divided union

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chapter 19


"Tyler" Sidney called, Sidney was Siobhan's older sister

"Hello, Sidney how are you today?" I asked cheerfully, but she was not having it at all the look she had for me on her face could bury me in seconds if it was given the opportunity.

"I hope you didn't hurt my sister" so she didn't know about the slap, my guesses were she would probably tell her big sister about it, the last time I saw them together I could sense a strong sisterly bond between them and I could tell that Siobhan told her sister everything.

"I didn't, Sidney I need to talk to you about Siobhan"

"What about her" she seemed worried,

"HEY YOU GUYS COME IN," Siobhan said from the door,

"Maybe later" she walked away into the house, later then.



"I thought the honeymoon was supposed to last another week," my mother said as she saw me entering the house, she was surprised because I only told Sidney about it.

"Tyler was called by work and he thankfully had to cut it short" I sat on the couch and watched as my mother hugged Tyler.

"I hope you guys had a wonderful trip"

"We did, right Siobhan?"

"If me ignoring you the whole summer counts as wonderful then right it was wonderful" my mother frowned and Tyler bumped her playfully.

"She's kidding, you look magnificent today Natalie, this color really suits you"

"Why thank you Tyler" she beamed a smile and I swear it unfurled like a horror movie if I ever saw a kiss ass. My father came out of his study.

"Well, this is a surprise," he exclaimed and hugged Tyler, notice how nobody tried to hug me, they knew me all too well and I knew myself, I was not going hug back.

“Tyler we need to talk,” My father whispered to Tyler under his breath, it was going to be about me I just knew it.


“Yes Uncle Marco,” I asked once the study doors were closed, I knew this was about Siobhan, I had a gut feeling it was about me hitting her.

"Sit" I did as he said and I leaned forward placing my hand on his desk "how are you? and how was your summer?" he asked me and I smiled

"My summer was amazing and I am good what about you?"

"I am breathing thank God, I heard a report about you”

“And that is?”

“You hit Siobhan yes or no?" he asked

"I did, yes" I replied sitting back a little, I felt like he was going to slap me or something, but uncle Marco was not like that, or maybe he was like that, he just hasn't shown it yet.

“Was it accidentally or.."

"I meant to hit her and yes I did it was not accidental"


"Come on, you cannot seriously be asking me this question, you know why you know you know why" he looked confused "are you telling me that it was when I married Siobhan that she became as stiff as she is" Uncle Marco laughed

"I see, but son violence is never the answer"

"Who said I did it to be violent, I did it because I was hurt by her words and she knows what she said was horrible I did apologize though but that might have been after she reported me"

"Do you want out of the marriage?"

"Of course not, I feel like I can help her and it's two years we have time"

"Okay, can you do something for me though?"

"Of course uncle Marco"

"Siobhan, I love her a lot more than she knows and more than she can believe, I don't want her getting hurt, I am guessing you might have seen her wounds during the course of intercourse"

"No, we didn't have sex during the honeymoon, we think it is better for us to wait till there is trust and with time... but why are there scars on her body"

"She wouldn't appreciate it if I told you, but please Tyler for my sake don’t hit her again she is like that; Siobhan is a really fragile kind of person and she is very collected and likes being calm she hardly ever yells only when there is an absolute reason to, she is easygoing and gets the pleasure out of the littlest things"

"I understand, I won't hit her again unless I need to" I winked

"I am too old to hear these things" I laughed

"I will see you later, we have to get going we have to get home early"

"Yes of course" Uncle Marco got up from the chair and escorted me to door "remember what I said"

"I will,"


“Bye” I waved to Sidney as I entered the car, Tyler entered after me and closed the door behind me.

“Do you know what your father wanted to talk to me about?”

“Yes but I actually don’t care, he doesn’t think anything you do is wrong he just called you to warn you about it am I right”

“Partially, he told me a shocking secret about you” What, I froze up slightly

"Yes he told me your secret so you don't have to hide it from me anymore"

"Nice try einstein, I am not telling you anything" he sighed, I knew it he was just pumping me with lies for information

“I will be going to work tomorrow, which means I will leave you at home alone"

"Oh? that definitely sounds interesting," I replied leaning my head on the window, Tyler shifted closer to me "what are you doing?"

"Will you be okay on your own?" he whispered

"What is that supposed to mean? I can take care of myself thank you very much"

"I am worried that you might starve because you never come for food unless you are called" I pushed him back to his initial position

"I can take care of myself Tyler I don't need your protection"

"Very well" he replied, I cannot believe I was going to do this

"I understand this is a very delicate subject but were you and Brendan close before he went with Eliza" he sighed

"Tightly knitted, we were as close as brothers" he replied crossing his fingers, I only managed to catch it because of the moonlight.

“Oh so he was kind of like your best friend"

"Nope, not kind of like my best friend he was my best friend, he was my best man too can you believe they did it on our wedding day”

“That is horrible... when did you find out?”

"Years later, I don't wish to discuss this any further Siobhan, maybe some other time hmm"

"Um okay, I am sorry about a few months ago I haven't formally apologized yet"

"It's alright" the car stopped and I got out of the car, Tyler led me to the door that was already open, the housekeeper was standing by it

"Welcome back Mr. Douglas"

"Catalina how are you"

"I am fine thank you and you"

"Very well, go upstairs and freshen up dear, be in the dining room after fifteen minutes. I nodded and walked upstairs to the room I was occupying before we went on the honeymoon.

At least now I knew that he had human blood running through his veins, from outside his blood looked cold and his demeanor was cold as well but inside he was actually a human being, not like what everyone said about him, cold ruthless billionaire, scoff he was emotionally available, to me.

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