Colliding Hearts

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Bonus Chapter #3 | Noah & Ava


Who knew building a crib would be so hard?

“Do you need some help there, honey?” Ava’s angelic voice reaches my ears. Although, it’s more of a taunt than a helpful offer. Standing up after kneeling down, hunched over the crib, I stretch before my eyes travel to my heavily pregnant wife, who sits cross-legged on the floor with an instruction manual in one hand while her other rubs her belly where my daughter sits inside.

“How is this harder than Aaron’s was?” I grumble, glaring at the crib that is still in pieces.

“Well, for one it’s not the same model. Your grandma recommended this one to me...and she scares me too much to say no to,” Ava adds and I smirk, shaking my head at her.

“I can take hits from beefy guys on the field, yet putting a crib together is defeating me,” I shake my head at what is now the lowest point in my life.

She rolls her eyes. “You’re so dramatic. Should I call my dad?”

“No! I can do this,” I tell her, and she holds her hands up in defense. Before I can carry on, Aaron walks into the bedroom. “Hey buddy.”

He goofily smiles as he waddles over to me, and I wrap him in my arms. “Dadda!”

“You want to help me put baby sister’s crib together?”

Aaron nods his head enthusiastically and Ava chirps in. “Probably would do a better job.”

“You come try, if you think it’s so easy.”

“I’m eight months pregnant. My feet hurt, my back hurts and yet I’m still complaining less than my husband,” Ava smirks and I pout.

“Guess it’s up to me and you,” I tell Aaron. For the next fifteen minutes, I continue to put the crib up, along with asking Aaron to hand me things by pointing.

“Look at my two boys,” Ava smiles, watching as Aaron hands me something before he claps his hands together. “A mini Noah.”

I chuckle, as my eyes go to my son who is my identical. His brown mop of hair rests on his head and his brown doe eyes get him anything he wants. You definitely know he’s my son.

“Who are we thinking our daughter will look more like?”

“I hope me a little at least. Aaron looks exactly like you,” Ava pouts and I chuckle before walking over to sit next to her. I lie down on my side with my elbow holding me up and I press a kiss to her stomach before resting my hand there.

“If that’s the case, I’ll be beating the guys away,” I scoff, and she laughs. Ava holds her arms out as Aaron runs into them, being careful of her belly. “You too, little man, you need to help.”

Aaron looks as confused as ever, making me chuckle.

“Daddy’s protective,” Ava sings as she strokes Aaron’s hair. “Now if daddy would only finish building the crib.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Quietly closing the door to Aaron’s room, being careful not to wake him as he just got to sleep, I make my way through the house and into mine and Ava’s bedroom. The light in our en-suite is on and I lean against the bathroom door, seeing Ava sat in the bathtub with the bubbles covering her breasts.

“Aaron is down for the count,” I say, walking further inside and sitting on the side of the tub.

“Thank you for taking him to bed tonight. My back hurts with carrying this belly,” Ava chuckles, leaning her head back and I smile watching her.

“Room for one more?”

She raises her eyebrow. “We can try.”

Stripping down out of my clothes, Ava scoots forward as I climb into the bath and sit behind her. Making sure she’s comfortable, I then wrap my arms around her, resting them on her stomach. Kissing her head, she leans back into me, and I then kiss her shoulder.

“We should take advantage of alone time, once this little one comes it will be impossible,” I chuckle, and she hums in agreement.

“That’s true. Right now we get alone time when Aaron is asleep or stays with his grandparents but with a newborn we have no chance,” Ava sighs.

“Seeing you pregnant is worth it, you glow,” I kiss her cheek and I feel her roll her eyes.

“Such a charmer. I’m sure there are more appealing things to look at than my big belly.”

I purse my lips before kissing her neck. “Actually, there aren’t. Seeing your beautiful stomach that holds our little girl in, makes me proud. You’re the mother of our children and that’s extremely sexy.”

She turns her head. “How sexy?”

I smirk as my hands travel up her belly to cup her enlarged breasts. “Extremely.”

“Want to show me how much?”

“Hell yes.”

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