divided union

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chapter 20

My alarm went off at six o'clock, I rubbed my eyes tiredly and looked over my shoulders remembering I was back in New York, I went to the bathroom and after brushing my teeth I went to have a bath.

“Mrs. Douglas; are you up” Someone knocked on my door,

“Yes,” I answered while brushing my hair "come in" the person opened the door and I turned to see the Catalina, the caretaker.

"Good morning Catalina how was your night?"

"Very well, thank you" she replied

"What did you want"

“Mr. Douglas sent me to call you," oh that was odd, what does he want now, I was too tired to deal with his talking early in the morning, maybe it was time for breakfast or something

“Where exactly is he?" I asked

“He is getting ready for work in his room” she replied

“And he told you to call me?" why would he call me when he was getting ready for work, maybe he didn't know how to knot his tie, God I hope not.

“Yes ... is there any reason why you don’t sleep in his room”

"No there isn't really, I didn't want to keep him up all night, we ARE newly married you know" I expected her to blush but she didn't she just nodded slowly

“So... I’ll be on my way” I walked past her out of the room, and closed the door behind me when she got out.

“Siobhan it is this way” Catalina called when I went right instead of left

“Sorry I’m not so good with directions and this is a massive house” Catalina scrunched her eyebrows a little then shrugged totally buying my lie then walked off. I sighed breathily.

I finally found his bedroom, I thought I would get lost but I didn't

I walked in on him sitting on the edge of his neatly arranged bed putting on his socks, he looked up and smiled at him.

"Good morning"

"Good morning Tyler" I replied "you called me" I leaned on the door frame and crossed my arms across my chest then looked around the room. I would just say it was made of glass and curtains, minimally decorated but looked like something I would definitely have an orgasm over.

"Your room lacks color" I walked to the window and opened the curtains fully, I took in the view of new york then proceeded to drag the pad of my index finger on the glass

"Oh God, why are you touching the glass like that, Siobhan stop it" he warned and pulled my hand away "stop it" I laughed, I have finally figured how to annoy him properly.

"I wanted to ask you if you had any plans today”

“I might go to the mall, to get new clothes"

"What's wrong with the clothes you have?"

"They expose too much and I don't like being exposed" he walked to his bedside and pulled out a card from the bedside drawer.

"I don't need your card, I have my own money"

"I know you have your own money, I just want to treat you"

"Treat me? I don't need a treat" I walked away from him because he was way to close but he grabbed my hand, which scared me, a whole lot.

"I don't like you grabbing me like that"

"Oh I am sorry" he let go of me "I like that you are telling me what I am doing wrong, always feel free to correct me" I nodded and took the card he was still outstretching to me

"How much am I supposed to use with this"

"As much as you can, most of it is your father's money so knock yourself out"

"Hey, do you think my father is going to leave all his money to you when he dies?" I whispered

"I doubt it, he has a son you know"

"But I feel like, Sebastian is your competition"

"No, Sebastian is not my competition, I hold a different place in your father's life okay so don't be too worried about me taking your inheritance"

"I am not! I was just asking" he laughed

"You laugh too much for someone that was cheated on"

"Hey, good riddance, you don't expect me to scowl all the time"

"I guess I don't, by the way, I think it is better if Catalina works from home, I know you might say something along the lines of 'I didn't ask what you think'"

“No, I would have said something along the lines of 'how the hell did that enter our conversation'"

"She shouldn't be in the house"

"Are you threatened, she is a little old for me, don't you think"

"I don't know how old you are"

"I am twenty-nine" I widened my eyes, that was a lot older than me, it wasn't that much but it was a lot.

"Wow, so you are going to be thirty next year or..."

"I am going to be thirty this year, enough about my age why do you want Catalina out of the house?"

"There is a risk of her finding out that we are in an arranged marriage," he nodded"just this morning she was asking why we didn't sleep together"

"I mean that can be easily solved if we started sleeping together"

"I don't want to sleep with you"

"You did so for two months and I think you like it" I hid my blush behind my hair then did the next thing I could think of, drag the pad of my finger on the glass. "a simple no would have sufficed, you are harming my window, stop it, I clean it only once a week and I don't think I fancy staring at blotches of a fingerprint while looking out of my window"

"Will you talk to her"

"Sure sure,"


No one should put glass near Siobhan again, I walked out of the bedroom, leaving Siobhan there.

“Catalina let’s talk,” I said when I entered the kitchen and dropped my phone on the island table

“Sir," she said.

“I want to talk to you about our contract”

“Sir I can still do the work I promise, I know the term is long ended but I really like working here and I have never had anyone over, please don't fire me," she said.

"I never said I was firing you did I"

“No sir”

“You know I dislike people jumping into conclusions, I just wanted to inform you that you will no longer be a live-in caretaker"

“But sir my house is far away that is why I am a live-in sir”

"I understand that, but my wife feels that she needs a bit of space and I completely understand her reason, I understand your reason for not wanting to come from home but I have decided to give you the grace of starting your daily duties when you get back and I will have to start making my own bed someday right" she wanted to laugh

"Will I still be paid as a live-in"

"Of course

“Thank you, sir” Catalina gushed “I'm so grateful”


I don't think I liked how free I was getting with Tyler, all my life I heard about how he slept with and dumped the girls he dated, and how he was a big manwhore and he was very arrogant and heartless. He was none of those things, a man whore yes a heartless arrogant bastard no.

"I will be going out later in the day"

"Okay, I should serve you breakfast"

"Of course" I walked out of the house, I was ready to go to the mall, all of a sudden a man dressed in black walked up to me, he looked so serious and he was wearing shades and one of those Bluetooth earphones were etched into his ear.

"Good afternoon Mrs. Douglas, I will be your driver for today"

"There is really no need for that, I can drive myself just give me the keys"

"Of course" he pulled a car key out of his suit and gave it to me.


The mall wasn't really crowded since it was a weekday, I only ever come to the mall on Saturdays so I kinda thought that it would be emptier than this. I bought enough clothes to last me a week and I barely used Tyler's money too, I didn't want me to think of me as someone who was after his money, I used just enough to let him know I appreciated his gesture.

I bought a burger and a coke for myself then thought maybe Tyler would want one too so I bought it for him and drove to his company.

"Hello miss can I help you," the receptionist asked putting the land telephone on her chest to attend to me

"I came to give Tyler lunch"

"And who are you, Mr. Douglaas usually has lunch in his office," she said politely.

“I am his wife” his fake wife.

“Oh, okay then you may go up to the last floor"

“Thank you very much” I walked to the row of elevators and entered one of them, pressed the last floor button and stood there with a plastic bag holding a burger and a sprite.

"Is Tyler in his office"

"Yes he is just rounding off a meeting"

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