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He was one of the most renowned General in ancient China. He knocked down the enemies with only 500 cavalries, merciless in the battlefield, and deserved the title of God of War. On the other side, he also possessed a good personality, a kind heart, and gentleness. He always hid his handsome features beneath his golden mask. Yet, a twisted fate led him to his calamity. With his last breath, the general gritted his teeth and swore, "I, Gao Chang Gong, will take revenge for all of my sufferings!" She was an ordinary girl from 21st century. Because of a certain ancient mask, her soul time-traveled to the Northern and Southern Dynasties era and entered a weak body of an unfavored second young miss in Prime Minister manor. "Those who dare to put my handsome General into calamity will suffer from an endless humility!" "General Gao, I'm one of your die-hard fans! Can you give me your autograph?" "Wife, how about you wear a mask too?" This is a sweet story about a transmigrated young lady and a rebirthed God of War. [This is an original story, not a translation.] Author: itsmahandania Co-author and Editor: Primrose Zedley (@Ophelia_Rosen12) Proofreader: Marcelina Tiffani (@marcelinatiffani)

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Letter to Readers

Woozah! Long time no see, Cuties! After a long journey to the west (re: hiatus) this Nana Rotten Banana is finally comeback! I know you guys miss Gao Chang Gong more than me, I know, I know. That’s alright.

But, before you guys can reunited with the handsome general, this old lady has something to tell you:

1.This book has a completely different plot with the old version, with addition of many new characters to support the story (ahem including different second male lead ahem). Even though there are two or three similiar scenes, the writing will be completely different as well. So, basically this is a new book with old characters.

2.During our hiatus, we’ve learnt a lot from countless Chinese historical books and historical movies. We’ve upgraded our writing skills and do our best to come up with an anti-mainstream plot and schemes (Nana: I think I have an evil mind rn.). We’ve worked hard to make this book worth to read. Of course, the previous work also taught us many lessons. We sincerely hope you guys can enjoy this book! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

3.If you want to read an OP female protagonist who can do martial arts like Jackie Chan and never do any mistakes, this rotten banana suggest you to read another novel, dear customers. Zhao Xing is just a normal modern woman, like us. I think I can’t do qinggong if I’m transmigrate into this book. Even though she’s a bit smart, she couldn’t do everything alone and without trouble. She will make some mistakes (but she will never deliver herself to the tiger’s den in this book), but she will grow stronger. I want to make her character develops well, so let’s see.

4.This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real places are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places and events are products of the authors’ imagination. Even though some characters are real historical figures, their characters in this book definitely not represents their real character (Eh, except the General. Hoho.) ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

5.Special thanks for our beloved co-author and editor @Ophelia_Rosen12 Your Highness the Countess is dabest! If you guys loves to read BL, go check Her Highness’ books. Her writings definitely rated five-stars.

6.OH! We have to trouble you guys to diligently votes and leave a comments for us. Because you know, it makes us motivated to continue writing. Vote and comment are free, you guys no need to pay to do that ahaha. (◍•ᴗ•◍)

7.We are open for any constructive critisms and suggestions. But, again, please convey your critisms and suggestions in polite way. We, fellow human being, need to respect each other HAHA.

8.This book is gonna be quite long, maybe around 80+ chapters. Even though I have stock pilling the chapters, it’s still long way to go. But don’t worry, we will definitely give you many twist and surprise and anti-mainstream game of throne schemes. And, in the future, we will have some.... snu snu moments.

I think I talked too much already ahaha. Last but not least, I hope you guys enjoy the book! I’m waiting for your review of this new book ahaha! Cheers! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

P.S: Reward will be given every Sunday if my beloved cuties are behave well. So, don’t forget to tap tap the stars and vote. Oh, and comments as well. I want to hear your thoughts!

With love,

General Gao’s Number #1 Fans

Author: itsmahandania

Co-author and Editor: Primrose Zedley

Proofreader: Marcelinatiffani

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