divided union

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chapter 17

I laid on the bed trying to ignore the moans and groans of Alisson and one of Tyler's friends, the walls were thin, very thin and I was not enjoying it. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP "YES RIGHT THERE" I turned over and put the pillow on my ear. Someone entered the room, probably Tyler here to beg and be clingy AGAIN, I turned and saw it wasn't Tyler, it was Gwen.

"yyyy" she grimaced "how do you sleep at night?" she asked referring to the couple making love behind my bed, there was a fault in the house and I was happy to find it, Tyler didn't think that another couple would be banging next to my room did he, well I was going to rub it in his face that his house was not as perfect. But he never bragged about the house being failproof, so I would find myself idioticizing myself.

“Hey” Gwendolyn sat beside me

“You," I said

“Could you be more excited to see me then I'll feel happy”

“OH YOU” I exclaimed making Gwendolyn laugh “you don't need to apologize on behalf of Tyler”

"I didn't come to apologize for him, I came here to ask how you were doing"

"I am good, great even"

"Were you forced into the marriage"

“You can tell?”

“I overheard your conversation this morning, not that I meant to snoop or anything I was just passing by and you two clearly needed your pace so I went back up

“Great I have to get millions of dollars”

“Millions of dollars for what?!”

“For the payment of going against the contract and telling you"

“You didn't exactly tell me, I will pretend like I don't know okay"


"Really, pinky swear" I never trust anyone with my pinky, I outstretched it and latched it with hers

"Pinky swear" I hugged her

“Yeah, the bonfire is tonight do you have something to wear?”

“Yeah, what about you?"

"I do, your contacts are amazing what shade of green is that”

“Contacts these are the real color. army” I said

“No way; I want your eyes”

“You can have them when I'm dead I still need them right now”


“I haven't seen you all day”

“I was outside, strolling by the beach, don't see your business in my whereabouts”

“I am your husband"

"I doubt anybody will believe you if you say that, they would laugh in your face you were supposed to come after me if not to apologize to pretend like you were going to apologize you sat there and she...never mind, I don't blame you really”

“Why don't you blame me"

"We don't like each other and I understand why you made me look like a fool, all the while I was asking stupid questions that could have easily be avoided if you told me about her" I opened my suitcase and dragged out a black bikini

"I felt like you would have known about our marriage"

"Well, I don't follow news about you, because it was always the same thing, you being violent and punching a reporter or you dating the thinnest, long-legged models you could find"

“What was I supposed to do? how was I supposed to know that you didn't know”

“It doesn't matter if you knew or didn't know, you could her put her in her place, I am your wife in front of the public"

“I wasn't going to scold her in front of everyone, I wasn't going to scold her at all not because if you anyway"

"Well that's fresh, very fresh even, I like that you are not kissing my ass"

“Siobhan,” he said calmly

“Stop calling my name like that TYLER, you make me seem like the villain but you are the one that is the villain, I gave up my future for you my internship my life, hell I would have fallen in love with Brian and we would have had a nice house with nice children, but you came along and you couldn't even stand up for me this one time, some HUSBAND you are, she did the right thing leaving you for that Brendan guy"

“What did you just say to me?" his eyes darkened, well he went murderous so quickly, but I was going to stand my ground.

“I said that I can see why Eliza left you for Brendan” It was so quick and I didn't see it coming, Tyler lifted his hand at me and gave me a hard slap across the face, my ears started ringing and my vision blurred immediately, my hand flew to my face, it hurt bad. I grabbed my black mesh dress and my bikini then stormed out of the room to the living room.

"Siobhan?" someone tapped my shoulder, it was a guy one of Tyler's friends. As if he would care if he hit me, I can't believe he hit me, no one had hit me like that since THEN and he did it, he slapped me across the face, "Siobhan?" I looked up and saw Brendan standing there with a sympathetic look on his face. "are you alright?"

"I am fine, just fine"

"Are you sure?" he pressed on

"I said yes, I am" I yelled but softened my voice at the last minute, he was slightly taken aback but he nodded slowly, he probably thought I was a psycho now.

"Is Tyler in your room"


"Okay thanks"

"Where are the others"

"They went out to buy things for the bonfire" he started walking away but I stopped him “Wait! can I borrow your phone,” I asked, my phone was in the bedroom and I wasn't going to go up to get it

“Sure?” Brendan handed his phone to me and walked away, I called my father's number


"Siobhan, how are you?" he asked, he was slightly surprised that I called him,

“I don't want to stay with Tyler anymore, he is violent and has anger issues,"

“What? Tyler doesn't have anger issues" he was taken his side over mine, how classic of my father, he never supported me, EVER

“He hit me, slapped me across the face, I want out and I am prepared to pay off everything even if it means being his maid for the rest of my life, anything to get out of this marriage"

"There is nothing I can do Siobhan, maybe you said something which caused him to hit you, I can swear on my life that my godson is not violent" I sobbed out and cut the call, he wasn't going to help me out.


I certainly didn't mean to hit her like that, it came out of nowhere, she was saying hurtful things and she didn't know the depth of the wound, Brendan came into the bedroom and shut the door.

"What do you want?"

"Firstly I came to apologize to you"

"For what exactly"

"For... destroying a good friendship and sleeping with your wife"

"And what makes you think I would ever forgive someone like you, Brendan I cannot forgive you and I am pretty sure you know why"

"I said I am sorry and you are happily married why won't you forgive me?"

"Because you would very soon dump Eliza and come after Siobhan if I do"

"I love Eliza and you remember very well that she was mine before you took her away from me"

"Maybe if you would have told me you had feelings for her I WOULD HAVE BACKED OFF"

"You knew I had feelings for her and you teased me about it on countless occasions"

"As a joke, I didn't know but what you did was unforgivable at the time I started dating her you hadn't even asked her out yet and I was married to her Brendan, You were screwing her behind my back, you fucked her on our wedding day and I found four years later," Brendan closed his eyes "dude get out, now" he walked out


"This is so much fun, I can't believe you are not dancing" Gwendolyn yelled over the music, I was watching Tyler laugh with friends, I had not expected that I would bother about him not apologizing, I didn't want him to but deep down in my heart I thought he was going to at least say he was sorry. I hugged my knees and stared at him "Siobhan are you okay" Gwen sat beside me and nudged me slightly

“Gwendolyn, promise not to do anything stupid"

"What!!!" she exclaimed

"Tyler slapped me, across my face and I am worried that he is violent"

"Tyler is not violent, he is just crazy" not her too "... wait a minute did you just say he slapped you, you mean in a bedroom kind of way right, like kinky sex"

"No I mean, he straight-up, lifted his hand at me and slapped me across the face"

“He did what!”

“You promised not to do anything stupid"

"I never did" she stormed over to where Tyler was standing and drinking beer, then gave him a slap across the face, I heard it from where I was sitting.


"Gwendolyn why the hell did you slap me," I asked stroking my cheek, I think I have been slapped two more than I should have been today.

“Babe, what is that about,?” Derek asked and held her arm and pulled her away.

“Did your mother teach you not to hit a lady" she did hit me first, but that's not why I hit her

“Dude who did you hit?"

“Maybe you should first put a chain on your bitch” I replied and moved away, I glanced at Siobhan if she looked at the scene that unfurled at al all she was quick with hiding it

"Why don't we play a little game of truth and dare?"Adam said

“If Tyler hit Siobhan then it's her headache, not ours," Eliza said and folded her arms "let's play"

“She's right, Siobhan is already handling it,” Allison said and pointed to my wife, I felt like I should have been doing more to protect her image, but I really didn't care.

"Let's play," I said


“We are about to play truth or dare do you want to join” Gwen came over to me and held her hand out,

"Thanks for what you did"

"No problem, about my offer"

“If she doesn't want to we aren't forcing her” Eliza yelled, If I could just slap her, I took Gwen's hand and she led me nearer to the bonfire, I felt Tyler's eyes on me if I didn't hate him before I certainly did now.

“Derek; spin the bottle”

“Okay I will spin the bottle” he mimicked Gracie's Swedish accent

“Okay Ricky truth or dare,” Eliza said


“Who is the sexiest girl here," she asked, I hope she wasn't expecting her name, cos that would be awkward, she was pretty but it would still be awkward if Ricky mentioned her name and Brendan heard it.

“That would be Gracie”

"AWWW," Gracie exclaimed and everyone laughed, including me, I am not THAT sad.

"Siobhan, spin the bottle" I reached forward, it landed between the other Tyler and Eliza.

"Eliza truth or dare?"


“Have you ever cheated on someone, on who and with who" I looked at Eliza waiting for her to answer.

“Uh yes I have cheated" whoa, I guess, Tyler dodged a bullet "on Tyler with Brendan" yikes, I didn't know it was that serious, she cheated on him, I saw Eliza glaring at Tyler black and Brendan was looking around clearly avoiding the awkward tension.

"Gwendolyn spin the bottle" I whispered, anything to avoid break this ice, everyone was so awkward, I feel like Tyler knew but he just wanted to make Eliza feel worse. Gwendolyn spun the bottle and it landed on me and Mason.

"Mason truth or dare?"


"Okay I got one, You have to play a song by slapping your butt cheeks till someone gets it" everyone laughed.

"What? NO,"

"Do it" he knelt and started drumming on his ass whilst everyone laughed, I think he was doing it for five whole minutes, consistently urging someone, ANYONE to get it. I laughed

"Come on man give us a hint," Adam said

"DON'T SAY THE NAME," I said and he glared at me

"My favorite song"

"Noone knows your favorite song"

"What, I was screaming the song in the car today and you asked me the name of the song"

"That never happened"

"Okay fine, I pardon you, Mason, what's your favorite song"


"That sounded nothing like yikes"

The next person spun the bottle and it landed on me and Alisson and I was the person that had to do something.

"Siobhan truth or dare?" I knew if I said truth I might have to answer a risky question


"I dare you to go into the ocean with your clothes on" I would do that if I was looking to get a cold, but there was a fire so... I got up.

"Sure" I walked into the water I even threw a cartwheel before finally dipping my whole body into the pool, I came out and I think, I didn't really think this one through, I was freezing to the bone and a harsh breeze hit me, I went to the circle and crouched, I didn't want sand clinging to my dress.

"Done" the game went on and it was pretty fine until someone dared Alisson to tongue kiss any guy of her choosing for thirty seconds, of course, she chose Tyler... DOUGLAS. She crawled over to him, like a little kitten, slowly and sassily and straddled him. WAS THAT REALLY NECESSARY. I don't understand why it slightly hurt when I saw his wedding ring flash in the moonlight when he moved to grip her waist, I just thought maybe he wouldn't act like this, he was still a total player. I felt bad because I thought someone besides Brian and my sister would finally grow to understand me and he destroyed that.

I got up and walked into his house, I had to act like I was upset, I was upset but not because he was kissing her but because he was allowed some liberties and I wasn't.


I pulled away from Alisson and looked around for Siobhan's expression but I didn't find it because she wasn't there. But Gwen was glaring at me, it dawned on me what happened, was she jealous?. I got up and stormed to the house in search of her

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