Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 49 | Finals Week


Sitting cross-legged on the couch, a cup of coffee in my hand as my textbooks, study notes, and my laptop surround me. I can’t wait to have exams over and done with and be able to relax once again. Exam week has been extremely stressful for everyone. As it always is. More so for the seniors including the guys. They’ve barely left their apartment all week unless it was to go for an exam or the library. Some nights we have all done a group study session.

Helping each other. Some nights Noah and I were hauled up in his room or my room, quizzing each other for our exams. Then later passing out together. Noah, the lucky idiot, had his last exam yesterday and is now free from exams. Unlucky for me, I still have one to go and that is tomorrow. Hannah had left for her date with Dylan a while ago, so the peace and quiet is nice. She also finished hers and is staying at Dylan’s tonight so I can study. A knock on the door changes that, however.

“Who is it?” I shout, too lazy to get up off the couch. Also, I’ve been sat crossed legged for so long I can’t feel my legs.

“Your handsome and incredibly sexy boyfriend,” Noah replies, and I roll my eyes. “Who brings Chinese food.”

“Come in,” I immediately shout back. He opens the door, chuckling as I hold my arms out for the food.

“Why is it you’re happier to see the food than me?” Noah asks, walking over to me leaning down to kiss me. “Hi baby.”

“Hi,” I smile, pecking his lips again before he sits down on the couch next to me. “And to answer your question you can’t compete with food in my eyes.” I shrug, taking the food out.

“Good to know,” Noah chuckles. “I know you’ve been studying a lot, so I wanted to bring dinner,” Noah says, and I kiss his cheek.

“You’re sweet. I’m still envious you’re finished though,” I say, and he laughs.

“The football team is throwing a party at the football house after finals week, so you can blow off steam then,” Noah brushes some hair away from my face.

“I can only imagine how crazy Dylan will get now that he is one free of any academic responsibilities and two since he’s been hauled up for two weeks,” I chuckle before I turn the conversation to the upcoming big event. “You excited for graduation?”

“More nervous my family will be the loudest people there,” Noah says, and I laugh. “You know how grandma can get,” He says and I nod my head. “Are you nervous? To find out where I’ll be?”

“Yeah,” I admit, looking into his eyes. “But we’ll make it work and it won’t change anything between us in my eyes,” I say and he smiles. “It’s weird at the start of the academic year I dreaded being around all of you. But it was the best thing to happen to me.”

“I’m glad it happened. I’m so grateful to have met you,” He says and I smile.

“Grateful enough to help me study?” I give him puppy dog eyes, and he chuckles.

“Definitely,” Noah says, grabbing my flashcards before I cuddle into his side as he helps me study.

A couple that studies together stay together.

Making my way through the crowd of people in the football house, the majority of people are already extremely drunk. With finals now over and all that’s left, for the seniors at least, is graduation. Everyone is ready to let loose. Hence, why Dylan is dancing on top of the table pouring a bottle of vodka into his mouth with his shirt off. Hannah has already claimed she is telling people she has no connection to him when people ask ’isn’t he your boyfriend?’. Coming back from the bathroom, I head back to where some of my friends sat. Seeing them still there, I sit down on Noah’s lap, and he instantly curls his muscly arms around me, pulling me into his chest.

“Sure, you don’t want to go get your man?” Sierra chuckles as we watch Dylan make a fool of himself.

“Oh, I’m sure,” Hannah nods, going back to drinking her drink as we snicker. “At this rate he’ll be hung over until graduation.”

“Being hungover makes him a whiny fucker. He can stay at yours until then,” Aiden comments.

Speaking of the man himself, Dylan tumbles over to us before plopping down next to Hannah and planting a big over exasperated kiss on her cheek. “Sup?”

“You reek of alcohol.”

Is Hannah’s blunt reply that makes us all laugh and Dylan pout. “Kiss?”

Hannah rolls her eyes before kissing him, and he smiles like a kid on Christmas.

“This is sad,” Aiden scoffs, looking towards Dylan, who is looking at Hannah with hearts in his eyes. As Aiden keeps joking around, I look down at my hands that Noah is playing with. Leaning back into his chest, he presses a kiss to the side of my neck.

“I’m proud of you,” Noah mutters and I turn my head towards him.

“What for?”

“Finishing finals without a breakdown,” Noah chuckles, and I join in before he kisses my temple.

“Thank you for helping me study,” I peck his lips before wrapping my arms around his neck. “How can I repay you?”

He raises his eyebrow as a look flashes across his facial features, and I laugh, throwing my head back. “I’m a guy, sue me.”

“Well, I do also need to show you how proud of you I am for finishing college,” I trail my finger down his chest as his eyes flare up.

“Hey, you two! Stop giving each other the sex eyes! We don’t want to see that,” Nick hollers as we pull back and everyone laughs.

The next academic year will be different...that’s for sure.

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