Their Submissive Mate

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Jeremy Jessie and Xander have been searching for their mate for a long time that is until Jessie finds her at the school gym in free period. But it seems Sophie is just human being trying to fight her past with her sister and mother she right? 18+. Please give it a try

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Chapter 1

Jeremy's POV

Without a care in the world, my dear mate walked right past me swaying her hips seductively while biting her lips. My pants felt tighter like they were going to rip in half any second.

She stopped inches from me and stood on her tiptoes to reach my ear, she seductively placed a hand on my chest caressing it carefully and gently with her fingertips with an alluring manner. " I've found her", she whispered. I felt my heartbeat increase and my pants tighten even more. "where?" I looked around like crazy in search for our mate, a realization hit me. If our mate was here I would smelled her by now. I gave Jessie a desperate pleading look, begging her to take me to our mate.

She understood without any words needed and dragged me further into the school building. Down the hall, down the stairs, past the library and down to the old gym. 'Mate' my wolf howled in joy and gratitude, he was just as excited as me to meet our mate.

I looked around trying to find her, she was here somewhere, I could smell her scent but it was very faint. It was hard to see anything for all the other students were here. "Come on, she's over there let's talk to her," Jessie grabbed my hand not wasting a second and dragged me to the corner of the gym.

On the bench, sat a young girl aged around 16 or so with her long dirty blonde hair that stopped and curled around her chest area, suntanned skin and her head bent down playing with her necklace around her neck.

My heart skipped a beat looking at her, she was breathtaking. She was the most adorable girl I've ever laid my eyes on I could feel from the mate-bond that my sister was thinking the same thing.

Our mate was a small looking girl, there wasn't much fat around that body for sure. I couldn't help but smile as she lifted her head directly looking at us, catching us staring at here a little too long. Probably considering the fact that she is a human and doesn't know a thing about our race. Her eyes were a grand shade of brown and just everything seamed about her was 'wow'. she was absolutely perfect for me, for Jessie and for Xander

"Hey," Jessie said trying to start a conversation. Our mate looked at us with confusion as to the way we were looking at her, but we couldn't help it, she was ours, our to cherish and love. But she will not know that yet as she is unaware of our world.

Our mate shifted uncomfortably on the bench she was sitting on, "Hey," her voice was so low and careful, her fragile voice was laced with insecurity. Her delicate voice melted my heart in an in instant, it was music to my ears. It was so soft and angelic. I could listen to her voice every second of the day from now till forever, I felt as if I was the luckiest man in the world.

She watched me and Jessie, "Can I help you?"She asked. Maybe Jessie and I stared a bit too long. Getting a hold on my self I looked down for a moment and stared back at her eyes. I decided to break the awkward silence between us and replied," My name is Jeremy and this is Jessie", I said as I pointed to my sister.

"Oh", was all she said. Oh? What was that supposed to mean? "What's your name sweetie?"Jessie added smiling at her trying to get her more open to us. "Sophie" she smiled at us for a brief moment before going back to her previous state. Sophie...What a beautiful name, and that smile, amazing. I couldn't help but notice every single movement she made, even the way she breathed was fascinating to me." Nice to meet you" she added quickly at us and then looking down at her necklace as if she wanted us to leave.

'Make her submit' my wolf growled at our mate's rude behaviour towards us. 'Not yet, well give her some time' I reassured my wolf, he did not like that. If he was in charge, he would throw her over his shoulder and run out of school and get her home and teach her some respect.

Xander must have sensed my distress because he started a mind- link with Jessie and me.

Xander: whats going on?

Jessie: we found her and she is beautiful.

Jeremy: indeed.

I let him go into my view through the mind-link to see our submissive and delicate mate. He howled with joy.

Xander: bring her to me.

Jessie: she is nowhere ready for that, shes a human.

Xander: you do as I say, dear mate.

Jeremy: How do we do that? The gym is filled with students and she doesn't seem to want us to be near her or anyone for a matter of fact.

Xander: I want you and Jessie back here with her now!

He turned off the mind link and I shared a look with Jessie and nodded agreeing to the plan we just came up with. I walked off the gym and went straight to the car park getting ready to turn on the engine.

There will be MATURE scenes in this book if you are not ready for that or comfortable please do not read this book also this book has 4 mate people pleas if you have any questions please do ask and it will get confusing if you don't know what's happening. I will be updating every day sometimes we a day since I can't got to college anymore.

follow me, please

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stay safe love yous

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