Colliding Hearts

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Bonus Chapter #2 | Noah & Ava


“Go go go!” I shout, jumping in the car in my L.A Chargers football gear as Dylan hops in the driver’s seat, meanwhile Aiden and Nick get in the back. Dylan presses his foot down on the gas and pulls out of the stadium parking lot. “I cannot miss the birth of mine and Ava’s child. She will kill me,” I tell them and they all agree.

“Ever since being pregnant, she kind of scares me now,” Dylan admits. “MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! SOON TO BE FATHER TRYING TO GET TO THE HOSPITAL HERE! MOVE IT PEOPLE!” Dylan shouts out of the window, beeping the horn.

“Why did we let Dylan drive? He’s as bad as Hannah,” Aiden asks, peering his head in the middle of our seats.

“Hey! I’m a great driver,” Dylan defends, turning his head to look at Aiden.

“Dylan the road!” Nick shouts as he steers into oncoming traffic. Dylan turns around and gets us back on track.

“I’m going to die before I even get to the hospital or before,” I say, picking up my phone to see Ava is calling. “Hi baby, doing ok?”

“Where the hell are you!” Ava shouts through the phone, making us all wince. “If you’re not here when I have our baby you’ll be sleeping on the couch until they go to college.”

“Baby, I’m on my way, I’ll be there really soon, I promise, you’re doing great,” I reassure her before I hear her curse a few times through the phone...contraction.

Out of all the times to go into labor, it had to be during one of my games. I should have known she wasn’t feeling the best before the game, which is why she didn’t come. That and I wouldn’t let her now, she was closer to her due date since it would be too loud and stuffy for her there.

“Are you going to be in trouble for leaving the game?” Ava asks, concerned. Even in labor where she’s an immense amount of pain, she’s still thinking of others.

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry. Focus on yourself and our baby.”

“Ok oh thank god the doctor is here to give me the epidural,” Ava sighs in relief. “I’m going please hurry, I can’t do this without you,” Ava tells me before hanging up.

“You heard her hurry up!” I tell Dylan who starts going a lot faster than the speed limit allows.

“Dude, you need to chill, ok she’s going to be in labor for a while, anyway. They don’t just pop them out in two seconds,” Nick explains, helping me calm down. “Be more worried about Dylan’s driving.”

“Bitch, I heard that. I will throw you out of this car,” Dylan shouts.

“How will you do that you’re driving?” Aiden questions him, rolling his eyes.

“You don’t know! I could have one of those spy eject buttons in this car,” Dylan exaggerates, and I can’t help but chuckle. “And we’re here! Run, I’ll park the car,” Dylan says as soon as he pulls up outside. Getting out, I make my way running through the hospital following the signs for the maternity ward.

“Excuse me coming through,” I say, running past people, making sure I don’t knock anyone over. “I’m looking for Avalon Miller,” I say to the receptionist.

“Noah over here!” Liv shouts before the receptionist can even respond, and I run over, following Liv as she takes me to the room Ava is in.

“Hey, I’m here, I’m here,” I say running in seeing Ava on the bed and the girls around the room. I head over to Ava and kiss her forehead. “How are you doing?” I ask, stroking her hair.

“Better now I’ve had the epidural. The contractions have calmed. I want this baby out of me,” Ava says, leaning on me as I stroke her hair.

“Don’t worry in maybe eight hours you’ll have a baby boy,” Hannah smiles.

“EIGHT HOURS!” Ava shouts. “I hate you for this, you did this to me,” Ava sighs making me chuckle.

“Well, in my defense the night we conceived him you wore that red lace set,” I smirk, and she rolls her eyes. After never getting to see it on Thanksgiving the first time she spent it with my family it only took over a year for me to see it and it became one of my favorites. “And you enjoyed it.”

“Shut up,” Ava mumbles making me laugh.

“We’re here,” Aiden says as the guys come into the room. “After this idiot got us lost,” Aiden says before he heads over to Sierra and their daughter. Nick doing the same with Liv and their two kids.

“How was the game?” Sierra asks.

“Well, the part Noah played was great. I think everyone got confused when Coach called him off when we told him Ava went into labor,” Nick says.

“My publicist will love that. Did anyone call our families?” I ask and they nod their heads. Ava’s family had spent a long holiday here now Ava was in her last trimester and close to the due date so they didn’t miss it.

“WHERE IS MY GRANDBABY AND MY GRANDBABIES BABY!” We hear and I look at Ava who just laughs hearing my Grandma. Soon enough my family piles in as does Ava’s with everyone either laughing or red with embarrassment. “Still glowing,” She says pushing past me to get to Ava.

“Guess I’m irrelevant, ok,” I say, moving out of the way.

“You push this baby out, then we’ll talk,” Grandma Rose scoffs as everyone laughs.

“Hi sweetheart,” Ava’s dad says, going over to hug her. “How are you doing?”

“Hi daddy,” Ava smiles tiredly. “I’m good just want this over with.”

“Ok wow,” The nurse says walking into the room. “Big families, huh? Ok we’re going to have to get everyone out of this room and only have a few people with the soon to be mother, in so she doesn’t get overwhelmed,” The nurse informs and my mom shushes grandma before she can argue with the nurse.

“Of course,” Mom smiles not wanting to make the nurse’s job harder.

“I want Noah, dad, Sarah, Grandma Rose and Hannah to stay for now,” Ava says and everyone else nods before starting to head out. Telling Ava I’d only be a minute, I follow them out before grabbing Dylan.

“What’s up?” Dylan asks, as we let everyone else walk off.

“Me and Ava wanted to have this talk before she went into labor, but we didn’t get around to it. I know this might be hard for you and Han so you don’t have to stay if you can’t handle it,” I explain, knowing that Hannah not being able to have kids herself was painful for both of them.

“Thanks man,” Dylan smiles. “But we’re good, honestly, and I think you’d have to drag Hannah away from this hospital if you tried,” Dylan says and I chuckle. “Now get back in there,” Dylan says. I pat his shoulder and head back into the room.

“You’re so dead!” Ava screams clutching onto my hand tightly as she pushes. Eight hours and thirty minutes later Ava is fully dilated and ready to push and every time she squeezes my hand and curses me out. Not that I mind I couldn’t do what she’s doing and I would not want to argue with her about that.

“Yeah I know. You’re doing great baby keep going,” I kiss her head before she carries on pushing.

“I can’t,” Ava cries. “It’s a lot.”

“Hey look at me,” I say kneeling down a little and she looks at me. “You’re doing great, a few more and we’ll have our baby boy,” I tell her and she nods before she carries on.

“That’s it! One more momma,” The nurse says as Ava pushes one more time and the cries of a baby fill the air. I stroke Ava’s hair as she lies back before seeing the nurse wrapping the baby up in a blanket. “Here he is,” The nurse says, placing our baby boy on Ava’s chest.

“He’s precious,” Ava smiles with tears in her eyes. “He has your eyes,” Ava laughs, making me chuckle and I lean down to kiss her.

“He’s perfect,” I say, taking his little hand as the tears form in my eyes. Soon enough the nurse takes him away to do some tests to make sure he’s healthy while the other nurses tend to Ava to make sure she is ok after giving birth. I stay beside Ava as they check her over and I know she’s exhausted. A couple of hours pass, and in that time they had shown Ava how to breastfeed and now was taking a nap while I sat in the chair holding our baby boy. “You tired mommy out huh?”

“I feel like he’ll do a lot of that,” I hear and see Ava awake looking at us.

“Probably. Have a nice nap?” I ask and she nods her head. “Say hi to momma,” I say carrying our baby over to her.

“Hi baby,” Ava smiles holding out her arms to take him and I chuckle handing him to her, he’s already such a momma’s boy.

“Knock knock,” We hear and see my mom and dad at the door and Ava’s dad. “Can we come in? Aww he’s so precious.”

“You did great honey,” Ava’s dad says, and she smiles. “Your mom would have been so proud,” He says and Ava smiles sadly. “I know everyone else wants to see the little guy.”

“They can all come in plus we want to tell you the name altogether,” Ava smiles and soon enough everyone comes into the room gushing over our newborn son especially Grandma Rose.

“He’s so cute. What did you name him?” Liv asks.

“Aaron Zachary Jackson”

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