divided union

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chapter 18


After a refreshing hot shower, I walked out of the bathroom feeling happy with myself, the cold water certainly shook me up some. I saw Tyler sitting on the bed, not now. I turned to him and made sure my towel was secure around my body

"Siobhan we need to talk"

"Talk? I think we talk too much maybe tomorrow" I grabbed my clothes from the bed and walked into the bathroom to put them on, I was hoping when I was done, he would have gone back down to play with his friends but I was wrong.

"Why did you leave the game?"

"Was I supposed to sit there and watch you kiss another woman right in front of my face"

"Are you jealous?" I smiled at his cuteness

"The last thing I would be is jealous Tyler, I mean if you called Eliza to hump you tonight I probably won't even lift a finger, of course, I won't watch you I am not a pervert, the point is I am your wife and when a wife sees her husband cheating there are two options she slaps him and requests a divorce right there or she merely walks away but since it was a game I walked away"

"But you are not my real wife"

"IN FRONT OF THEM I AM, besides that, I have feelings too when you cheat on me if it is a fake or real relationship I get sad, I am sure you know what sadness feels like and what it feels like to be stabbed in the back you are just like all of them aren't you, you stabbed me in the back by kissing her back and not because I have feelings for you, but because I felt like you would someday understand"


“Tyler I told my dad that you hit me”


“I did”

“What did he say?”

“What else will he say, he supported you right because I am the bad girl and you are the image of perfection I mean they never bother with these matters anyway, you all might as well run a mafia you are an army of heartless cruel people who don't deserve the pleasure life has given you”

“I am sorry I slapped you"

"Sorry doesn't cut it" I climbed into my bed, I was grateful for the lights being off and my ability to mask the tears in my voice. He climbed in the bed behind me and wrapped his hand around me then leaned his head on my shoulder

"I am sorry" he whispered


I was glad that we were finally leaving this island, it was nice when everyone was still asleep and I would go to the room with all the views of the sea and the sand, It was impossible to ignore him, he was everywhere and he wasn't repentant too

“I am glad that I can finally go home Gwen you are the one who has been keeping me sane for weeks now”

“No pressure”

“God I’m going to miss you" I replied

"Don't worry we would soon see again okay, don't sweat it"


“Hey" Tyler walked in and sat on the bed in front of me, I was just packing up my stuff and I paid no attention to him "hello"

"Yes, I heard you the first time, what do you want?"

"Let's hang out together, you and me alone. I mean this honeymoon didn't really serve the purpose of what it was supposed to serve"

"And that is?" I folded a tank top into the suitcase

"Us having sex like rabbits all around the house, I like that we are talking normally now" normal, this wasn't normal

“Yeah, this is not normal," I said.

“Won’t you leave anything out for you to wear back home”

“I already did”

“Let's sleep together"


"I mean, let's have sex instead of going out"


"Are you a moralist"

"A moralist what's that?"

"A prude," he asked, leaning on the bed

"Ohh... yes" I out my suitcase on the floor, he grimaced then laughed

"Seriously though, go out with me when we get back two of us anywhere you want to go"

"I want to go to many places, just not with you my real husband would take me around the world in a nice helicopter and we would have dinner in somewhere I have never heard of in my entire life"

"I feel like you don't like me very much"

"I don't"

"I am sorry for whatever I did to you that makes you hate me so"

“For all those things you did you are going to need more than just an ‘I’m sorry’, your apology is accepted anyways"

"Cool so will you talk to me now"

"No, you try too hard and I don't like talking"

"To me"

"To people, I don't know"

"I see, let's start over so you can get to know me, I am Tyler" he outstretched his hand and I stared at it "you are supposed to say your name and shake me"

"Well there's no point since you magically know my name"

"Very funny" he grabbed my hand and shook me, a smile pulled at my lips but I pursed my lips together, the plane ride was somewhat peaceful and I didn't hate him as much as I did before, he knew what I expected of him and I knew what to expect from him, he was a chatterbox and he didn't have the characteristics of a CEO he acted like a highschool girl, always wanting to talk to someone or maybe it was when he was with me. We stayed out of each other's hair, he walked while I read a book that he had bought for me. He thought I would like it and it was one of his favorites too so he bought it and I loved it.


“Siobhan" Sidney threw her hands around me "I have missed you so much"

"I missed you too"

"What are you wearing," she asked me looking at my short gown that showed more than I would ever want to show


"It isn't something I have seen you wearing before, did you guys..."

"You are all sex aren't you, we didn't have sex okay so can it and don't talk about my sex life till you see a hickey"

"Okay okay fine"

"How is the baby"

"Beautiful, heart beating and loved by everyone around it... her... him I don't know but still very healthy"

"That's good for you, I guess it comes easy when you have been dieting since sixteen"

"I ate three bags of Cheetos yesterday"

"No way shut up, you wouldn't eat Cheetos if you were to go to heaven"

"Well I did then I had this weird craving this morning, ketchup and popcorn"

"Bye" I scrunched my face up, she laughed and pulled me back, I almost forgot we were standing outside "yo that's disgusting"

"I know right, for some reason Vincent wanted to eat with me"

"Tell him I am never kissing him again" she smacked my forehead, Vincent was her best friend since childhood and sometimes I would tell her about a minor crush I had on him and we would both laugh about how gross he was.

"I will"

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