Colliding Hearts

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Bonus Chapter #1 | Noah & Ava


Two months and 29 days.

That’s how long Noah and I have been broken up for. It has been the longest and hardest two months and 29 days of my life. A good month of that time was spent with me bawling my eyes out at random times when I saw or heard something that reminded me of him. Needless to say, his football games were off limits in the apartment. How did everything go so wrong? We were perfect. Well, that’s a stretch. Long distance was difficult. Between my classes, his practices, games and traveling, we rarely got to speak and often one of us was passed out in bed when we were on a call.

We never got to see each other either. The only time I got off were holidays. Noah only got Thanksgiving and Christmas off, but only for anything from a couple days up to a week. We made the most of our little time we spent together. But it was hard not seeing each other as much as we used to. The tabloids didn’t help. Noah was out with his teammates at bars or clubs, and the tabloids always pictured him with some random girl trying to make a story.

They were never true. I’m a journalist major. I know fake stories when I see them. Noah always called when he saw them. Even though I knew they weren’t true, they still hurt. It felt like everyone was against us. Eventually, everything just became too much. We were hurting each other more, doing what we were doing. Noah was the one to break us up. It was affecting us both, his games and my studies. A lot. So we broke up.

I cried more than I’d care to admit. Hannah, Sierra, and Liv were there to help me through it. Hannah and Sierra knew how hard it was. Their boyfriends were the same across the country. The days passed, and it didn’t get easier. It just became bearable and the new normal for me. I’d go to class, hang with the girls, do my work, speak to my dad and sometimes go out. The late night calls between Noah and I were no longer a thing. So the girls planned to occupy my time at night.

“Why is junior year so hard?” Hannah complains, slamming her pen down on the cafe table. People look up hearing the noise, and Hannah smiles sheepishly at them.

“You said that about sophomore year,” I tell her as I carry on writing. “And freshman year.”

“Well, they’re all hard,” Hannah huffs. “Dylan is so lucky he doesn’t have to do this anymore. Speaking of the devil,” Hannah says as her phone rings. “Hey babe, I’m with the girls,” Hannah says, turning the phone around so we can see Dylan on FaceTime as we wave.

“AVA CAKES!” Dylan shouts, making me laugh. Dylan had not changed one bit, something I was super thankful for. He was a rock for me and I assume Noah during our break up. “Hey girls,” He waves to Sierra and Liv too.

“How’s football going?” Liv asks him.

“Piece of cake, I don’t know what the other two complain about,” Dylan shrugs, leaning back on his chair, his hands behind his head. “Oh shit,” Dylan says, flailing his arms as the chair tips backwards and a loud crash sounds through the phone. “I’m good!” Dylan shouts, and Hannah shakes her head at her boyfriend.

“We all miss you around here. Campus isn’t the same without you,” I pout as Dylan sits back up on the chair.

“I’m coming for a visit soon anyway, they won’t know what hit them,” Dylan rubs his hands together mischievously. “Speaking of babe, where are you!” Dylan shouts and Hannah jumps from the loudness.

“Right here, no need to shout dumbass,” Hannah scowls, turning the phone back around as we chuckle. “What’s up?”

“Mind taking me outside so we can speak in private?” Dylan asks and Hannah nods in understanding before getting up and walking out of the cafe.

I know what they’re talking about.

This has been a routine the girls have had since Noah and I broke up. Whenever the guys want to talk about something that revolves around him, they leave the room. The only reason I know this is because I’ve caught parts of their conversations before. I know they’re being considerate, but I never asked them to and I won’t burst into tears anymore if they talk about him.

“Nick would love to see Dylan again. He misses them even though he won’t admit it,” She chuckles.

“Guys are such softies. It’s nice though,” She shrugs, making us agree. “Where is Nick, anyway? Wasn’t he supposed to be studying with us?”

“Coach called emergency practice. Says they’re not ready for the game,” She adds and we nod our heads.

Coach is still a hard ass.

A squealing noise brings us out of our conversation and Hannah comes running back to our table. A massive grin on her face.

“Dylan just had the best idea. And yes, I mean Dylan, which I know is a shock,” Hannah talks. “How do you feel about going on a blind date?” Hannah asks, wiggling her eyebrows.

“You’re joking, right?” I ask her, and she shakes her head. “No, not happening! Remember freshman year! You set me up with some douchebag and I wanted to claw my eyes out. “Plus, I don’t think I’m ready after Noah. It’s only been almost three months. That’s too soon.”

“You have to get back on the horse someday. Ok you know what no blind date, us girls will have a girls’ date,” Sierra suggests. “Ah ah ah,” She points to Hannah before she can speak and she pouts.

“Girl’s date, let’s do it,” I smile, wrapping my arms around Sierra. “Now someone help me study.”

“Why do I feel like you guys are up to something?” I ask them curiously as we walk through a park.

“What makes you think that?” Liv asks, my arm linked through hers since I didn’t know where they were taking me.

“Well, we’re walking through a park in nice outfits. You won’t tell me what we’re doing or where we’re going. You’ve been secretive this entire time, plus the amount of phone calls you’ve all been receiving,” I list the number of suspicious actions.

“If we tell you, promise us one thing,” Hannah sheepishly says. “Promise you won’t kill us, we love you.”

“What did you guys do?” I sigh, knowing they’re plotting something. We stop walking and they point in front of me. Turning to look, my breath catches in my throat at the sight in front of me.


He stands in the middle of a small park clearing, standing in front of a picnic blanket that is set up in front of a large blossom tree trunk. Food is placed on the blanket as is some wine and he stands there is a shirt and dress pants. The first time I’ve seen him in almost three months and I hate that he still looks so damn good. I feel Liv take her arm out of mine and I know they’ve retreated away, but I can’t find the words to shout at them right now while Noah is looking at me like that.

“What are you doing here?” I ask him, confused, as he makes his way over to where I’m standing.

“Making things right,” Noah says, taking my hands in his and kissing them both.

“After almost three months?” I ask him in disbelief. “Little late, don’t you think?” I ask, taking my hands out of his. “Why now?”

“Breaking up was a mistake as soon as I did it, I regretted it. Things were hard, you can’t say that they weren’t.”

“They were hard, but at least I was willing to stay,” I fire back at him.

“I’m sorry. I’ve regretted it every day. Life is hell without you,” Noah says, placing a finger under my chin so I look at him again. “I love you. I could never stop. I shouldn’t have given up on us because things got hard,” Noah wraps his arms around my waist.

“Don’t you have training? Coach will kill you.”

“We have the week off, and coach is kind of a sucker for love. When I told him I wanted to come down here to get try to get the love of my life back he almost started crying actually,” Noah says as I chuckle.

“You hurt me. A lot.”

“I know.”

“You promised me.”

“I know.” Noah looks into my eyes before sighing. “I’m so sorry baby, I’d do anything to make you forget that. Tell me what I can do. You’re the best thing to ever happen to me. I love you so much and I know I screwed up. I want to fix this and I want to be the person that makes you happy again,” Noah pleads.

“What’s all this?” I ask, referring to the picnic. Without replying to his declaration of love. I see the light dim in his eyes, but he still smiles.

“A fresh start if you want it,” Noah says, nervousness running through his eyes. “Me proving to you that I’m in it...the good and bad.”

He takes my hand, leading me over to the picnic, both of us sitting down on the blanket.

“How long have you been in L.A for then for you to organize all this? And get the girls on board,” I ask him as he pours some wine.

“Flew in yesterday and it took some convincing to get the girls to agree, but the guys helped,” Noah asks.

“Dylan and Aiden are here too?” I ask, and he nods his head.

“With the girls as we speak, I presume,” Noah explains. “We’ve been planning this for a good few weeks. Just like old times,” Noah says.

“So how did your family take our break up?” I ask him.

“Grandma hit me with a slipper so many times I thought I had whiplash,” Noah says, making me laugh. “Grandma wasn’t my biggest fan. They said I was stupid, which I knew. Luna was sad she missed you. They were ecstatic when I told them what I was doing. We’ll have to go see them while I’m here,” Noah says, and I nod.

“I’ve missed your family. I’m sure grandma Rose has some choice words for you,” I smirk and he chuckles.

“She scares me,” He admits and I laugh. “Did your dad want to kill me?”

“Oh, yeah, definitely. He wanted to drive down there and beat you up, or send Blue after you, but Blue loves you so that second one wouldn’t have worked.”

“Well, I’m sure he’ll have something to say to me. I deserve it,” He says and I agree with him “You’re not supposed to agree,” He says and I laugh. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” I smile shyly. “I love you. Please don’t give up on us again,” I whisper, and he shakes his head. Remorse filling his eyes.

“Never,” Noah says, before crashing his lips onto mine. I gasp before wrapping my arms around his neck, kissing him back. Something I hadn’t done in what felt like forever “Thank you, baby.”

“I also missed the guys, so come on let’s go see them,” I stand up, holding my hands out for him, which he takes before standing up and kissing me. Soon enough we’ve cleaned up and made our way back to the apartment. Walking hand in hand with Noah after the date we head back to the apartment. Making small talk as he occasionally kisses my head. Opening the door to the apartment, I see everyone hanging out in the living room.

“AVA CAKES!” Dylan shouts, jumping over and running over, picking me up in a hug. “I’ve missed you,” Dylan says, making me laugh and hug him back.

“Missed you too Dylan,” I smile, pulling back before hugging Aiden as well.

“You’re not mad at us are you?” Hannah asks as Noah and I walk over to sit down with everyone.

“I was originally, but it worked out for the best. I’m just surprised you helped him.”

“They made a good case,” Sierra shrugs, referring to the guys making me chuckle.

“So are you two also here for the full week?” I ask Dylan and Aiden, who nod their heads.

“And we’re going to party hard while we are,” Dylan says. “Who wants to go get drunk?” Dylan asks and we all agree before getting up and finding some bars to hit.

It’s good to be all back together again.

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