taste. “Fuck baby,” Noah groans, watching as I swallow.

“How was that?” I stand back up, wrapping my arms around him.

“You’re fucking incredible,” Noah lustfully says. “Now,” Noah says, picking me up by my thighs as I squeal. “My turn,” Noah smirks, kissing me as he carries me to my room. As soon as we’re in and the door is locked, Noah gently throws me onto the bed watching as I bounce up and down. He smirks before removing every piece of clothing he’s wearing. Climbing on top of me he kisses me hard as his hand palms my breast. “Would you let me try something?”

“Depends what it is,” I tell him truthfully.

“Would you let me tie you up?” Noah asks, holding up his shirt. I smirk before nodding my head. Soon enough my hands are tied above my head against the bedframe, his shirt keeping me from moving my hands. Noah kisses me softly before kissing down my body, his lips lightly teasing my nipple making me whimper. “That’s my girl,” Noah smirks, before moving down and getting rid of my underwear.

Parting my legs, he leaves kisses on the inside of my thigh before placing his lips on my womanhood. I moan, tugging at the restraint as his hands hold my legs apart and he circles his tongue around my clit.

“Noah. No teasing, I want you now. I want you inside of me when I cum,” I moan.

“Yes ma’am,” Noah smirks, removing his head from between my legs. “Condom?”

“I’m on the pill, it’s fine and I’m clean,” I say.

“Me too,” Noah says. “You sure?” Noah asks, and I nod. Slowly Noah pushes into me and we both sigh at the feeling of skin on skin. “Fuck this feels amazing,” Noah sighs into my shoulder, increasing his speed. His hands meet mine tied around the bed frame, getting us both to moan as my nipples rub against his chest as he moves in and out of me.

“More,” I moan and Noah grabs my legs before pushing into me at a different angle, my eyes rolling to the back of my head.

“Shit, baby that’s it,” Noah groans, his lips catching my nipple as he continues to push in and out of me. “Scream my name for me,” Noah huskily commands as one of his hands moves in between us, getting me there faster.

“Noah,” I scream as he thrusts into me hard. “I’m so close.”

“Cum for me baby girl,” Noah grunts, pushing his tongue into my mouth as I go to moan swallowing it. Soon enough we hit our highs and my screams as well as his grunts fill the apartment. He pulls out of me leaving me, feeling empty before carefully laying his body on top of mine so we can feel everything but gentle enough so he doesn’t crush me. He unties me, and I wrap my arms around him as he kisses me slowly.

“Tired?” Noah asks, and I nod with my eyes closed. Noah chuckles, moving off me bringing the covers over us both before bringing me into his side to cuddle. “Sleep princess,” Noah says, his hand running through my hair.

I slept a lot.

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