Colliding Hearts

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Chapter 8 | Let The Games Begin


“I’m just saying, there is nothing wrong with my driving. That curb was in the wrong place.”

Hannah’s protests about her driving carry on as we walk up the stairs of the guys’ apartment building. Carrying pizza boxes in our hands as we climb the stairs, having picked up the order on our way in, our eyes go to the door numbers trying to find the right one.

“And let me guess so were the two mailboxes you reversed into three months ago. The endless number of curbs you drive onto and we can’t forget to mention the parked car you ran into once,” Sierra reminds Hannah as we struggle to contain our laughter. Hannah is an awful driver. How she passed her driver’s test is unknown to everyone who has ever been in a car with her.

So why do we still let her drive and get in the car with her? We have no idea ourselves.

“So, I’m not the best driver, but I get us there alive,” Hannah argues before I knock on the guys’ apartment door.

“Barely,” Sierra mumbles, Hannah shoots a glare her way but before she can reply the door opens. Noah stands on the other side, his hand holding the door open with his other hand leaned on the frame.

“Hey, you guys made it. Welcome to Casa De Football Players,” Noah jokes, opening the door wide enough for us to enter. As we walk inside, we see everyone else already here lounging around the living area. Seeing our entrance, Liv gets up to hug us all in greeting and I wave to the guys.

“Barely. Little tip never get into a car with Hannah. She hits parked cars, mailboxes and runs over curbs,” Sierra warns the guys.

“Yet you still get in a car with me,” Hannah retorts as we place the pizza boxes down on the kitchen counter. I won’t be surprised if it’s upside down by now.

“Damn you are a terrible driver, how did you pass?” Dylan asks, opening the pizza boxes and rubbing his hands together getting ready to eat.

“Simple. They didn’t want her coming back and endangering them,” I laugh, and Hannah slaps my arm. “Or hitting them apparently.”

“And I thought Liv was an awful driver,” Nick chimes in.

“I’m not a terrible driver. I don’t enjoy driving. Whatever, give me some pizza,” Liv defends, taking a slice of pizza from Nick’s hands making us laugh.

“You three arrived on time, we just finished setting up,” Aiden grabs plates as we take the pizza boxes to the living area where the first game is set up.

“I say we do teams. Girls v boys?” Hannah suggests, and we all nod in agreement. As we get comfy, Noah, Aiden and I end up on the bigger couch, with Hannah and Sierra sat on the floor. Nick and Liv on a smaller couch and Dylan in a chair.

“Great. That means Dylan is on our team. He sucks at monopoly,” Aiden sighs, handing out the plates to everyone as we load them with pizza.

“Hey! So, I have a bit of bad luck with the game. I know when I’m not wanted, so I’ll be on my own team. Screw you guys,” Dylan crosses his arms.

“Why don’t we make this interesting? Whichever two teams lose has to do whatever the winning team tells them to do?” I ask smirking and everyone agrees.

“Dibs being the dog,” Dylan shouts, reaching for it, but before he can grab it Hannah does. “I called dibs.”

Hannah smirks. “Too slow, I thought we were having alcohol?”

“You’re already competitive, is adding alcohol a great idea?” Nick jokes, making us all laugh. Hannah shrugs before nodding her head and Noah goes to the kitchen, coming back with drinks.

“I thought Sebastian was coming too?” Olivia asks, noticing his absence, and Sierra and I look towards each other.

“Nope,” Hannah states, ending the conversation there and then, leaving no room for conversation. Her and Sebastian’s argument is still fresh on her mind, as well as all the arguments they’ve been having a lot more lately.

“Oh, hell no. Which one of you disgraceful human beings ordered pineapple pizza?” Dylan asks, holding the last pizza box up, changing the conversation. We all point to Liv who smiles sheepishly, and my eyes flicker to Noah seeing him smirking at me. Remembering our conversation from dinner last night. “How can you date someone like that?” Dylan questions and Nick smirks, before taking a bite out of the pineapple pizza causing Dylan to scream. “Sicko.”

“You’re so dramatic, here take some,” Noah says handing a piece over to Dylan who crawls further onto his chair trying to get away from it making us all laugh at his reaction.

“What made you guys start a monthly game night?” Sierra questions the guys as we set up the money for each person.

“Well, we spend most of our time playing football, at practice, hanging with the team at the football house or studying. So, this gives us a break and gives us a chance to spend more time with Nicky boy here,” Dylan explains.

“I think I see you enough,” Nick jokes, making the guys laugh.

“Wait, I know Noah is a history major. What about you two?” I question Dylan and Aiden.

“Physical therapy,” Aiden says, finishing a slice of pizza.

“Biochem,” Dylan answers, his mouth full of food, and Liv throws a napkin his way.

“You’re a biochemistry major? The world really has gone mad,” Hannah mutters, astonished. Which I’m sure is also the look on Sierra and I’s faces.

“Hey! I’m smart,” Dylan defends, throwing his hands up into the air.

“There’s no denying he’s a whiz with science and math as well,” Noah admits, and Dylan looks pleased.

“Where were you when I was failing high school Math?” Hannah asks, making us all laugh. “Ready to start?”

“Let the games begin,” I state, rolling the dice.

“Dylan, for the tenth time, this is not how you play poker!”

A strangled groan escapes my lips at the arguing. The tiredness seeping through my body as we venture into the early hours of the morning. My eyes flutter closed as my head rests comfortably on Noah’s shoulder where it fell a while ago. But he doesn’t seem to mind as he has his arm wrapped around my shoulder, as he is slumped next to me. Clutching the blanket tighter around my body. My eyes shoot open once again at the arguing going on between Dylan, Hannah, and Sierra. While the rest of us are half asleep, having given up on games a long time ago.

“He really does not know how to play,” Noah mutters, making a quiet chuckle escape from my lips and I nod my head in agreement. “You comfy there?”

“Very actually, want me to move?” I offer, looking up at him and he shakes his head. “Good I wasn’t planning to, how is your shoulder so comfy?”

“Come on guys, don’t you think that’s enough games for tonight?” Aiden asks, close to passing out.

“No!” They all shout and Aiden raises his arms in surrender. Well, at least he tried. I think it’s fair to say we’ve learned our lesson to never let Dylan, Sierra, and Hannah attend game night together ever again. Because it never ends.

“Someone win already,” Liv whines and we all nod our heads in agreement.

“Read it and weep, Dylan!” Sierra places her cards down and it’s clear she and Hannah have won.

“NOOOO!!!!!” Dylan screams, dropping to his knees.

“Suck it, Dylan, you lose. YES, WE WON!” Sierra sings as she and Hannah dance around happily.

“That’s great, can we go to sleep now?” I ask, making them glare at me while everyone else chuckles tiredly.

“Do you girls want to stay over? I mean Hannah seems awake enough to drive, but then again her excess energy and her apparently shit driving skills probably won’t mix well,” Noah asks, and Hannah shoots him a glare.

“No more hounding me about my driving skills, people,” Hannah scoffs. “But yes we will.”

“How about you two?” Dylan asks Liv and Nick.

“We’re good. We didn’t drink, so we’ll head home. Plus, there won’t be enough room for us all,” Nick stretches. We all slowly get up, pack the games away and tidy up the empty pizza boxes and cans lying around. Once we finish, we hug Nick and Liv goodbye, and Noah walks them out, locking the door behind them.

“You and Hannah can sleep in my room, Sierra you can have Aiden’s room to yourself and us three will bunk in Dylan’s room,” Noah explains, and we smile gratefully at him.

“Thanks guys, tonight was fun. But we shouldn’t do this every month unless we want a war to break out,” Sierra laughs and we all agree, before she hugs us goodnight and Aiden shows her to his room before Noah takes us to his.

“We all share the bathroom, but we’ll let you lot have it first. There are some blankets in the closet too if you get cold,” Noah points out as we walk into his room.

“Well, at least we know sleeping in your room we won’t need to sanitize the bed,” Hannah jokes making Noah laugh.

“Dylan’s room, different story. Wish me luck, I’ll see you girls in the morning, if you hear a scream it’s just me and Aiden killing Dylan,” Noah jokes.

“Night Noah,” I smile, waving as he leaves, closing the door behind him.

“Nigh Noah,” Hannah giggles, flipping her hair as she mocks me. My jaw drops and I push her down onto the bed as she laughs.

What an eventful night.

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