divided union

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chapter 10

My make up artist was redoing my makeup for the second time, the first time she did it I washed it off because it was too early, the next time I smudged my eye makeup when I was itching my eye and it ruined everything, the third time she was doing it and I hope she 'SIOBHAN PROOFING' it. My hair had been done, and I hated to admit but I looked like a princess, and I loved the princess look, I wish I was looking like a princess for someone I loved. My mother was trying to prevent me from doing anything that would upset my fiance's family.

“Siobhan please sit still,” the makeup artist begged, I couldn't sit still, I didn't want to sit at all, I didn't want to be here I didn't want makeup on my face.

“I am still”

"Siobhan, can you just cooperate?" my mother huffed with annoyance

"Be calm mum, let her be, she doesn't like makeup we both know this just relax" I smiled at my sister.

There was a knock on the door "Siobhan, five more minutes till the congregation is ready for you" the man said

“Are you done Sofia?” My mother said with anxiety evident in her voice

“Yes, finally” the makeup artist backed off then started admiring her work on my face, I got up and stretched my body.

“Can I go now?”

“Yes dear" she rubbed her hand together in anxiety but in my mind, she only did that because she was maniacal evil mastermind trying to destroy my future by all means

I went to the door of the hall where my marriage was going to take place, my father stood there waiting for me, when he sensed me he turned around and smiled

“Siobhan you look beautiful” he commented when he gave me a bouquet of blue and white flowers . I ignored the comment without even saying a “thank you” or a “you look handsome too dad” he just didn't deserve it.

"Shall we?" he bent his elbow and I looped my arm with his. The men by the door opened it and we walked into the hall slowly, I was just begging myself not to fall not to disgrace myself in front of the camera, the hall was decorated beautifully, it could have been much better but it was beautiful none the less.

The people of the congregation were standing looking at me and the wedding number was playing, I felt slightly sick. Suddenly I felt my hands start to feel clammy my throat went dry, I looked and saw Brian smiling at me and giving the biggest smile in the world and a huge thumbs up. I almost laughed out with joy when I saw that no hair on his head had been harmed. My father handed me to Tyler who took my hand gently and led me up the flight of three stairs.

"You look lovely" he commented but I ignored him, the priest started talking

“Marriage is a permanent bonding of two different individuals with different characters to become one single individual in the sight of God when you get married it is showing God that you have set aside your differences and you are ready to be with one person for the rest of your life so I ask you are you ready to make that commitment” I nodded

“Do you Tyler Douglas take she; Siobhan Brooklyn as your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold in sickness and health poverty and wealth good times and bad times forever and ever till death do ye apart”

“I do” he slipped the wedding ring on my finger

“Do you Siobhan Brooklyn take he; Tyler Douglas as your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold in sickness and in health, poverty and wealth in good times and bad times forever and ever till death do ye apart”

“I... I” I stuttered, I wanted to run away from this and chicken out, I was in no obligation to do this but my father signed a contract and that could ruin him permanently, I didn't think Christian had it in him to do that to his best friend of almost fifty years but I just didn't trust Tyler not to do it to his godfather. He took everything for granted and he could also take my father's affection towards him for granted.

“You had better pick the right thing because your family is counting on you” I felt him whisper against my neck

“I do" I muttered and slipped the ring on his finger slowly, a beautiful golden cage door had finally been locked in front of me and I could only leave by death or with time.

“Can you say that a little bit louder?”

“I do”

“If anyone has anything against this marriage please speak now or forever hold your peace” the priest was addressing the congregation at that point. Was it okay for me to object to my marriage, someone, anybody, BRIAN?

“Since there is no objection against this marriage I now pronounce thee man and wife you may kiss your bride”

Tyler took my cheek in his hand and placed his lips on my softly, I was almost enjoying it but thank God he pulled away immediately our lips touched

“I now introduce to you Tyler and Siobhan Douglas”


I sat on my bed in my hotel room, Sidney insisted she would help me get dressed for the contract signing, and she did. She got me dressed in black lace, something that was significant since I was mourning the death of my past life, and she let me wear my hair down. My makeup was still intact so I told the makeup artist not to worry about it.

I took a glance at my watch, we needed to start going to the firm to sign the papers I suppose the rest of my family were there already, I got out of the room and went down the hall to Tyler's room then knocked

“Come in”

I entered the room and saw him on the couch in his room sipping something out of the tumbler, looked like scotch. I could not help but admire his physical features for a split second. I could not deny that he was undoubtedly handsome he was the perfect definition of a Greek god. He had beautiful dusky rose-colored lips, a chiseled jawline that sported a slight stubble, beautiful deep blue eyes, and a really nice smile.

"Are you done checking me out, Princesa?"

"How cliche of you, Tyler it's time for us to go to the firm"

“It is” he checked his watch “will you look at that it is” no kidding, I just said that

"Let's go"

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