divided union

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chapter 11

There was a driver for us in the parking lot, as soon as he saw us he opened the car door for me and I stepped into it, soon Tyler was beside me and he started driving

“You look beautiful,” Tyler said trying to make small talk, I heard him before, I looked out the window and ignored him yet again

“Would you at least look at me, I am not that monstrous at least say thank you so I have no cause to believe that you are disabled in the ears

“I am not deaf, I can hear what you are saying there is just nothing to reply you with”

“Uh, I said, you look beautiful, you could say ‘thank you’ or ’you don’t look too bad yourself”

“Thank you or you don’t look too bad yourself” I mumbled and Tyler chuckled

“I seriously cannot be as horrible as how you paint me in your head, I am human and I make mistakes just like you do”

“Well we have to avoid another mistake, THIS CONVERSATION”

“It hurts that you hate me this much, it really hurts me and my ego”

“MAYBE YOUR EGO NEEDS TO BE HURT, can we not talk about this, can we just leave each other alone for two years hmm?”


I hated how she was thinking about me, I hated her perspective of me, she didn’t know me, why was she acting as if she did, I exhaled dejectedly and turned on my phone, at least my bank account had been credited, I smiled slightly to myself when I saw the number of digits. I looked at Siobhan one last time before I looked at my phone again


I was annoyed at how unreasonable these people were being, I was not allowed to talk to or see Brian or any friend for that matter, so I would not slip our marriage information out.

I was sure if I peeked into Tyler’s document it said nothing like that, The contract also said that if I disclosed any information to anyone, whether by accident or purposely I was to pay five million dollars, where was I supposed to get that kind of money and that was not the last part my father would pay three times the amount or else he would lose the company and I would pay two hundred thousand dollars per every rule broken by me.

“This is unbelievable, Tyler gets to see his friends and I don’t even get to see one of mine, that’s absurd and it’s a bit partial”

“Brian is lucky to have been released, he violated a contract”

“I still demand to see him,

“Absolutely not” I opened my mouth

“Siobhan, just sign the paper,” my mother said, I exhaled and pressed the pen on the contract signing away my sanity.

“I want to go home now” I got up and went to hug my sister, she wrapped her hand around me.

“You are going to the airport,” my father said beside me

“The airport? for what?” I frowned

“You are going for your honeymoon of course if the press finds out you didn’t go for a honeymoon it will raise questions we can’t afford to answer,” he said

“Do we have to consummate our marriage”

“Of course, that’s what this marriage is for, children right sweetheart,” my mother said

“I am not sleeping with him”

“But you already signed to” that’s unfair, the terms of the contract were read to me, I didn’t hear a thing about sex. I glared at Tyler’s attorney. I stormed out


The plane was now in the air. Tyler was busy typing away on his laptop probably doing some work, I, on the other hand, was reading a book with my legs crossed and my legs facing another direction, I wasn't going to let him think that this was okay with me, it wasn't. He sighed and I looked up

"Are you going to ignore me the whole time?" Tyler asked

"What else do you want me to do?" I replied without looking up at him, I sensed him getting up then saw him sit beside me on the couch part of the private plane.

"Siobhan" he placed a hand on my shoulder

"Don't touch me" I seethed through my teeth, he pulled his hand away quickly.

"I see no reason for us to hate each other, we are married"

"I see every reason for me to hate you, maybe you don't remember the time you referred to me as an ugly monster" I will remind you, two months ago, the family dinner ring a bell"

"So you are holding a grudge on something I said two months ago?" he looked taken aback

"When you make a mistake in a business deal doesn't it come back to haunt you two years later?"

"We are talking about words, not actions. I didn't mean those words, so if that's why you are upset I am sorry" I laughed

"That's not why I am upset"

"Why are you upset?"

“Look, I have a book to read, you have work to do, let us leave each other alone" I pulled my book to my nose

"FUCK, answer me!!!" he abruptly took my book away and flung it away, I jumped back slightly terrified, I was closing my eyes way longer than I should have

"Are you alright" I opened my eyes, Tyler's deep blue eyes were filled with confusion

"I am fine"

"You look scared, are you scared of me?"

"No" I moved away from him “Where are we going to anyways”

“My island in Honolulu”

"You bought the island?"


"I didn't pack for this trip"

"It's okay, your mother dropped your suitcase here"

"Oh my God"


"Nothing, never mind"

"Siobhan, if you want to talk..." he started

"I DON'T WANT TO TALK" I got up and went to pick my book from the ground

"I wonder how this marriage will work with you being all bipolar"

"I only have one mood when it comes to you, annoyance and disgust"

"Disgust? I like to think I am otherwise, I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me you don't think I am attractive"

"You are attractive, but you are disgusting two different things"

“Oh, tell me about yourself"

"Why the hell are you still trying?"

"I want to know you, tell me about yourself"

"My name is Siobhan, I like reading, I hate you"

"Are you a virgin"

"Do I look like a virgin?"


"I am not a virgin"

"Then this marriage would be more interesting than I thought"

"I am not going to have sex with you"

"You actually have to"

"I would love you to try and force me" I knew I was biting more than I could chew when I said that, but he was just infuriating.

"I could if I wanted to and I might take you up on your offer"

"I wasn't offering you"

"But you said you would love to see me try, I am sure if I tried I would succeed" my breath hitched "I am joking" God let me be dreaming this

"I am going to lie down for a bit"

"Sure, the rooms are in the back" he gestured his head toward the bedroom, I got up and went to the back.


That conversation was cringeworthy, and it almost felt like it was rehearsed. I stared at Siobhan's back when she walked away, I picked her book from the seat, the perks of being a wallflower, maybe I overreacted by flinging the book away.

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