Colliding Hearts

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“Aaron Zachary Jackson, get back here and put on your clothes,” I hear Noah shout through the house, making me turn the attention away from the event planner seeing my three-year-old son running through the house in just his underwear. I cross my arms, raising my eyebrow at my husband as he runs into the living area holding Aaron’s clothes in his hands.

“I can explain...” Noah says, seeing my expression and I roll my eyes before taking the clothes off him and kneeling down next to Aaron, getting him dressed as he happily complies. “Mommy’s boy,” Noah mumbles under his breath, seeing Aaron isn’t resisting. “Why can’t you cooperate with daddy so he doesn’t get into trouble?” Noah asks, picking Aaron up in his arms.

“No daddy,” Aaron shakes his head, smiling cheekily at his father, who can’t help but melt at the sight. “Love you, dadda,” Aaron smiles, holding up his arms for a hug.

“Love you too buddy,” Noah smiles, kissing his son’s head. “You love mommy and sissy too?” Noah asks and Aaron nods his head. I smile, placing my hand on my seven-month growing baby bump where my baby girl rests inside. Who would have thought six years after Noah graduated college and moved to New England to play in the NFL we would be living in Los Angeles as husband and wife with our son and baby girl on the way? Definitely not me, but this is the best future I could have wished sfor.

After Noah graduated he flew out to New England a week later to start his training. Meanwhile, I flew back to New York to start my internship. Over the next two years, while I was finishing up my degree, we kept the long distance relationship going and although we had some rocky patches and a three-month breakup in-between. We managed to stay together. Noah proposed to me during my senior year. We had been back together for six months since our breakup happened during my junior year, which was not a good year. He flew me out to New England for a weekend since I had some free time, so we could spend it together when he wasn’t at practice.

“Ok, not much farther, I promise,” Noah reassured as he guided me somewhere by my waist as a blindfold covered my eyes. He had told me he has a surprise for me, but I wasn’t allowed to see where we were going until we got there. We had driven for about ten minutes in the car before we got out and he led me somewhere.

“You said that five minutes ago,” I told him, and he chuckled. “Why can’t you just tell me?”

“Ok ok we’re here,” Noah said and took off the blindfold. I was confused as we stood on the football field where the Patriots train and play in complete darkness.

“Why are we here?” I asked, confused and Noah smiled and kissed my forehead. “Noah...what’s going on?”

“Yo James, get the lights!” Noah shouted as he moved around to stand behind me with his arms wrapped around me. The flood lights switched on and blinded me for a mere second before I saw a bunch of rose petals lay on the ground of the field...

Will You Marry Me?

Tears started to form in my eyes and I turned around to see Noah down on one knee as he held a ring.

“Avalon Rose Miller, when you first walked onto the field that day I immediately knew you were special and I know we’ve had some rocky times over the years but you’ve been supportive of me through everything I’ve wanted to do and never left my side, you’re the most beautiful, caring, sweetest and most feisty person I’ve ever met,” Noah said and made me laugh at the last part. “But I can’t imagine my life without you and I would love to be able to marry you and call you my wife. Will you marry me?” Noah said, and I nodded my head as tears ran down my face.

“Of course you dufus,” I said and made him laugh. He stood up and placed the ring on my finger before he picked me up and twirled me around as I laughed.

“I love you so much,” Noah said as he leaned down to kiss me and I wrapped my arms around him tightly.

“I love you too,” I whispered back before I heard cheers and turned to see his family, my dad, our friends, and the guys from the team, including the coach. “I hate you,” I buried my face in his neck as he laughed.

“You’re engaged!” Hannah screamed as she tackled me in a hug as I laughed and all the guys piled onto Noah.

“Hey, don’t break my fiancé,” I told them and they laughed. “Hi dad.”

“My little girl isn’t so little anymore,” He said as he hugged me. “I approve though, he drove up to New York to ask me for my permission,” Dad said and I smiled as I rolled my eyes, knowing he would do something like that. “Your mother would be so proud,” Dad said, and I smiled, teary eyed, before I hugged him tighter. Noah’s family all came over and hugged me, as did everyone else.

“To the newly engaged couple!” Dylan shouted, making everyone cheer, and I smiled and looked over at Noah, who grinned at me.

After the engagement we spent a few more days together before I headed back to LA, and graduated from college a few months after, which Noah managed to get done for, which I appreciated as he has a tight schedule. After graduating I managed to get a job working at the LA HQ of Vogue, luckily Noah, after playing two years at the New England Patriots gaining a very successful career, had gotten transferred to the LA Chargers and moved back home.

Immediately, we started looking for a place together and managed to move into our very first house a few months later, which was also the exact same time I became pregnant with Aaron. Needless to say his family and my dad were extremely happy, especially Grandma Rose who claimed she wanted more grandkids before she kicked the bucket. Her words, not mine. Noah wasn’t expecting the pregnancy news at all...

As I set up a surprise for Noah in the guest bedroom of our new house, I waited for him to get back from football practice.

“Babe?” Noah shouted and let me know he was back. I smiled before I headed downstairs and saw Noah with his football stuff as he walked through the door. “Hey beautiful,” Noah smiled, and I went over to kiss him.

“You need a shower,” I scrunched up my nose and he chuckled. “I have a surprise for you,” I told Noah excitedly, and he looked confused. “Come on,” I said, and grabbed his hand to lead him up the stairs.

“Does it involve you in some sexy lingerie?” Noah smirked, and I rolled my eyes.

“Such a guy. No...maybe later,” I told him before I opened the door to the guest bedroom and led him inside. “Surprise,” I told him and Noah looked around the room at the balloons that spelled out ‘baby’s nursery’, to the baby onesie on the bed and the sonogram of our baby.

“You’re pregnant?” Noah asked as he turned to me, and I nodded my head. “We’re having a baby, we’re gonna be parents,” Noah said as it sunk in. “FUCK YEAH!” Noah shouted and grabbed me and spun me around as I laughed and hugged him. “I love you so so so much,” Noah kissed my face. “When did you find out?”

“Today. I wanted to surprise you. I know we hadn’t planned to try until after we got married...”

“I don’t care, this is the best news ever,” Noah said, and kissed my forehead. “God, we’re having a baby,” Noah rested his hand on my stomach.

“We are,” I smiled and rested my hand over his.

Being pregnant with Aaron was the greatest, Noah was amazing throughout the pregnancy, I had my mood swings a lot of them yet Noah was the sweetest getting me everything I needed even at 2am in the morning. We also were planning the wedding while I was pregnant, because I wanted us to get married before I got too fat to get into a wedding dress, so with the help of Noah’s mom we managed to have the wedding ready when I was five months pregnant and thankfully wasn’t showing much. At the reception I also planned for the baby gender reveal, to happen where we revealed we were having a boy, which Noah was oblivious to, but I knew he wanted a boy he could play sports with just like he did with his dad.

Noah was great with helping me raise Aaron. He is the best father to him, managing to balance his NFL career with being a family man. Aaron clearly wants to become like his dad if the pictures he draws of him and Noah in jersey’s is any indication and it’s the sweetest thing. Then seven months ago I became pregnant again this time with a baby girl, which is what I wanted. Noah was already so overprotective of her, and Aaron was already being the best big brother ever helping us with her nursery and drawing pictures for her.

“I’m gonna be the best big brother ever!” Aaron shouts, making us laugh.

“Yes you are,” I tell him, kissing his head. “She’s a very lucky girl. Speaking of the big brother, are you ready for your party birthday boy?” I ask him, and he nods his head.

“PRESENTS!” He says and I roll my eyes, glaring at Noah because I know he gets that from him. “When are my friends coming?” Aaron asks, referring to our friends’ kids who he had grown super close to over the years.

“Soon buddy. Why don’t you go to the garden and play with Isaac and Sally while you wait?” Noah asks, putting Aaron down who goes to run off to find our two puppy huskies we adopted from a rescue shelter a few months ago. We had always wanted dogs in the family and so had Aaron, so we went to go and look at them a few months ago and came home with two.

“How’s my little princess doing?” Noah asks, resting his hand on my bump and kissing my forehead.

“She’s kicking a lot, but I think she knows it’s her big brother’s birthday. See,” I say, feeling her kick again and Noah chuckles.

“It looks great out here,” Noah says as we walk hand in hand to the back garden, where everything is set up for Aaron’s birthday. “Do we spoil him?”

“Definitely, I just use the excuse he’s our first kid, but I know this little one will be very spoiled,” I say, and Noah agrees.

“Where is my great grandbaby?” We hear and immediately know it’s Grandma Rose. “I have a lot of presents for him,” She says and Aaron’s ears perk up.

“Gram gram!” Aaron says, running over to her as she scoops him up, hugging him, and the rest of Noah’s family makes their way to us. How much had things changed? Well, Luna is now 12 years old, and the twins are now 18 and inherited the good genes, and Liam and Emery’s daughter Rhea is six years old and also have another little girl who is now three and a newborn baby boy.

“Rose, stop hogging the birthday boy,” Sarah says, pulling away from our hug and I go to hug Luna who is still very cute and obsessed with her big brother Noah.

“I’m allowed to,” Grandma Rose, says making us all roll our eyes.

“Sweet bouncy house,” Max says, eyeing it up and I roll my eyes at the twins’ behavior. “Ava.”

“Go for it...but if you break it, I break you!” I shout to them both as they run off to it.

“They will never grow up, will they?” Noah’s dad asks me, coming over to hug me. “How’s my granddaughter doing?”

“She’s a kicker,” I say, and he chuckles. “Isaac...Sally!” I shout to get them away from the bouncy house and they come running over to play with Callie, who is also here.

“There’s my baby and my baby’s baby,” Dad says walking through the gate along with Catherine and Reece, who walks in with his girlfriend. Reece is now 20 and actually moved down to LA for college, so he is around the house a lot.

“Hi dad,” I smile, hugging him and then Catherine, Reece, and his girlfriend Millie. Blue unfortunately passed away a couple years ago, and it was pretty difficult as he was there for me when my mom passed away and he was kind of the last thing to link her to me. “Those for Aaron?” I ask, referring to the sack of presents Reece is carrying.

“I’m Santa today,” Reece says, making me chuckle. “Where is the little guy, anyway?” Reece asks, looking around and I point to the bouncy castle where all the kids even Max and Alex are. “We’ll go take them to him,” Reece says and I nod as he and Millie walk off.

“How’s the pregnant mama doing?” I hear and see all our friends walking in with their kids. Aiden and Sierra were the first to get pregnant while Sierra was in her senior year of college, and now they have a little girl, Sienna and a little boy called Tyler. They never got married claiming they weren’t too bothered, but maybe they would in the future. Hannah and Dylan eloped one night in Vegas accidentally but stayed married, Hannah found out soon after she wasn’t able to have kids but her and Dylan adopted a little boy called Charlie when he was a baby. Nick and Liv actually got engaged in junior year and married in senior year. Clearly they didn’t want to wait around. And now they have four kids, clearly, they’ve been busy.

“I’m so glad you guys are here,” I smile, hugging them. “All the kids, including Aaron, are on the bouncy castle if you want to go join,” I tell them all and they run off with Dylan running after them to join.

“I married a child,” Hannah says and we all nod.

“Yes you did,” Noah says, walking over to us wrapping his arm around me. “Glad you could all make it.”

“He’s growing up so quick,” Liv smiles, at Aaron and we nod.

“Soon enough this one will be out too,” Noah says, nodding to my stomach and I chuckle.

“Just don’t do what Nick did and faint,” Sierra smirks, and Nick rolls his eyes.

“One time,” He mumbles making us all laugh. “Heads up,” He says and we look seeing some of Noah’s closest friends he gained from when he was part of the Patriots walking through along with the rest of his new Chargers team. We end our conversation with our friends, saying we’ll be back before Noah and I head over to them.

“There’s the lovely mama to be,” James says, hugging me and I go round hugging some more of the guys. “Aaron!” James says as Aaron runs over to us all and the team gushes over him.

“Look what we brought you little man,” Seth, one of the Noah’s teammates says as the guys hold up lots and lots of bags of presents making Aaron’s eyes light up. I look at Noah, who just shrugs and I chuckle.

“Thank you guys,” I tell them sweetly. “You can open them all later, god knows it will take three days.”

“EVERYBODY!” Noah shouts as we walk to the center of the garden where the cake is, while Noah holds Aaron. Everyone stops what they are doing and gathers around the five tier cake we had made for him.

“Thank you all for coming. Aaron is a very lucky little boy to have all of you in his life,” I say stroking Aaron’s hair. “Ready to sing happy birthday?” I ask and they all nod before everyone starts loudly singing.

“Blow out the candles buddy,” Noah says and Aaron blows out his three candles, making us all cheer. “Who wants cake?” Noah asks and Aaron’s hand shoots up, making everyone laugh. We start giving out cake, making sure the kids all get some first, much to Dylan’s dismay, and everyone socializes around the garden partaking in some of the activities set up. I head over to the steps connecting the house and the garden and sit down on them, resting my hand on my stomach as I look over at everyone.

“You know,” Dad says, sitting next to me. “Your mother would be so proud of who you are. I know I am,” He says and I smile.

“Thanks dad,” I smile, hugging him. “I actually have something to tell you. When this little one is born me and Noah were thinking of naming her after mom,” I smile and dad’s eyes start to water.

“You’re the best daughter I could have ever asked for,” Dad says hugging me and I laugh, hugging him back and he heads back to the party.

“Too many kids,” Noah says, sitting down beside me and I laugh at him as he was being tackled by all the kids earlier on.

“Well, we’re not done yet,” I tell him and he chuckles, agreeing with me before wrapping his arm around me. “Today turned out good.”

“Yeah it did, I’m so lucky to have you,” Noah says, and I smile. “Hey squirt, you enjoying your party?” Noah asks, picking up Aaron and putting him on his lap.

“Yeah!” Aaron shouts. “Will baby sissy be here next year for it?”

“Yes, she will. A few more months and she’ll be here, then you get to show her how great of a big brother you can be,” I say and he smiles.

“Love you you too sissy,” Aaron says, kissing my cheek and then my stomach, making my heart melt and tears appear in my eyes.

My perfect family. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

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