divided union

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chapter 16

I saw the sun peeking through the curtains, I got out of bed and opened the window, the sun immediately took over the room making Tyler groan "Oh God just come back to bed, we would wake up later" I hated the way Tyler always wanted to cuddle me, I wonder how he survived sleeping in his bed all these years without someone to hold at night, maybe he had a huge teddy that fulfilled his needs, I am not a huge teddy, I am a human being.

I put my legs into my black fuzette slippers and went down the stairs. I took a moment to admire the waves from the safety of the room, I loved the decor of the house, I couldn't do any better, honestly.

“I told you to come back to bed"

"Tyler, it seems like you are misreading the whole arranged marriage bull shit so let me just enlighten you, we are not actually married. We don't get to enjoy sleeping in together while cuddling, we don't do kissing and morning shower sex, we don't take beach walks, and cycling and other things, we don't kiss goodnight okay, got it"

“But we are married arranged or not, why can't we do those things what if I want to do those things I don't love no but I want all my marriages to be healthy, and this" he pointed between us "this is not healthy"

“I am going to make breakfast" I walked away but he pulled me back roughly

"We aren't done talking" I slapped him across his face

"Don't grab me like that again"


Hell, she just slapped me and it HURT, not my ego this time but my actual skin, I watched her walk away, I know I keep giving her chances to relax but it seems like she never relaxes, she wants a cool heartless husband that's what I will give her, the most heartless.

I followed her to the kitchen and I saw her making pancake batter, I sat on the stool and watched her as she started moving around, doing her work and making sure to pay no attention to me, Had I lost my game, did getting married again make me hideous, I still looked the same but she wasn't falling for ut.

My friends entered the room together all chattering like teenagers,

"Whoa, I can sense serious tension in here," Derek said, it was probably the way Tyler and I were feet meters apart and the fact that Tyler was glaring at me, I was unapologetic if I did apologize he would think he could grab me like that again, I didn't like it he triggered memories and I didn't like those memories

"Good morning guys," Tyler said

“Good morning” I added, everyone else greeted back but that blonde girl Alisson straight up rolled her eyes at me

“Very funny”

“Allison what's our beef,” I asked, I started pouring some pancake batter into the pan

“Did I say I have a problem with you bitch”

“Whoa no need to swear at me a simple yes or no would have sufficed or you didn’t learn that one in preschool” there were a couple of OOHs and YIKESs

“What are you six go upstairs and suck your thumb”

“I’m surprised you can count that high”

“Okay that’s enough,” Tyler said

“Tyler you shouldn't invite your fuck buddy to your vacation home," Derek said, of course, now I feel sorry for the girl

“She is a friend Derek" he shoved him playfully

“Siobhan watch her around your husband she can be a real... problem to your marriage," I wanted her to be a huge problem to my marriage

"Tyler Brendan is coming over," Derek said, who is Brendan? didn't I have enough mouths to feed? I continued flipping the pancakes onto the plate whilst eavesdropping on the conversation.

"Why is he coming here?"

"I invited him"

“You did what!” Tyler yelled

“Come on we haven't talked to him in years, now's the time to mend the broken whatever I am sure your friendship is still underneath the rubble”

“And there is a reason for that rubble, Brendan is dead to me he knows that and if I see his face I am bound to murder someone”

“Dude it's Bros before hoes,” Ricky said

“I don't want to have this conversation with Siobhan in the room”

I rolled my eyes and continued cooking. "Hey babe can I talk to you for a sec" Tyler held my hand

"As you can see..." I remembered all his friends in the room, I put the last pancake in the plate and followed him out the kitchen


"Nothing I just wanted to get out of that conversation" he frowned and folded his arms when I muttered curses under my breath. I went back to the kitchen to continue my cooking



“Hey thank you for inviting me and Eliza,” Brendan said smiling at me

“We only invited you but since you are still doing her okay” Ricky replied rolling his eyes. Eliza opened her mouth agape in shock, I widened my eyes at Ricky's comment. Eliza looked at me and smiled

“I... will go and get Siobhan okay," I went up the stairs, why did she have to smile at me like that, I still had feelings for her I knew I did but God I didn't want to have those feelings for her anymore, she broke my heart

"Siobhan, wake up we have more visitors" I tapped her arm "wake up"

"I mean they are your guests, why must I greet them" she mumbled

"So people don't think you are an antisocial sociopath"

"That's so smart of you, later in life when women are not at your beck and call make a dictionary of dumb sentences" I blinked, she got out of the bed and stretched her gown was riding higher than it should have been, I caught myself staring at her long fair legs, what I would do to have them around my waist

"Stop looking at my legs like that" she didn't waste much time did she

"Sorry" she padded to the door and I followed suit


I went down and saw a man of the same stature with Tyler, he had brown hair and an uncomfortable smile on his face, beside him was a blonde, great another blonde to look forward to, why did she look so familiar.


“Hi, who are you?” rude, straight to the point, I see us becoming soul sisters

“I am Siobhan," I said

"And why are you here?"

"Babe you could be a little more polite," The guy said

"I should be asking you the exact same question"

“I own this house,” she said

“I'm married to Tyler” Tyler came down the stairs and he sat down

"Brendan why are you here exactly, why did you come here you know perfectly well that you are not welcome where I am"

"We own this house together and even if you didn't invite us we would have come for the summer anyway

“I was thinking a bonfire baby, what do you think," Gwendolyn asked Derek, she just wanted to end the weird house ownership matter, I wonder why Tyler would be sharing a house with someone, couldn't he buy and maintain his own.

“I think that would be an amazing idea but this is Tyler's house, Tyler?”

“Yeah I'm down just let me know when”

“Awesome!” the woman was still glaring at me,

“Who exactly are you”

“I'm Tyler's ex”

“Girlfriend? big deal”

“Ex-wife a bigger deal and we share custody of the house ”

"At least someone would have told me that he was married before me," I said and went up the stairs.

"SIOBHAN" Tyler called.


NOPE, I have made a promise not to give two fucks about what she does, if she wanted to be angry I would coun ton myself not to beg her again, she doesn't deserve my begging, I only beg people that can absolutely improve my life and the only thing related to her that can improve my life is her father and the child that is going to be in her womb a few months or a year from now.

"You didn't tell her you had been married before"

"Well she should've known, which news channel didn't cover it" Eliza said and I leaned into my chair

"Dude won't you beg"

"Why should I beg, it is just what Eliza said, she knew, she wanted to make a scene about it"

"Drama just follows you everywhere you go," one of my friends said

"Tell me about it" Gwendolyn all the while made this disgusted face at me and the guys then got up going to the stairs

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