divided union

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chapter 12

“Hey wake up” someone tapped me gently

“Leave me alone Tyler” I whispered and smacked his hand away.


"What the hell do you want?" I asked sleepily when I opened my eyes.

“Siobhan the plane landed already" I got out of the bed and stretched

"Where is my book" he picked it from the bed and gave it to me

"Thanks" I walked down the plane and to the car, Tyler jogged and opened the door for me, I entered it.


The way this girl was behaving towards him was refreshing. Most of the time people just threw themselves at him without being asked twice, he was constantly getting his ass kissed by everyone around him this girl having no simple regard to him as a handsome billionaire was something that was hard to come by.

Siobhan shifted uncomfortably in the leather seat she was in. She took a glimpse at Tyler and studied his profile, his elbow was on the door and his head was against his hand getting annoyed that they were still in the car on the way to his island home.

“Why do I feel like you want to rape me?” he looked at her.

Catching her off guard with his sudden words she fiddled with her fingers trying to think of an ethical reason why she was sitting in the car staring at her husband


“Rape you! I do not want to rape you” I replied

“Relax it was a joke"

"Stop using that word, 'rape' to joke around, the next thing you know you are raping someone and you tell the person it was a joke"

"I think you need to chill, you are blowing things out of proportion," he said, I looked outside he window "Can you cook?" he asked

“Yes I can”

"I feel like you have been avoiding a conversation with me"

"I don't understand"

"You don't want to contribute to our talks, you should at least say something once in a while"

"I don't want to talk to you, I don't like talking too much and I dislike people that force me to make conversations with them

"Is that why you don't like me I talk too much"

"Tyler not everyone likes you, and I know for a fact that you won't be trying to make a conversation with me if I didn't have boobs" he choked

"That's not true"

"It is, Tyler, admit it, in fact, don't admit it, it's cool besides I don't talk to everyone, I only talk to people I absolutely love and there are only two people in this world that I absolutely love, my sister and Brian"

“What of your parents"

"I don't like them"


"I don't want to have that conversation with you, I refuse to trust you" I looked out of the window, "you are nothing I haven't seen before, I know men like you"

“Hey,” Tyler said "what do you mean men like me"

"Men that don't care about women, men that sleep around"

"So you want to tell me that Brian, doesn't sleep around" good point

"Brian is different from other men"

"Then why am I the same as other men?"

"Because you are you"

"You can't seriously think that's fair right, Brian is the same as me so far he sleeps like me, he has a penis and he is incapable of conceiving, what makes us different is that he is poor and I am rich"

"See, Brian would never boast about something like that"

"I wasn't boasting I was stating a fact"

"I don't understand what is happening, am I being forced to like you, if I don't like you then I don't like you"

"Siobhan, we are consummating our marriage today and we can't get through a conversation without you getting offended"

"You took my life away from me, of course, I am offended"

"What do you want me to do?!!!"

"Stop yelling at me and just shut up"

"You wanna be a bitch, fine be a bitch, but don't think I will spare you, the goal is one thing fuck you and get you pregnant, I am getting sick of staying in the same car as you already"

"Jeffery please pull over" The driver did as Tyler said, Tyler got out of the car and went to the front seat, leaving the back for me to enjoy alone "drive us to the nearest five-star hotel and tell the driver with our things to bring it up to our hotel room when we get there"

“Okay sir” Jeffery made a turn and started driving to the nearest hotel.

"You didn't hear any of that"

"Not a word"


After a while, we pulled up in the hotel and we both walked in. Jeffery booked us the most expensive suite in the whole building, it didn't look like any of the rooms were cheap though, I am sure to sleep on the ground of the lobby you would have to set yourself back at least ten thousand dollars.

The elevator ride was quiet and awkward, at least he wasn't trying to talk to me, and for that I was happy.

The suite was like nothing I had ever seen before, it had an all-white theme going on and there was the breathtaking view of the ocean outside

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it's alright, where am I sleeping?"

"That should be upstairs, you don't mind sleeping with me do you"

"I do mind"

My drivers need a place to sleep"

"You don't strike me as someone who cares for the help"

"I care for my help, you thought it was a question, no, you are sleeping with me tonight, period" I inhaled sharply

"I hate you"

"Well I have stopped caring, go upstairs"

"You don't command me"

"You are under my authority, it seems like you didn't read your contract properly" he knew his attorney tricked me which made his chuckle all the more annoying. I stormed up the stairs to a bedroom and sat on the bed.

Tyler came in with my suitcase and two drivers came in with a set of two suitcases then left. Tyler organized the boxes in a neat row and picked the last one, he placed it on the bed and opened it beside me. I refused to sneak a peek at what he was doing, but curiosity got the best of me, I looked at him and realized that he was picking out clothes to wear.

He started unbuttoning his shirt, my face immediately flushed with blood, nobody undresses in front of me, what if he wanted me to return the favor, how would I explain my scars. My eyes skimmed over his muscles, Tyler was a sex god, he looked like the man in all the romance novels, and he had slight chest hair, a few tattoos here and there and his v-line oh my god. He was gorgeous.

"You're staring" he started unbuckling his belt


"You are staring at me"

"You gave me a reason to stare," I said and turned away

"Would you stop acting prude, you told me you weren't a virgin why are you acting like you are"

"I am not a virgin, but I didn't enjoy sex at first either"

"Let me make you enjoy it" I blinked once, twice and cocked my head to the side

“I”m messing with you” he grabbed his towel then entered the bathroom.

After ten minutes of sulking, I decided to look for something reasonable to wear. I opened her first suitcase it was my outing suitcase the clothes weren't that bad but they were not all that good either, my mother mostly packed in short gowns and for the jeans and shorts, the tops were either too revealing or silk she hated silk why couldn't she pack lace or cotton. I closed the suitcase then opened the next one, Series of lace underwear and nightwear a few tank tops and shorts and a whole lot of silk nightdresses. I am guessing my mother told the maid 'get everything a woman needs on her honeymoon' and she got just that

"Oh my God

“What” Tyler walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, is it just me or was he sexier when he was wet.

“Look at this"

"Your nightwear? what's wrong with it"

"It's a little too revealing for me"

"That's not revealing at all"

"Of course it's not to you, women probably parade around your house naked"

"Not to brag but...yeah" I got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom

"Did I say anything wrong?" I heard him ask himself

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