Colliding Hearts

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Bonus Chapter #4 | Sierra & Aiden


Why did I think it was a good idea for my brother, dad, and boyfriend to be in the same room together?

That’s something I question myself as my eyes flicker between my boyfriend sitting next to me, nerves shaking through his body as my hand rests on his shaking leg, my brother who is glaring at Aiden and my dad whose face remains impassive as always. As we all sit around the table, eating the food that lays in bowls along the middle, piling them onto our plates, a tense silence surrounds us. Ever since we arrived, my brother and my dad have been sizing Aiden up and Aiden, bless his heart, has been trying to make conversation with them both. But all he’s received are blunt one-word answers.

Rolling my eyes at one of the most awkward dinners I have ever sat through, I kick my brother’s leg under the table. His glare shoots to me and I mouth ‘be nice’ to him. In response, he rolls his eyes before speaking up.

“Aiden...Sierra says you’re a physical therapy major and are on the football team.”

“Yeah, I’m a big sports guy and physical therapy made sense for me as a backup career if the NFL doesn’t work out,” Aiden nods his head, and I feel him relaxing talking about football.

“I’m more of a basketball guy myself,” Dad comments, and I scoff.

“Dad, you watch football more than you do basketball.”

Dad shrugs. “I prefer basketball though.”

“Can you not be nice for two seconds? I knew this was a bad idea,” I sigh, standing up as my dad’s eyes meet mine. Aiden’s hand grabs mine, preventing me from moving and before I can even ask what he’s doing, he turns his attention to my dad and brother before speaking up.

“I know you’re both protective of Sierra. My dad and I are the exact same way with my sisters. So, I know I can tell you I’d never hurt, and she means everything to me, but I know only showing you that will prove my words. But I’m not going anywhere, and if it takes months or even years to prove that, then I’ll be around,” Aiden explains and my heart melts at his confession. I squeeze his hand that is in mine, but his gaze remains focused.

“Well, anyone who is willing to do that is ok in my eyes, plus, I know Sierra would kick your ass before we could,” My brother, Cameron, states. I smile with gratitude before looking at dad.

“Sierra is a good judge of character to make her own decisions and I will support that,” Dad grumbles, and I smile before sitting back down. “Now let’s carry on eating before this gets cold.”

“Tonight wasn’t that bad.”

Sending a wary look Aiden’s way as he lies on his bed in nothing but his boxers, I remove my makeup and get ready for bed. “Really?”

“So, we had a few obstacles, but I won them over,” Aiden points and I chuckle. “Your dad even started talking about football with me.”

“That speech really helped. It was sweet,” I state, climbing into bed with him. “Almost had me bawling my eyes out.”

“Aww, did it get you all hormonal, babe?” Aiden smirks, and I smirk back, leaning up to brush my lips against his.

“More like I was trying not to jump you right there,” I smirk, pressing a quick kiss to his lips as his eyes light up with lust.

“Oh, really?” He leans in to kiss me deeply, his hands venturing down the back of my shorts to cup my ass. I moan into his mouth, pressing my body up against his.


Aiden curses as Dylan’s voice floats through the bedroom door. I pat his chest before rolling away. The mood now killed.

“The leftovers you have in the fridge that says ‘stay away, Dylan’ on them. Does that mean to stay away from you? Or the food?”

“Dylan, if you do not step away from my door in two seconds, I am going to murder your ass.”

“Just my ass, or all of me?” Dylan snickers and Aiden gets out of bed before throwing the door open. I hear a scream and soon enough Aiden is out of the door chasing Dylan. I wince as I hear a crash and lots of profanities.

Well, we’ll miss you, Dylan.

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