divided union

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chapter 13

I stood in the shower and let cold water run over me, I enjoyed cold water, I enjoyed the water in general, it didn't really matter what temperature it was. I took the body wash that was standing there waiting for me to use then scanned the bottle for anything I might be allergic to since there was none I poured a little quantity in my hand and sniffed it. Smelled okay to me, I lathered the soap over my body and spent a whole thirty minutes in the bathroom hoping by the time I was done he would be asleep and I didn't have to listen to his horrible choice of words. I pulled on the tight white tank top and the shorts.

I cursed when I saw him on the bed typing on his phone, he was wearing a blue tee and a pair of blue pajama shorts, that was weird I thought he wanted to consummate our marriage, maybe he did take pity on me after all or he was just too tired to argue with me. I opened the door

"Where are you going?"

"I want to sleep on the couch"

“Are you serious?" he asked and got up and walked to me "there's space on the bed

"I can't sleep with you"

"Why not?"

"I like the lights on when I sleep" he blinked in shock, it can't really come as a surprise.

"I might start to think you care about me, try again"

"I don't just want to sleep near you okay"

"You won't be comfortable, here take the blanket" hecourse, the to the bed and brought it for me

"Thanks" I cracked my first smile for him and walked down with the blanket, he wasn't a complete asshole like I thought he was


It may have been a bit risky to open the balcony doors but I needed the fresh air.

"Mrs. Douglas?" a driver said "are you alright

"I am fine, no need to worry"

"I thought you would spend some time with your husband, you know for your honeymoon and everything"

"I am tired, I said don't worry just go to bed I just wanted to enjoy fresh air"

"Okay" he walked up the stairs with a cup of coffee

I laid on the couch and stared at the night sky, there was a full moon tonight and there were many stars, I flipped on my back and fell asleep.

I was not really deep in my sleep that's why I felt Tyler's arms slip under me and he lifted me bridal style to his chest like I weighed nothing, but I was tired and I couldn't start yelling at him to drop me, so I snuggled into him and inhaled his nice scent.


I felt Siobhan shift closer to my chest and inhale slightly, I looked down at her, her shirt was drawn upward slightly revealing her flat stomach, there was a faint scar a few inches under her navel that ran across her belly another scar, I doubt she would be happy if I told her I saw the wound I will keep quiet and ask uncle Marco about it. I laid her on the bed and got in beside her, I couldn't sleep knowing she was hiding something big.


The next morning I felt a cage around me. I opened my eyes and figured that the cage had fingers, long fingers that had a ring on the fourth one. I instantly remembered where I was, I groaned and shifted away

“Eliza, stay” Tyler mumbled against my neck then he kissed my neck and pulled me closer, I stiffened under his touch, who the hell was Eliza, I was Siobhan, I felt a hard prodding at my lower back. I shifted uncomfortably trying to get away from the prodding then it twitched. A mouse I asked myself, this was a five-star hotel there couldn't be a mouse in the bed. I blushed when I figured out what it was then I bolted out of the bed in embarrassment. I face-planted, then groaned when I looked up

“Why are you on the floor?” Tyler asked peeking over the top of the bed he looked sexy anyways he hair was tousled up messily he didn't even have bags under his eyes for all I knew I looked like a wet koala when I woke up. I ignored his question and stood up

“Why were you on the floor?”

“I... I uh felt... your...” I whispered

“My,?” he asked waiting for me to get the word out amusement washed over his face, he knew what I was talking about

"Your boner"

"Surely someone has had a boner for you before"

"You didn't have a boner for me, you had a boner for Eliza," I said and he froze


"You said her name" He froze briefly then just walked to the bathroom.


The two of us were checking out of the hotel with the two drivers trailing behind us, I looked around and saw a man pushing a luggage trolley, he looked very familiar, he was my previous bodyguard, his eyes caught mine and I think he recognized me too, his face turned to that of fear then he speedily walked away.



"You are acting strange"

"How so,"

"You are holding my arm... tightly" I looked down and realized I was in fact gripping his hand for dear life.

"Sorry, I thought I saw something"

"Like a ghost" he laughed and I laughed shortly too

"Yeah like a ghost" that has come from my past to haunt me


“This is my island house”

"Oh" I took in the magnificent house, there was no other house in sight, staying in a suite was one thing but on a whole island that was bound to be awkward "are we staying here alone

“No, my friends are coming later in the week to spend time with us"

“Do they know about us?”


“They will know we are lying you never introduced me to them”

“If we give them a back story they will leave us alone they are not that smart, thank you guys" Tyler gave them some money and they drove off

“Where are they going?”

“They are not staying here with us obviously they have homes to get to,” Tyler said with a duh tone and placed his hand on his waist "let's get inside," he said and started walking to the glass

“Are you coming?”

“Yes,” I said and walked into the house. The back of the house, that was where the ocean was, the walls were made entirely out of glass and the house was modern. I slipped into the soft lounge couch and enjoyed the warmth of it as I stared at the sunset.

"This is beautiful," I said and walked to the full-length glass door, then I slid it opened and let the cool beach breeze hit my nose

"What do you want for dinner?"

"Pasta please"

"Sure, would you help me cook?"

"Yeah okay" he led me to the kitchen


“The food is nice don't you think” Tyler put his fork in his mouth I ignored him and continued to eat my food. “are you back to ignoring me, I thought we had chipped the ice"

I looked up and narrowed my eyes at him “does your mouth ever stop moving, you can choke okay so shut up"

Tyler chuckled, the smile reached his eyes and he looked so damn cute was there any time that this guy was unattractive if he wasn't handsome he was cute if he wasn't cute he was sexy.

"Like you would care if I were to choke"

"If I didn't care you would kill yourself and I would have no way out of this island" he frowned

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