divided union

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chapter 15

"I made toast, do you like toast?" Tyler asked I was just wondering who supplied food to this place, "Siobhan, answer a damn question for once" he added and groaned, I was clearly pissing him off, it wasn't long before he stopped trying

“Yeah” I whispered and he put three pieces of toast on my plate and handed me the butter "thanks"

“My friends called and they would be on the island any moment from now," he said and sat beside me "are you okay with that?"

"I mean you have already called them why ask me now," I said not even sneaking a look in his direction

"I can always call and give an excuse that we needed some alone time," he said, ALONE TIME, I didn't want alone time.

"No, it's cool," I said and bit into the bread, I felt his gaze on me burning through my profile "what are you doing? why are you looking at me now?"


“Oh, okay" I continued eating my bread "aren't you going to eat"

"I already ate while cooking so," he said “Siobhan” Oh God

“Yeah,” I said trying not to seeth it through my teeth, filtering all venomous tone from it

“Why won't you look at me?”

“No reason” I whispered

"Are you embarrassed about yesterday" why would I be embarrassed, okay maybe I was a bit embarrassed, everything was a blur but I remember being very frigid and crying like a baby afterward

“Maybe a bit" he smiled at my confession

“There's no need to be embarrassed, and honestly if you are a virgin, you can tell me I won't laugh and I would make sure to be gentle with you"

"Gentle with me?"

"Yes gentle with you, I may have crossed the line when I said I just wanted to fuck you and get you pregnant and I am sorry about that"

"Yeah whatever, but I am not a virgin"

"You act like a virgin"

"I am not a VIRGIN, you want me to prove it to you" I taunted and met his eyes, his eyes held confusion at my outburst, but still held that glint of mischief. I would always keep him confused because I was a puzzle hard to figure out.

"Whoa, I didn't say you had to prove it to me, I just told you my opinion okay" he got up “Are you afraid of me?” he whispered, I looked at him, why on earth would I be afraid of him, he couldn't harm a fly from what I had seen, "please don't be afraid of me, I would be very upset if you are, you are like a sister to me"

"EW, No don't say that I am not like a sister to you, I wouldn't ever want to be your sister"

"I am over here thinking, 'maybe she thinks me referring to her as a sister was disgusting in an incest kinda way" but no it's because I am too disgusting to be her sibling, I know for a fact that I am better than your brother"

"I am going to have a nap"

"I thought maybe we could stroll and maybe an overhead reporter would picture us and put us on the newspaper, to reassure everyone that we were normal"

"I don't like you" I got out of the chair and walked past him.


“Siobhan” Tyler knocked on my door, I was staring out of my window from my bed enjoying the cool breeze on my cheek, as cheesy as it sounded “Siobhan” my bed dipped in on the other side then a hand touched me lightly “Siobhan some of my friends are here” I wiped the tears off her face, stood up from the bed then pulled my gown down so it would reach mid-thigh again.

"Why on earth are you crying now?"

"Tyler just leave me alone" I sighed and pulled out of his hold then went down to meet his friends "hello nice to meet you, I am Siobhan, I said to the group of friends, there were a few men a few women and they seemed tight

“Hey” most of them chorused

“Who are you?” a beach blonde asked me, I looked at her, she was practically naked, she might as well go upstairs and give Tyler the children he needed

“Allison” another girl scolded and pulled her back

“Guys this is my wife Siobhan and Siobhan that is Mason, Derek, Tyler black, Ricky, Adam, Gracie, Allison, and Gwendolyn” he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my hair, I just wanted to push him off.

“Wife, how come we never heard about you from Tyler?”

“You know how he always wants to live his life on the edge” I replied smiling

“You're not wrong,” Derek said “it's nice to meet you” he shook my hand

“The pleasure is mine”

“She isn't like the other girls you have dated this one actually has manners, how did you find this dude”

“She is my Godfather's daughter we met through him”



There was a lot of murmuring at the dinner table, I quietly ate my food at the end of the table, Tyler kept giving me glances asking what was wrong or telling me to at least contribute. Someone tapped my hand and I looked to see a girl, who I recalled was named Gwendolyn a name I personally loved

“Yes" I replied

“You have been frowning all night, is something bothering you?" she asked

"Nope nothing is"

"Is everything alright between you and Tyler" I cleared my throat

“Still trying to slip into the marriage mentality, I do love him though”

“I understand it's like with me and Derek but why aren't you wearing your wedding ring?”

“I removed it”


“Because I wanted to do the dishes, that's what I'll tell Tyler but the honest truth is that it is uncomfortable having something around your finger” I whispered and Gwendolyn laughed

“Gwendolyn right”

“Yeah but you can just call me Gwen”

“Siobhan, you cooked this” A girl names Gracie asked,

“Yes, do you like it?”

“I love it what do you call it”

“Crepe Suisse”

“I need a recipe”

"Oh please, it's meh we could have gone to that new fancy place to eat they serve better food than this garbage" and you ate a full two plates why? I held my tongue

"I will write it down later Gracie" I have always learned to ignore the fools and talk to the important and smart. that way I never lose any brain cells

“It's delicious"

"Thank you"


"I saw you talking to Gwendolyn, pretty nice girl," he said as he leaned on my doorpost, "you can't just ignore me forever"

“It's not forever it's just two years trust me I can,” I said and tucked my pillow under my duvet

“It's nice to see that you are making a friend”

“I have friends Tyler"

“Do you?”

“Yes I do” I placed my hand on my hips

“Really cos if you did you will not have tried to run away with your bodyguard”

“He is my BEST friend”

"You are breaching a part of the contract, no interaction with friends"


“I didn't ask you to stop talking to her, as that will cause suspicion I am just telling you so that you know three million dollars or more is on the line if you try to do anything stupid that is ignoring me in front of my friends. etcetera; etcetera”


“That's it; you wouldn't insult me and scream about how much you hate me,” he said, "how much you think I am a manwhore, how much I disgust you?"

"I have never once called you a playboy to your face"

"But you were thinking it"

"I was yes, please just go"

"Uh, friends in the house I have to stay here to keep their suspicions at bay"



"Ugh whatever" I climbed into the bed and he went behind me and spooned me

"What are you doing"


"Get away from me" I pushed him away.

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